MTL - Space Doctor: The National Hero is a GirlChapter 1831 Live for me (finale)
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“He” was originally a weak and pitiful “sissy”. Once reborn, he became an ancient martial arts genius with both medicine and poison. The national male god.Don’t touch anyone who belongs to her, and she will hold what is not her, and she will never be merciless when she abuses scum and face.He is a business genius who covers the sky with one hand in Huaguo. He has a dark belly and is decisive in killing. He is the only one who turns into a loyal dog in front of her.She kills, he sets fire. She poisoned, he silenced.One day, the pampered and lawless Lu Xingchen said in disgust, “Brother, they all say you are my dog.” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Rebirth: National Crown PrinceChapter 731 Final side story
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[Women disguised as men x men disguised as women series]Science fiction is hidden in the text.Wan Zexi is the crown prince known to everyone in the capital circle.The last life was muddled, so what if this life was reckless.Looking at the unfamiliar and familiar self in the mirror, the young man’s eyes were contemptuous, his red lips raised wanton evil: “My lord, I’m back!”Wan Zexi is addicted to petting someone, and when Mo Yu’s true identity is revealed, the whole people are boiling!“You are a man, so you can return Master Wan to us!”Mo Yu kissed the boy’s lips with cold eyes, “You didn’t have a chance when you were a girl? Don’t you have a clue now?”Everyone: “…”Wan Zexi smiled and said nothing, but when one day everyone knew that Wan Ye was a woman, the fans were silent.This world is too crazy, they are addicted to Wan Ye and can’t extricate themselves.PS: 1v1, men and women are clean physically and mentally.The female protagonist Su Susu, the male protagonist can be salty or sweet, and it is not a loss to invest in shares(mutual favorite article, involving entertainment, e-sports, campus) - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - How To Practice Fast Through the White MoonlightChapter 812 season finale
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Dress up as a man#What is White Moonlight?The white moonlight is like the bright moon in the sky.What I can’t get is always acting as a real. Bai Yueguang. As a real. Bai Yueguang. Wen Xien takes the plot seriously, but every time the plot collapses, I can’t bear to look directly.The scene of a large Shura field.Sports students who are gradually becoming crazy: “Aren’t we best friends? Isn’t it enough to have me?”The step-brother who gradually revealed his true nature: “No one in this world loves you except me.”The opponent who gradually criticized: “They can, why can’t I.”Gradually perverted junior: “I want to tear you apart, I want to be one with you.”Wen Xien “…Tong, your mission goals are so perverted, do you know?”The system sneered: “I forced you out!”This is a story of a small craftsman who turned the mission target into a snake spirit disease. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The System Asks to Uninstall: The Male God is PoisonousChapter 2113 You are me, the meaning of birth 09
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[Woman disguised as a man + Shuangqiang super pet] After thousands of tasks, the system is actually poisoned? Clean up the virus, but also bind another system? !The prosperous and prosperous heartthrob system is being launched, and the gender is being transformed. Please prepare the host for the female supporting role!Luo Bai: What if I really want to kill it? 【Smile face】Xiao Mi Mi: My host is so cool and madly dragged to the limit that he really wants to hug his thighs, but he is always disliked and swollen? !Also known as: “The whole world is crazy about me”Or also known as: “How to uninstall the heartthrob system? ! 》Or also known as: “The system asks me to disguise as a man every day to seduce women” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Doomsday Bosses Win the Entertainment IndustryChapter 1078 Everyone Qin Chui (Part 1)
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One sentence introduction: She reconciled with herself by virtue of her performance.————When she was about to die, she “traveled” through the apocalypse, and after 30 years of hard work, she was finally reborn by tearing down the system, but was planted with the seeds of murderous manic depression. Since then, there has been an additional villain professional in the entertainment industry, with superb acting skills, and has repeatedly won the crown of the best actor.Key words: women disguised as men, dramas in dramas, fanboys, Hanwen Copywriters - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Young Master is a GirlChapter 1317 end
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(Women disguised as men) Strong women and men with black bellies.‘He’ is a rare ‘male god’ who is handsome, wealthy and has no gossip. And he is an ordinary man who hits a wall when he gets along with a man and a woman.A contract bound the two tightly together. Facing the indifferent ‘him’, he was always cautious, fearing that ‘he’ would fall in love with his prosperous appearance.Isn’t the legendary ‘he’ aloof and unfeminine? It doesn’t matter, take the initiative to bring him. When the rare ‘male god’ identity is revealed, he not only has to face female love rivals, but also a large wave of male love rivals ahead. ‘What should I do if my daughter-in-law is too handsome? ’ ‘Being coquettish, being cute, and rolling around’“Mother~Mother…” A certain neglected baby was hanging on his lap with an aggrieved expression on his face. As soon as the words came out, a chestnut fell on the baby’s head, “How many times have I said that I am your father and that is your mother?” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Rebirth of the National Male God: Master Quan, Fancy FavoriteChapter 547 Ming Sanpaku Extra
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(Rebirth Shuangwen, women disguised as men, one-on-one, both clean and strong)From a generation of killers to a dude, the cousin of the black heart and white lotus? A beating is enough to be honest, a crush who is not greedy enough? Let’s just pick this one off!Seeing a group of crazy men and women shouting about their male gods, Qu Yizhao couldn’t help but twitched the corners of his mouth, saying that he, a murderous god, still has little fans? And one of the fans is a joke among the rich and powerful.*”Master Quan, Lord Zhao provoked that fierce beast from the Bai family!”“The son of Baili’s family was beaten!”“Immediately…!”“No need for Master Quan, Master Zhao even beat up the people of Baili’s family… and even drew his gun and threatened them not to speak out.”Master Quan was wronged Face: “Daughter-in-law, you’ve finished your work, what are you doing for your husband?”The hostess: “You? You are responsible for lying down…” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - A Woman Disguises Herself As a Man and Enters the Men’s Dormitory To Be the Pet of the VillainsChapter 369 Loyalists die of betrayal
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[No fixed CP + wear books + brain hole cool text + women disguised as men + group pet]Gu Lan crossed over and became the cannon fodder of the original book disguised as a man, counterattacked the protagonist of the original book who slapped her face, and lived in a dormitory full of sickly beauties.Until one day, she discovered that her roommates were villains from other horror novels. After discovering the secret, Gu Lan thought she would be killed, but her roommates all looked at her strangely… Contrasted with cute Zhengtai, sickly and beautiful boy, split personality school girl, cold and stern school bully, romantic and noble son who plays Shura every day field. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - All the Cultivators In the Immortal World Think That the Peak Master is Ruthless.Chapter 363 Final reflection (with spoilers)
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Gu Qingmo began to disguise herself as a man because of a word from her master.Later, because of the words of my brother, I tried not to open my mouth if I could.Later, I don’t know why the whole cultivation world is talking about the old master of Wanjianzong, the closed disciple of Xiaoyao Sanren, who is cold-hearted, taciturn, self-restrained and respectful, and who cultivates the ruthless way.Mo Chuli thought so until she died in her hands.However, since he was reborn and accepted as a disciple by Gu Qingmo, he discovered that——Well said, cold hearted! taciturn! Self-denial!It’s all an illusion!Small snippet:The day before Gu Qingmo was going to take Mo Chuli out for a training session, the headmaster made a special trip to Jianfeng and said to Mo Chuli, “Chuli, my uncle told you that if your master wants to go out in the future, you will definitely to follow.”Mo Chuli: “Sect Master, why is this?”Liu Qingbai: “Your master’s words are easy to offend people, so you have to keep an eye on it.”Mo Chuli: “…”[Woman pretending to be a man to decorate the real world’s first upright and paralyzed heroine × Seizing the house after her death was accepted by the heroine as an apprentice and the former Demon Lord hero]ps: The female protagonist has a ceiling level of combat power, and the male protagonist is a growth type - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Uncle is UpChapter 415 small extra
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Bei Yinuan, the young master of the modern Wu family, as the heir of the Wu family, has tenth level of witch power, a 100% genius, known to everyone in the metaphysics world, and was once designed to be inserted into a novel .In the world of comprehension, there is always a genius who is famous both at home and abroad, a son of an aristocratic family, whose appearance and character are not inferior to the protagonist, but this setting is always the male second.Zhenjun Beihan of the Longyuan Sect is the talented and beautiful Xiu·Nan Er·xian genius who is well-known both at home and abroad.Zhenjun Beihan exists with equal strength and appearance. When mentioning this Zhenjun, everyone praises him for being magnificent, but this Shuangjue has a number one black fan, a black fan nephew who smears him all the time… …Welcome to the new female disguised work “This Daoist is too serious” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Years When I Disguised As a Man at the Noble AcademyChapter 102
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Xia Wan entered an ancient Mary Sue campus novel and became a cannon fodder female supporting role who had a marriage contract with the male protagonist F1.F1 thinks she gets in the way because he likes the heroine.Because F2 has a crush on the heroine, he thinks she is superfluous.F3 finds her troublesome because she needs a female lead.F4…I’m still working as an exchange student abroad, so I won’t be able to play for a while.In order to avoid becoming a suspect in the future.On the first day of transferring to this school, Xia Wan stood on the podium and introduced herself, “Hello everyone, I’m Xia Wan’s younger brother!”*The system told Xia Wan that there are two ways to live, to gain love or friendship from F4.Xia Wan chose the latter without hesitation.On the first day of disguising as a man, Xia Wan gave water to the grumpy F1, and a rainbow fart output touted his skills as a dog.On the tenth day of disguising as a man, Xia Wan helped the gentle school god F2 avoid his crazy suitors.Fifteen days when she disguised herself as a man, Xia Wan gave the dandy F3 sincere care and help.…When F4 returned to China, he found that the position that should have belonged to him had been replaced by someone.And his three close brothers fought over who was Xia Wan’s best friend.F4: ? ? ?#Our F4 seems to be over#Xia Wan:OAO#What do you see me doing? I don’t know anything! #Thanks for the cover @salt lemon.【Reading Guide】No CP in the text, single arrow for all staff, friendship to a happy endingFanwai 1v1 has a male protagonist.For details, see the words in Chapter 1, which can be accepted and read again.Content tags: Wearing books Women disguised as menSearch keywords: Protagonist: Xia Wan ┃ Supporting role: Who do you love ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Vicious Male Partner is a GirlChapter 120 humiliation
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As the “illegitimate child” of the Shen family, Shen Jun is cunning, ambitious, and good at forbearance. In order to become an official, he had to endure the bullying of Chengjue’s younger brother. Enduring it, he suddenly discovered that the other party’s bullying behavior didn’t seem to be what it appeared on the surface.Overturn his wine, the actual wine is poisonous.shoot his horse, there is something wrong with the actual horseHe seems to be contemptuous of him, but actually provides him with opportunities everywhere.Shen Juan suddenly felt that his little brother was not that annoying, and even a little…—Shen Fengzhang is a vicious male supporting role dressed as a woman disguised as a man. When she opened her eyes, she saw that the male lead, who would dominate in the future, was being beaten in an alley by her.Looking at that face, she resolutely went up to make amends. From then on, while bullying the male lead, she secretly helped the male lead under the system’s requirements, just waiting to get off the line safely before the male lead ascended the throne.Unexpectedly – the hero rebelled ahead of time! Surrounded by elite soldiers, Shen Fengzhang decided to commit suicide in order to avoid being hacked into pieces, but saw the male protagonist grab the dagger, and said convincingly, “I know you did those things because you love me.”Shen Fengzhang:? ? ?—-[Small Theater] Everyone knows that when His Majesty was trapped in the shallows, Shen Fengzhang, Lord of Shixing County, insulted him in every possible way. Now that His Majesty is enthroned, in order to please His Majesty, Shen Fengzhang must die! The ministers of the Manchu Dynasty participated in the memorial, and the county magistrate made things difficult. However, the impeachment memorial became thicker and thicker day by day, and His Majesty never said a word. Until one day after Shen Fengzhang asked His Majesty to stand up, His Majesty threw the notebook on the ground, his eyes were cold, “You don’t want to marry! Shen Fengzhang, who do you want me to stand up for?!”[Reading Tips]1. Keywords: women disguised as men, enemies become lovers2. Both the male and female protagonists are not good friends and have no blood relationship3. Ambitious, duplicity, black lotus male protagonist X sword slanted, unconventional female protagonistContent tags: court marquis wearing books women disguised as men above courtSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shen Fengzhang, Shen Jun ┃ Supporting role: The ancient saying “Nothing but Good-looking” ┃ Others: Women disguise themselves as men, enemies become lovers - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Concubine is Covering the Vest Every DayChapter 127 Wei Yulian vs Ye Qingyi

Traversing directly into the bridal chamber, the object turned out to be a princess!A woman disguised as a man? The crime of bullying!To be nice to the princess, but not to have too much contact with the princess?You can’t be indifferent to the princess, and you have to keep a distance from the princess?So, Tang Yunian spent every day like this…daytime:“His Royal Highness, the cakes made by my husband, would you like to try them?”“Princess, this is the jade bracelet that my husband just bought today. Does the princess like it?”“Princess, you like this flower, and I will plant a full garden for you!”“…”night:“His Royal Highness, my husband is busy with official business today, so I can’t accompany the princess.”“His Royal Highness, the husband is taking care of the mother today, so I can’t accompany the princess.”“Princess, my husband is not feeling well today, so I won’t accompany the princess.”“…”One day and night it was dark and windy, and Tang Yunian started a familiar beginning again, “Your Highness Princess, for the husband…”Her Royal Highness looked at her with burning eyes.Swallowing his saliva and taking a deep breath, Tang Yunian told himself that beauty is important, life is more important, “For my husband…”“Consort, do you have a hidden illness?” the princess asked.I am not, I am not!The princess pressed step by step, smiling brightly, “Actually, it doesn’t matter…”“what?”☆☆☆1. The princess attacked and the concubine received.2. 1v1, sweet text, overhead, daily cookie.3. Soft, docile and beautiful little white rabbit (crossed out, big fog) attack, only beauty is true vs. I want to be a salted fish and enjoy life but it is not good4. The concubine is committed to covering the vest to save his life, but he doesn’t know the sad story that the vest has already fallen off. Women’s clothing will be restored later.Content tags: court marquis, travel through time and space, sweet text, disguise as a man, hostSearch keywords: protagonist: Tang Yunian, Wei Yubing ┃ supporting role: everyone in the palace ┃ others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Accidentally Married Miss EmpressChapter 82 (The 10,000-word update is the first

Gong Yu, a three-good student who entered the unknown world for no reason, became a sick and poor little Highness who disguised herself as a man.In line with the principle of hard work and progress, I work hard to be a two-headed grass and survive in a mixed court.However, she accidentally picked up the handkerchief of the future queen and sister, and returned it with the good character of picking up gold.The result was a series of such rumors.Since the love is compatible, the two are in love, and they are secretly in love, why not choose another day to get married?Gong Yu herself expressed panic, but the queen sister actually acquiesced.Content label: A special liking for fate encounters through time and space sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: “Gong Yu”, “Dai Ruyan” ┃ Supporting role: “A lot” ┃ Others: “A lot” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Go Through the Book and Save the Hero!v2 Chapter 99 , Bronze Mirror Life - Present
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You just want to wear books, just want to be the male lead’s little first love, little beauty, little girlfriend, little crying bag, little follower, little cute… Have you ever thought about the feelings of the male lead? You don’t, you only love yourself.Inexplicably became a Tang monk who fell into the Pansi Cave, and the male protagonist’s feelings are also very simple.Gu Zhixing: “Thank you for your invitation, don’t wear it anymore, kidney deficiency.”After Gu Zhixing dodged the fall of three girls expressionlessly, avoided the collision of five girls, and ignored the sobbing of two girls, Gu Zhixing was pulled into an empty classroom.In the classroom, the girl blushed, “You…I like…”Gu Zhixing held her hand, his black eyes were indifferent, “Sister, I don’t eat your way.”The girl stomped her feet embarrassedly.Gu Zhixing pushed her away and left without looking back. After walking out of the classroom, Gu Zhixing glanced down at his chest, Jun Mei’s reckless face was full of indifference.Well, the corset is very useful, the baby is very good, and the store service is also very good. I will come again next time.The person who witnessed the whole process gritted his teeth and said harshly: “I’ve been accused again? How many good sisters do you have!”Content tags: Supernatural ability Wearing a book Female disguise as a man ShuangwenSearch keywords: protagonist: ┃ supporting role: ┃ other: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Women Disguised As Men and Mixed Men’s Team [Quick Wear]Chapter 107 The entertainment industry is all my CP
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The little transparent who suffered from the unspoken rules, the women’s clothing boss who fell out of his horse, the second generation ancestor of the dandy who was in the entertainment industry… Your task is to become them and reach the top of the entertainment industry.Shi Qi: I understand the truth, but the problem is, Lao Tzu is a woman![Women disguised as men and mixed men’s groups] (End)Those days and nights when women disguised themselves as men and mixed boy groups.[Bending a straight steel male fan] (End)The steel straight male fans who were tragically bent.[The actor is a part-time demon hunter] (End)Short stories.[Infrastructure is only for the top stream] (End)“Ha! It’s really hard for me to open up an entertainment business in the wildly growing Western Fantasy World.”[The entertainment industry is all my cp]Became a second-generation dandy who likes to fry cp and touch porcelain, and is boycotted by fans.To be continued.【Reading Guide】1. Women disguised as men (emphasis) + happy style2. Parallel time and space, this article has no cp, and the protagonist has no love line.3. The characters have no original shape, and the logic serves the plot.Content tags: entertainment circle fast wear women disguised as men cool textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shi Qi (Little Seventeen) ┃ Supporting roles: Mom fans, dad fans, girlfriend fans, straight men fans dismantle cp”One-sentence introduction: women disguise themselves as men and become group pets in various worldsPurpose: It is not terrible to fall into the bottom, because every step of the next effort is to the light. - Description from MTLNovel