Remarried EmpressChapter 471

Navier was the perfect empress, however, the Emperor wanted a wife, not a colleague. And so, the Emperor abandoned Empress Navier and placed a slave girl beside him. That was fine, until Navier heard the Emperor promise the slave girl the Empress’ position. After much agonizing, Navier decided she would remarry the emperor of the neighboring country.

My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium SeclusionChapter 564 - Epilogue 6
FantasyActionFantasyMartial Arts

Gods and demons are everywhere in the Grand Desolate World. Jiang Lan finally becomes a disciple of Kunlun Mountain; specifically—the only disciple of the Ninth Summit. Knowing the dangers outside, he decides to stay hidden in the Ninth Summit’s Netherworld Cave and cultivate in seclusion. With a unique sign-in system unknown to everyone else, Jiang Lan acquires several divine powers, Dharma treasures, and other aids to enhance his cultivation along the way. His current goal is to keep his actual cultivation level a secret, remain a low-key Kunlun disciple and stay out of harm’s way until he is strong enough to take on any obstacles. Only when he emerges from his cultivation after some time does his Master bring him an important message: Kunlun has found him a fiancée.

I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but that World is at Peace (WN)Chapter 1862: Before the Ship Party Starts ②

Suddenly appearing in a different world, it looks like I got caught up in a Hero Summoning. And of course, I’m not the Hero, but it’s another guy……and while being very cautious and scared of the cliche of the cliche-like development, I was thrown into the maelstrom of war……or not. The Demon Lord? It was defeated a thousand years ago. Hero? He’s just the main actor in a festival. Nobles? They’re kindly taking care of us. The Demon Race? They have good relationships with Humans. Wars? It’s already 800 years since the last one. Monsters? The Guild and Order of Knight are taking care of them. Return to Earth? It is eventually No-Risk. What I’m planning after being caught up into this? I’m gonna enjoy the life in a different world as much as I want to, go on a cultural exchange and sightseeing, and after experiencing the festival that is only held once every ten years……I shall go home safely. The other world was――at Peace. A kind world where the three races, the Spirit World’s Magical Races, the Celestial World’s Divine Races, the Mortal World’s Human Races, they are kind neighbors to each other, with everyone living a peaceful and fulfilling life. But although I wished to peacefully spend a year before my return, for some reason, the heavyweights of this world keeps gathering around me, and…… ……………………………………………………………Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait PleaseChapter 333.4 (END) - Finale (Part 2) End

The first time they met they had battled fiercely, just for a mere bunch of herbs. She needed it to save people, and he wanted to use it to save his own life. “Let go of it, or you will die.” The man’s violet eyes were cold and sinister as he said in a low voice. She held on tightly to the base of the herb and pulled its roots right out of the ground, before she turned her eyes back with a crafty smile. “It’s mine now. Snatch it from me if you can.” When they met several years later they were no longer on opposing sides in hostility. In order to repay the debt for having stolen the herb back then, she went on to miraculously cure his body’s condition, relieving him of the inhumane torment that wrecked at his body day and night. He was amazed by the godly skills in Medicine she possessed and his heart went on to fall irrecoverably head over heels in love.

Transmigration: Raising the Child of the Male Lead Boss (WN)Chapter ex4.1: Extras 4.1

The snake, Yu Yaoyao, transmigrated into a third-rate actress who was only a pitiful cannon fodder in the novel.This little actress met a dark accident, her diamond husband was robbed, her son died miserably, and she was at the lowest peak of her career. Ultimately, she became paralyzed in the end.Yu Yaoyao is determined to change everything!From there on, she became a mistress, a loving mother and practiced the art of acting through multitasking![At Home]Assistant: Boss! Madam has a s*x scandal again!At the other end of the line…The male lead looked patiently at Yu Yaoyao straddling his waist: Get off!Yu Yaoyao: I won’t! Husband, that film emperor is extremely ugly! I’m so scared I can’t even sleep at night properly ~ let’s make a second child—calm down, don’t be frightened![During filming]Director: You are going to play a thousand-year-old snake spirit: charming, affectionate, simple and unsophisticated. It’s a very complicated character!Yu Yaoyao: …Isn’t that me?Director: As an actor, when I say ‘start’ your tears should immediately fall…oh, that’s enough, there’s no need to cry more.Yu Yaoyao: It’s nothing.

MTL - Fortunate Wife~ Fanwai 163 can not be less (final)

Shennugou is an old and infertile place. It’s hard to find a woman to marry here.The Li family is extremely poor. With only four bare walls for a home, they don’t even have a woman to manage the household.The Heavens had mercy today, Li family’s oldest son had saved a woman at the market and brought her back home.Li Man was killed by her mother-in-law and transmigrated. She was almost hanged on the first day, but, fortunately, she was rescued by the Li brothers.This doesn’t mean that her destiny is over.The language didn’t make sense at first, she discovered that, here, standard Mandarin sucks. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - My Husband With Scholar SyndromeChapter 82 Extra five
JoseiRomanceSlice Of Life

Mu Xiaoya lived for twenty-six years before she knew that she had a sudden genetic disease. There was no medicine for it, and there was only death waiting for her.Before she died, many people came to see her, but she was most impressed by Bai Chuan.Bai Chuan was her neighbor, an autistic child with scholar’s syndrome. At that time, his face full of scars was desperate: “I – I studied all your medical records, but I have no way to save you.”Mu Xiaoya was stunned: “You are a doctor?”Bai Chuan: “I am not… …”Mu Xiaoya’s disease was a genetic disease. Unless the gene was changed, there was no possibility of cure. However, Bai Chuan was the only person who tried to cure her after she fell ill.Mu Xiaoya: “Why are you going to cure me?”Bai Chuan: “I want to marry you.”Mu Xiaoya laughed: “If you marry me, you will soon become a widower.”Bai Chuan insisted: “I – I want to marry you.”Bai Chuan, who has cognitive impairments, can’t express his meaning very well, and can only repeat it over and over again.Later, Mu Xiaoya still died. When she woke up, she returned to the summer of her college graduation.Bai Chuan: “I… I want to marry you.”Mu Xiaoya: “Good.”The starlight in the eyes of Bai Chuan was the most beautiful scenery that Mu Xiaoya had ever seen in her life. - Description from Novelupdates

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!Chapter 630 - What Should I Do With You?

He—an enigmatic and cold-blooded soldier with a mysterious background. She—a ruthless and bloodthirsty spy. After she transmigrated out of the blue, she held a knife to his neck on their first meeting— marking the beginning of their twisted fate. One day, she pinned him to a wall. “I’ve been teasing you for so long but you aren’t reacting at all, you’re forcing me to…” Before she could finish, he smiled wickedly and counterattacked. “Good girl, this is what you call sending a lamb to a tiger’s mouth.” Then, he sealed her lips with a kiss…

After Transmigration, The Male Lead and I had a HEChapter 292
ComedyRomanceSchool LifeShoujo

Su Qiuge transmigrated into a novel and became the villain’s cannon fodder younger sister who was constantly courting disaster.Not only did her brother dislike her, but she also offended her brother’s sworn enemy, the male lead.After she transmigrated, Su Qiuge decided to curry favor with the male lead so that he would abandon his plans of revenge against her. She wanted to transform her cannon fodder fate and became an obscure passerby in his life instead.Her plans were going smoothly, until one day she saw the aloof and cold male lead staring at her with a terribly dark gaze full of possessive desire.Su Qiuge:?? Male lead wake up! I’m the cannon fodder!Later she realized that the male lead who seemed like a good student was actually black-bellied and full of unspeakable intentions towards her. ……………………………………………………………Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .

I Will Seduce The Northern DukeChapter 112

“Pretend to be my lover and join the social circle.”Selena, the top star that had the entire world’s attention, was suddenly warped to Northern Duke’s land during an accident while filming. Kalcion, the Northern Duke that saved her from the infernal beasts, offers Selena a chance to go back home in return for collecting information in various social circles by pretending to be his lover. Selena quickly accepts Kalcion’s offer, but…“Why in the world can’t you do this!?” “Don’t you think that the answer to that should be obvious to you, the actress, not to me, the duke?”There was a critical problem. The Northern Duke’s acting skills are horrible!“…Let’s change the plan. I’ll seduce you instead.”And thus the contractual relationship between the two started. Will Kalcion’s acting skill improve first, or will he start to have true feelings for Selena instead?

MTL - I Wasn’t Born LuckyChapter 268 Final Chapter

“I wasn’t born a lucky person, I’m just too strong.”On his way home late in the evening, Xiao Li found a letter asking for help and inexplicably came to an unknown place. He had to finish the task given before he could succeed in returning to reality. In the legendary haunted school, Xiao Li looked at his companions’ task of ‘survive until dawn’ and then looked at the tasks displayed in his book:Tell me your name.Tell me what you like.Kiss me.Xiao Li: ????He was very confused and then refused. - Description from Novelupdates

I Just Want to Freeload on Your LuckChapter 70
DramaRomanceSchool Life

Despite having found Mingxi, the Zhao family continued to favor the fake daughter, saying that Mingxi was not as kind nor as graceful as Zhao Yuan.Mingxi didn’t mind. She continued to work hard to please her family although they would always say that she was trying to rob their attention away from Zhao Yuan.Until she died because of a terminal illness.It was then that she realized that Zhao Yuan was the actual lady blessed by luck while she was merely this novel’s evil supporting character with a tragic ending.Zhao Mingxi who was given a second chance at life was bitterly disappointed. She no longer cared about her family. Screw her family and her fiancé. She immediately packed her bags and left home, off to complete the task given by the system named ‘Becoming Friends With Fashionable and Valuable Characters’.After she left, the house suddenly became cold and quiet.By right they should feel at ease, but–Her parents, her indifferent elder brother, her brash younger brother, Chen Liyao who was used to her pursuits were all successively feeling… unused to it?

I Married A Disabled Tyrant After TransmigratingChapter 127
DramaFantasyRomanceSlice Of Life

Mu Wanwan transmigrated into a novel.And became a cannon fodder side character used to counteract the disabled tyrant’s ill fortune.The tyrant is a huge villain. He challenged the leader of the seven tribes alone and had been beaten into a vegetative state.The original character lived in the tyrant’s territory. Her parents, who were greedy for power, randomly made came up with compatible bazi* and sent their daughter into the tyrant’s manor, turning her into a wife to ward off ill luck.Also sent off together with her was a little white flower maidservant, who was the heroine of the story.The original character and the heroine agreed to escape together—but the original character was stabbed to death that very night.And just as they were about to implement their escape plan, she transmigrated overMu Wanwan: “…”What a horrible script!!In order to live, she had to do her best to take care of the disabled, comatose dragon. Three years later, she actually turned the tragic story into a sickeningly sweet love story.Note: *bazi: A Chinese astrological concept that a person’s destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour.

MTL - Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait PleaseChapter 329 : I like you, and, please remember me.
FantasyHistoricalMartial ArtsRomance

The first time they met they had battled fiercely, just for a mere bunch of herbs. She needed it to save people, and he wanted to use it to save his own life.“Let go of it, or you will die.” The man’s violet eyes were cold and sinister as he said in a low voice.She held on tightly to the base of the herb and pulled its roots right out of the ground, before she turned her eyes back with a crafty smile. “It’s mine now. Snatch it from me if you can.”When they met several years later they were no longer on opposing sides in hostility. In order to repay the debt for having stolen the herb back then, she went on to miraculously cure his body’s condition, relieving him of the inhumane torment that wrecked at his body day and night. He was amazed by the godly skills in Medicine she possessed and his heart went on to fall irrecoverably head over heels in love. - Description from novelupdates

MTL - I Really Want to Sleep Until I Wake Up NaturallyChapter 60 ending
AdultDramaRomanceSchool Life

Big news: Fu Xuechen, the great God of mathematics department, is making friends with the little cutie of the Chinese department.Her roommate pressed her: “I heard that the great God is chasing you!!!”Ran Xing with a blank face: “He didn’t chase me!”Her roommate asked, “What is he looking for you?”Ran Xing looked at the sleeping God: “Lying on the desk next to me and sleeping.”Roommate: “…”Fu Xuechen is a patient with severe insomnia. His dark circles are comparable to those of Gaara. He was prepared for sudden death long before he met Ran Xing.But after one look, he fell asleep on his desk.He simply asked for her timetable and slept next to her every day.Later, Ran Xing rented a house outside. Her roommate asked her for something and rang the bell. But Fu Xuechen, who was only wearing pajamas, opened the door.The roommate quickly apologized: “Sorry, I went to the wrong place.”Fu Xuechen said lazily: “You didn’t go wrong. She’s inside!”Roommate: “…”She said that the great God did not chase her!!! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Rivals of RebirthChapter 71 extra three

There is always such a person in the world, his family background is better than yours, his status is higher than yours, while you work hard and think all the way up, but with just a wave of his hand, you are wiped out. What is even more sad is that he doesn’t even know who you are.Zheng Jue met Han Jin like this but he didn’t realize this truth until he died. In the end, he had found the wrong opponent and ultimately lost his life. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - You Call This the Black Man Behind the Scenes?~ End of this testimonial

Civilizations change and the era restarts.The world returned to the age of steel and steam is full of chaos, madness, twist and evil.Among them, a group of sorcerers called truth followers have done all their bad things.They sacrificed to evil gods, besieged the Pope, assassinated the emperor, and even provoked the First World War…All of this had nothing to do with the transmigrator Melon. When the world was in turmoil, he was the one who squatted aside and watched the show.Until one day, this group of people came to him and insisted on recognizing him as the leader, and also said that he was the son of destiny. Everything they did before was because they followed his instructions… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Boss Wears a Book To a WomanChapter 337 Conclusion
HistoricalMartial ArtsRomance

(Quick time travel + heroine + book wear + one-to-one sweet pet)In the last century, Feng Ai, the boss of the last century, was so sad after losing his love that he actually traveled to the world of female venerables in his sleep.Here women are in charge of the outside world, men are in charge of the inside, women are the worshipers, and the men are the wives and daughters. The most surprising thing is that even the children are not born by women. This is simply a woman’s paradise!It’s just that the man in the book is willing to endure thousands of years of suffering for his lover, and he has been displaced for ten generations, and the love is really rare.Since she wants to complete the task, then she will give him the exclusive favor for ten lifetimes and help him reach consummation.Everyone said that the red cinnabar on his forehead was an ominous omen, but she regarded it like a jewel.The ominous thing in the eyes of others is the white moonlight in her eyes and the cinnabar mole in her heart.But……Why?The woman who had been scolded by her thousands of times for causing him to suffer for thousands of years was actually her former self!Regardless of his identity, Nan Jun bravely climbed up to the top of Qiao Yun’s wall, and sneaked a look inside.Hearing the movement, Qiao Yun hugged the broom, boldly approached the shadow, trembling and pretending to be calm, he said, “Where…where is the thief?”After a moment of silence, a familiar voice sounded: “Heart thief!”The broom in my hand fell in response… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Counterattacking the Submissive Role!Chapter 116 I love you who love me

Jun Ye travels through worlds for unexplained reasons and is always cast in subservient roles. Unfortunately, that wasn’t his style. Let the counterattack commence! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?Chapter 71 Extra

【Background fiction】[abo theme, A has no pendant]Flirting without knowing pure love alpha × gentle and kind omegaJiang Yuchu × Xia YirouSummary of the emotional line: Jiang Zhi flirted with Xia in the early stage, and Xia flirted with Jiang in the later stage.(probably longer period of ambiguity)Business line summary: Gradually develop, but with golden fingers, the development is generally smooth.————————————————————————When he woke up, Jiang Yuchu was shocked to find that she had passed throughThat’s fineThe level of economic development here is lagging behind, decades away from the level of economic development in the world she lived in. (The background is completely fictitious, everything serves the plot)Not only that,The people here are divided into six genders: male, female × alpha, omega, beta.This is also acceptableWho can tell her why she dresses like a scumbagThe original body has a bad personality, does not do a proper job, spends a lot of money, and abuses after drinking…The ex-wife hates her, the daughter is afraid of her, and she was kicked out of the house by her parents (originally made by herself)Unbearable!Really: the beginning is the “peak”!See how the “scumbag” reversed the market and reached the pinnacle of life, with a bumper harvest in career and loveThe heroine has golden fingers and brings good luck.—————————————————————Before we were together: Xiaoxia didn’t want to care about XiaojiangXiaoxia: “Don’t touch me”“leave me alone”“I do not want”After being together:Xiaoxia: “Good morning kiss~”“Good night kiss~”“Farewell Kiss~”—————————————————————————————————Xia Yirou: One day in the future, will you suddenly leave me?Jiang Yuchu: Fool~ There will be no such day. Wherever you are, I will be there.Home is where you are—————————————————————————————————Xia Yirou: It’s you who made me believe that there is really love in this world.Jiang Yuchu: Even if there are thousands of mountains and rivers, I will come to youI will go against my nature, against my instincts, and love you forever – “The Selfish Gene” book review——————————————————————————————! Please correct me a lot, thanks a lot!Content tags: Having a child, a soft spot, traveling through time and space, sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Jiang Yu Chuxia Yirou ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Stealing the Hero’s Cool ScriptChapter 208 Extra Story 2 (No Protagonist)

*Super possessive desire to live the king of Hades & Goddess who coughs up blood if there is a disagreement*Non-ancient, overhead female statueYan Yu, a medical student, transmigrated into the stallion novel to save the heroine before she was tricked by the scumbag and help her become a queen.As a result, at the beginning of the game, she was dressed as a cannon fodder female supporting role who assassinated the heroine but was crushed, or the kind who was terminally ill and half stepped into the coffin.Yin Beiqing, who was dressed in red, lay reclined on the couch, glanced at Yan Yu with her beautiful eyes, and said casually, “Kill him and feed the wolf.”She thought that the sick woman would cry and beg for mercy, but Yan Yu straightened her back, and her clear eyes looked straight up, “Kill me, you will definitely regret it.”Legend has it that there is a goddess who is omnipotent. Yin Beiqing is plagued by strange diseases and has been searching for it for a long time. Of course Yan Yu knows, so she relied on her own understanding of the plot and began to play tricks.Yes, I am the goddess in the legend. I know where the heart sutra you have always wanted; I have a very good relationship with the miracle doctor who is said to be able to cure your old diseases; I am familiar with the ancient treasures and holy weapons.Most importantly, you are a man!Later, together with the heroine, she cut off the male protagonist’s golden finger, blocking the male protagonist’s path to apprenticeship and promotion, and then pointed at him and said, “It’s him, your death.”The original text said that the heroine fell in love with the hero at first sight, and Yan Yu was worried that Yin Beiqing would not let her go.Who knew that the so-called “handsome and romantic hero with sword eyebrows and starry eyes” turned out to be a puqixin with wicked eyebrows and mouse eyes, who was less than 1.7 meters tall.Yin Beiqing didn’t even bat an eye, “I’ll kill him now.”The more this goddess pretends to be Yan Yu, the more guilty she feels, because Yin Beiqing not only does not doubt her, but also treats her too well, giving her the mark of Langdie Valley, forming a blood contract with her for a lifetime, and even protecting her with his life every time .Yan Yu: I’m sorry, I’m actually not a goddess.Yin Beiqing: No, you are.Later, after passing the Yuling Entrance Examination, Yan Yu was attacked by an evil spirit and fell into a coma, but soon revived with full blood in front of everyone, and transformed into a pair of dazzling golden pupils.Yan Yu: I… am really a goddess?Content tags: strong supernatural gods and monsters wearing books cool textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Yan Yu, Yin Beiqing ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - All the Cultivators In the Immortal World Think That the Peak Master is Ruthless.Chapter 363 Final reflection (with spoilers)
FantasyGender BenderRomance

Gu Qingmo began to disguise herself as a man because of a word from her master.Later, because of the words of my brother, I tried not to open my mouth if I could.Later, I don’t know why the whole cultivation world is talking about the old master of Wanjianzong, the closed disciple of Xiaoyao Sanren, who is cold-hearted, taciturn, self-restrained and respectful, and who cultivates the ruthless way.Mo Chuli thought so until she died in her hands.However, since he was reborn and accepted as a disciple by Gu Qingmo, he discovered that——Well said, cold hearted! taciturn! Self-denial!It’s all an illusion!Small snippet:The day before Gu Qingmo was going to take Mo Chuli out for a training session, the headmaster made a special trip to Jianfeng and said to Mo Chuli, “Chuli, my uncle told you that if your master wants to go out in the future, you will definitely to follow.”Mo Chuli: “Sect Master, why is this?”Liu Qingbai: “Your master’s words are easy to offend people, so you have to keep an eye on it.”Mo Chuli: “…”[Woman pretending to be a man to decorate the real world’s first upright and paralyzed heroine × Seizing the house after her death was accepted by the heroine as an apprentice and the former Demon Lord hero]ps: The female protagonist has a ceiling level of combat power, and the male protagonist is a growth type - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Let Me Ruffle Your Fur a LittleChapter 84 [End] He has stardust at the end of his eyes
ComedyFantasyRomanceShounen Ai

‘He’s so cute I want to kick him flying through the air.’Bai Yao runs a seafood restaurant in a seaside town. One day, he saw a small sentient sea otter being bullied.Out of pity, he helped out the little sea otter.The sea otter acts quite defensively, baring his teeth, all while still covered in wounds yet to heal.His way of saying thanks, is gifting Bai Yao an oyster in his pocket that’s been sitting there for who-knows-how-long.Bai Yao ends up bringing the wounded and exhausted little sea otter back to his restaurant, giving him food and a shower.Though the sea otter is still quite scaredy and defensive. He wouldn’t let Bai Yao rub his cute little face, or even ruffle his fur.That’s not all the quirks of the little sea otter either. Bai Yao realised he’s a dummy that didn’t even know how to anthropomorphise.Later that day, Bai Yao wakes up in the middle of the night, when there is something soft he’s holding in his hand.He looks, and sees the little sea otter has put his paw in his hand. The sleepyhead is also snuggling on him, his head brushing against his chest.Not feeling drowsy enough to sleep anymore, Bai Yao just props his head on his arm, watching until the otter finally wakes up.When he finally does, he looks around, and sees that it’s Bai Yao; he squeaks, and then nestles his face against the fingers of Bai Yao.Amused, Bai Yao asks, “oh? I thought you were a tough little guy that didn’t like petting?” - Description from Novelupdates