MTL - Officer Matsuda Wants To Save HimselfChapter 174 Extra one
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As the first Bai Yueguang of the police academy, Matsuda returned to the past after dying once and bound the [Wish System] to try to save his young taming.The ability of the [Wish System] is one-for-one, and the wishes of the “viewers” are realized through live broadcast until enough to achieve the wish to save the life of the tame.Matsuda accepted the quid pro quo, and received his first wish on the first day he returned to the past.Audience 1: [Please beat the police chief! ! ! 】Matsuda: … a bit too much, right?Audience 2: [Please give the Superintendent of Police a hug! ! 】Matsuda: Okay, I’ll beat him up right now.Audience 3: [Wearing a floral shirt and smoking and drinking in front of the police chief! 】Matsuda: You just can’t get past the police chief, right?Audience 4: [Please give each of your future colleagues a true love letter and confession! 】Matsuda: You guys should continue fighting with the police chief…!Matsuda fell into silence as he looked at the increasingly outrageous wish. Are these people planning to realize their wish, or are they planning to let our company die?But in order to save the young tamer, Matsuda gritted his teeth and did it all over the place.As a result, Matsuda became a unique legend in the history of the police academy.Hagihara: I know Kojinpei is quite unruly, but…he wasn’t like this before, was he?Matsuda: …Who do you think I am for? ?After waiting for the death of the young tamer to pass, Matsuda immediately found out that his other two friends were also dying.Matsuda showed a peaceful smile: If you love to die, die, I quit! (lifts the table)Content tags: Comprehensive Comics Juvenile Comics System ConanSearch keywords: Protagonist: Matsuda ┃ Supporting role: Police Academy ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel