MTL - I Have Signed in at the Academy for 80 Years, and I Am Invincible in the Worldv3 Chapter 911 Su Xiuyi's Calculation【Big

Su Xiuyi of the Great Zhou Dynasty and her beloved won the champion and second place respectively in the temple examinations, but in the face of the saint, Da Zhou Shenglong saw through the second place as the demon saint, the demon saint is noble, shemale The two clans never died.The Emperor Zhou imprisoned the demon saint in the sky prison.Su Xiuyi sneaked into the sky prison to let the demon saint woman go.He was imprisoned in the Wanwen Academy, which is known to be ten dead and lifeless in the Academy, and could not take a step in his life.Wanwenyuan, known as a place of ten deaths and no life, has never come out alive, and they have all been cursed to death by the curse of the courtyard. When Su Xiuyi was desperate, he signed in to the system.When I first entered the Wanwen Academy, I signed a patch of Heavenly Pill.In front of the Wensheng stele, I signed Abidao Sandao.In the book building, the King of 4D, the strongest divine literary “Tao”, was signed in.In front of the altar, a sign was signed for Ten Thousand Fairy Blood.…Su Xiuyi wanted to sign in silently until Invincible under Heaven came out of the mountain, but the demon saint of the past entered the imperial city, and Su Xiuyi also discovered her identity, which turned out to be… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Weird Wizarding WorldChapter 445 storm

Travel to the wizarding world.“But… what about the wizard who promised to pursue the truth?”“Why are they all greedy people who pursue power!”With infinite knowledge comes…It’s endlessly weird! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Maze Survival: Only I Can See HintsChapter 489 The only special existence, the finale

The maze survival game is also the maze destruction game. Hundreds of millions of Bluestar players entered the game at the same time, struggling for survival!Six directions, six rooms, no one knows if there is a monster in the next room? Zhao Ba is also a game player, but only he can see the hints![The room ahead is so icy and snowy, you will freeze into an ice sculpture. ][There is a monster in the back room, kill it in the dark!][The room on the left is full of food, you can have a full meal. ]When other players survived in the cracks, Zhao Ba has become the god of the maze world! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Cultivating Immortals: I Can Save the PriceChapter 637 If Ren Qing loses, he loses everything

Demons are rampant, and monks regard strangeness as the way of heaven.If a mortal wants to practice cultivation, he must dig out his eyes, cut off his limbs, and cut off the root of wisdom…Ren Qing, who came through the journey, found that by virtue of his supernatural powers, he could be exempted from the cost of cultivation.[No-eye method]: Through swallowing the eyes, one hundred and six immortal eyes grow all over the body.【Poison Bone Technique】: Soak your own bones in poisonous water for thirty-six days, then re-implant them in your body, and train them to the point where no grass grows.[Sutra of the Dead]: Seal Laogong, Yongquan, Shenmen, and Yintang points with rivets, and bury them in the ground for three There have been millions of finished novels “The Fifteen Years of Liaoning Zhai Fighting Iron”, welcome to follow up. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Online Game: Island WarChapter 743 A long way to go (finale)

From the moment they set foot on the colony spacecraft, 10 million volunteers started a new journey.This book is about farming in the early stage, and fighting for hegemony in the middle and later stages.Guan Gong fights Qin Qiong, and Chitu wants to turn into a dragon. As an online game for hegemony, famous officials and generals in Chinese history are indispensable.In addition, some non-human intelligent races left over from prehistory are active in this era that belongs only to human beings, adding luster to the new glory.Everything starts from the island, let us follow the footsteps of the protagonist, keep moving forward, and create a new great - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - I Cut Down the Troubled World AloneChapter 331 The most perfect evolutionary creature
ActionFantasyUrban Life

A person cut down the road of life in troubled times.Zombie: Roar.Lin Fan: “Everyone is a neighbor, so why are you so irritable?”Lin Fan: “I still have to go grocery shopping.”Lin Fan looked at Xiaoqing who had turned into a zombie: “Xiaoqing, I bought a few bottles of water and have already scanned the code.”Lin Fan: “Boss, I want to settle the salary.”Sunshine Community, where Lin Fan lives, countless refugees flocked to seek shelter.We have to learn from Lin Fan, abide by the law, work part-time to earn money, strive to buy a house and a car, and be an excellent citizen in a city where zombies are rampant. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Different Dimension Game~ New book "My Liver Attributes on a Desert Island"
ActionFantasySci-fiUrban Life

Accidentally got a game, the script in it is colorful: demons, ghosts, weirdness, demons… let Wang Hao embark on an unexpected path.[This is a journey across dimensions, we explore the unknown, but get more unknowns; we resist fear, but get more fear. 】[When humans lose their way in the dark, I will be their pioneer, burn my heart and light the way forward! 】 - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - SCP Life Diary of a D-class PersonnelChapter 212 :Grass

Hello, welcome to join the scp foundation, as a D-level personnel, you will get the following benefits:First, you will get a unique identification number printed on your brand new orange clothes (prison uniform), such as D-213.That’s not enough, you will also get a brand new name, which you will use to communicate with each other in the future! Like Billy-D.As a D-Class, you just have to satisfy your superiors, and they’re good guys with guns! They will help you to have friendly interactions with all kinds of safe creatures (help the ten-meter killer lizard clean the room)In order to protect your health at all times, our infirmary is always open, even if your work here is as easy as taking a walk!When you’re done with a D-Class for a month, you can go home (and be shot), no matter what prisoner you were-Don’t wait any longer, come and join scp! - Description from MTLNovel