MTL - Dressed As the Villain’s MotherChapter 130 (2)

Si Tian transmigrated into a book of cookies, but it’s a pity that the whole family is full of villains.The eldest son is the heroine Hei Yueguang, who is glamorous on the surface, but is actually hypocritical and dark.The youngest son is a vicious male partner who has been committed to adding trouble to the hero and heroine from the beginning to the end.The husband is a black-hearted capitalist who bankrupted the heroine’s family.And Si Tian was their cowardly mother who died early.Facing the beginning of death, Si Tian just wanted to lie flat, and the big cub walked into the room with a water glass in his hand, asking softly, “Is mom sick?”The little boy has fair skin, soft hair, and wet eyes, looking at her carefully.Si Tian’s heart was hit in an instant, how could such a cute cub be a villain!Defeat the future villain, starting from the cub stage.*Cub Ji Zhile knows that his mother doesn’t like him, it doesn’t matter, he also hates his mother fairly.His mother forced him to eat the hated carrots, and Ji Zhile took revenge in his notebook.Mom played hide-and-seek with him and ended up hiding on the bed.Mom went to pick up her brother first and then pick him up today, Ji Zhile held grudges again.…Until one day, my mother found his revenge notebook, and read it in rhythmic rhythm in front of him, laughing while reading it.Ji Zhile cried out with a “wow”: He hates vicious mothers the most!*The variety show “Traveling with Mom” ​​was launched. Netizens had great expectations for Si Tian’s group. Si Tian was originally a starlet. show up.Netizens turned on the variety show on time, expecting to see the swords and swords of wealthy families, or mothers rushing to bring their babies. result–Going to bed at night, Si Tian stayed up late playing with her mobile phone, and the eldest cub Ji Ning sighed: “Mom, stop playing games, you will have dark circles under your eyes.”Cub Ji Zhile probed: “Mom hasn’t cleared the level after playing for so long, it’s so pitiful.”Si Tian pulled up the quilt to cover the cub: “Sleep!”Get up early to cook, and the mothers in other groups get up at six o’clock to make a nutritious breakfast.Si Tian was woken up by the big cub at eight o’clock and drank hot porridge.After the meal, he quietly ate the cub’s snacks.The barrage was temporarily filled with “Pick up a good-looking and obedient cub”, “Ji Ning and a cub in a dream”, and “Qi Sitian to share coups for taking care of a cub”.Si Tian said: Mom and Zai Zai, there must be someone capable in the family.*Ji Jiangzhou doesn’t care about Si Tian, ​​and sends 1 million to Si Tian as pocket money on time every month. The two are just superficial husband and wife, respecting each other like guests.Until Ji Jiangzhou saw variety shows by chance, his always weak wife was stunning and eye-catching in variety shows.After returning home, the eldest son approached him: “Dad, I know you are going to divorce your mother, I want to live with my mother, and I want to protect her.”Youngest son: “Father, let my mother take me away too. I will eat less meat and spend less money in the future.”Ji Jiangzhou:?Why didn’t he know that his wife was going to divorce him?Content tags: system sweet text wear book cool textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Si Tian ┃ Supporting role: Cubs ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel