MTL - Seventy Koi: The Unlucky Boss Hugged Me and CriedChapter 759

She, Mu Qing, was holding space supplies and dressed like a silly village girl.The beginning was difficult for everyone, and it was still one woman vs two men.In the face of the upcoming arrest scene, she decisively gave up the goal set by her relatives and turned to the arms of the unlucky boss.From now on, she will fight for the best, seek justice, and clean up all those who want to harm her.By the way… Oh no, how could the luck of this unlucky boss get better, and he still hugged her and cried in the middle of the night? - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Global Awakening: Join The Chat Group At The BeginningChapter 713 Myth revives in reality, an undeterminable future

The resurrection of Reiki, Global Awakening.Countless people have awakened their abilities because of the nourishment of Reiki.The funny thing is that most people think they are the only ones who have awakened their powers.In this situation, Bai Xuan, who had awakened his ability, suddenly found himself joining the chat group connecting the heavens and the world.When seeing other passers-by who have awakened their abilities, they are either excited, secretive, refreshed, or confident in their eyes.Bai Xuan: Is there a possibility, just a possibility, that I am the protagonist? - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Unlimited Machine War~ The first yarn ...

Prometheus, the infinite fortress of time, a crossover point for the infinite worlds of machine wars, Our protagonist, Xiao Ran, was put into great pressure due to having only attributes that do not exceed 10, making him as weak as a chicken. But being familiar with the storyline of each mission world, Xiao Ran exclaimed that the world would be his.========== ========== ========== ==========Mission world: “Gundam SEED” -> “Macross F” -> “Gundam 00” -> “Ultimate Mission” -> “Kakumeiki Valvrave”-> “Gundam 0079” -> “Gundam Seed Destiny” -> “Super Robot Wars OG” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Players In MarvelChapter 736 dream? ! So who is the white-haired boy in the dream? !

Wake up to Marvel and become a latitude demon between existence and non-existence. In order to disrupt the real dimension, the nihilistic demon summoned players from the unknown dimension!In New York City, [Black Hand Wallon] re-enacts the shocking heist, this time targeting the playboys of Stark Industries!Hell’s Kitchen has opened a new home [Xinhei Dingjiu], and at the same time [Dark Cooking World] is trying to control the world with taste!Jinbian ushered in a new enemy, and the Italian “evil” party named [New Pengliel Family] is expanding step by step![Miko Kikyo] living on the street met the fearless people of Hell’s Kitchen. While investigating the lost shadow case, what kind of sparks could they create! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - I Married Female Lead’s CrushChapter 76 Extra seven

This is a story of a sicko and vicious tongue male lead pampering and obsession over his little wife.Once she crossed over in a novel, she became a hateful cannon fodder to marry the Seven Lord of Gu family. It’s rumored that the Seven Lord of Gu family has a Buddha’s mouth but a vipe’s heart, unpredictable temperament, and very superd of making human skin as painting fan. The most terrible thing is that is man is the white lotus female lead head over heels’s crush. The biggest demon in the book, the kind that the male lead must admit when sees him. This… this this this, isn’t it like forcibly pushing her to the Yellow Spring road?———At night, she straddled the wall and watched the Seven Lord, who was smiling faintly under the wall, she could not help but swallowed in fear. “Seven, Seven Lord….” “Huh?” Gu Zifu lightly nodded and sat next to her. He raised his hand to touch her face: “Qing Qing, where are you going this late in the night?”Su Qing was flustered. The water mist covering eyes and her voice was like a thin silk: “I come out look, look at the moon….”“Moon?” Seven Lord chuckled, “Does it look better than me?”Su Qing counseled, and quickly shook her head as she looks at him.Gu Zifu laughed lightly. He hook her chin looking at that delicate lips and said: “Be good.” ——Be good, I’ll give it to you whatever you want. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Marvel: Become AthenaChapter 121

Traveling through Marvel and transforming into a girl, fortunately inheriting the broken godhead of Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom in Greek mythology.When encountering a crisis, turn into the Goddess of War Wisdom, wear noble and gorgeous sacred clothes, hold the scepter of the Goddess of Victory and the Shield of Justice, form a saint warrior to protect yourself, create a sanctuary, and stand tall in the heavenly city and hell against all invading enemies.Tear the sky, smash the earth Eighty-eight saints fought passionately for the goddess and the enemy, killing all hypocritical gods and demons who covet the world.Kyle will lead his saints to the top of the universe, surpassing the five major gods and becoming the main god.(It’s not too much, ten changes a day, just flowers and a monthly pass. The more flowers, the more motivation.) - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Fantasy FallsChapter 891 Final Chapter: Eternity

What would happen, if one day fantasy collides with reality? - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Age of Empires From ScratchChapter 322 Thaddeus' Holiday

David became a pioneer in the Tiran Kingdom and acquired his own territory, becoming a village chief under the kingdom’s rule.Although his land was located in a somewhat remote and harsh environment where crops were difficult to grow, and the village was only inhabited by him, David believed these difficulties could be overcome.David declared, “My territory is open to all realms and dimensions. I won’t go looking for you; you come to me!” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Marry and Fall In Love with the White Cat PrincessChapter 120 end

Sick white cat princess x drama spiritual doctor concubine, 1v1The daily life of cats that attack and pet each otherIn the fifth year of Liu Fenyun’s passage, she became the concubine who was sent to a foreign country for marriage.On the night of the wedding, she found out that her new wife was actually a big white cat!just marriedLiu Fenyun, who has never raised a cat: This is too much of a test for day after marriageStaring at the white cat princess who was waiting for the good night, Liu Fenyun suddenly asked, “Your Highness, can you turn into a cat and let me rub your hair?”Princess White Cat: “…”She kicked the cat slave off the couch.–After taking the seventh princess who died of illness, the big demon Lianyi became a “sick cat”——Both physically and mentally ill, like a glass hedgehog, extremely fragile, but anyone who dares to approach will be wounded with blood by her sharp thorns.She hated the human race, and she hated it to the core, but she didn’t expect that the king would give her a marriage on paper and let her marry a foreigner who came to marry.Lianyi wanted to start a killing spree, but the concubine who lifted her red hijab was actually a girl disguised as a man. He smiled at her at every turn, and kissed her softly, making her unable to do anything.–The little concubine is a genius doctor who takes medicine to cure the disease. Lianyi took the medicine she prescribed and gradually recovered her body, but she lost her heart and went crazy.– This is her medicine, her sugar, her destination.“Your life is mine.”“Don’t betray me.”“Don’t touch other cats.”“otherwise……”“Okay, okay.” The little concubine pinched the cat’s paw she raised with a gentle smile, “Your Highness Duyi.”【Introduction to the pit】1. The system uses soy sauce, the main emotion.2. The white cat princess is a sick and weak girl.3. The world view is an overhead ancient, the former and middle periods are dominated by the palace, and the latter period is dominated by fantasy.4. There is a sub-cp plot.The cover is set for the protagonist, thanks to the artist @yemiao not eating carrotsContent tags: A soft spot for crossing time and space system cute petSearch keywords: Protagonist: Liu Fenyun, Lianyi ┃ Supporting roles: Luo Binglun, Yu Qingyue ┃ Others: If you have bought Volume 6 and haven’t read it, or if you haven’t bought it yet, don’t read it, the entire Volume 6 will be reset. Change a chapter to replace a chapter, the fate and identity of some supporting characters will change, and the plot of the abusive will also change. If the guest officer is still reading, please stop for a while and wait until I finish it.One sentence introduction: His Highness the cat always wants me to suck herConception: Hanging the pot to help the world, both mind and body heal - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - When Heartthrob Omega Wears Into the Present WorldChapter 114 Fushou Ankang

The omega Luci, who came to Earth for the first time, thought that she was bound to die, so she indulged once, but unexpectedly discovered that the people on Earth can also delay her fever period, giving her hope of surviving.The manager brought her into the set and warned her repeatedly not to mess with Teacher Chi.She looked at the beautiful woman, her eyelids twitched slightly, sorry, it’s over.Others said that Chi Yinghou was cold and indifferent, a flower of the high mountains, who could only be seen from a distance, but not touched. Thinking of her cramped appearance that day, Lu resigned.During the filming, Lu Ci played the role of the high-cold president. His aloof and indifferent demeanor amazed the audience. After the performance, Chi Shuang handed her the sleeve and asked, “Touch my clothes to see if I am the wife of the president.” material?”Lu Ci: ………?At the awards ceremony, backstage, Chi Shuang blocked her in the dressing room, “Little Luer, I haven’t seen you for so long, do you miss me?”The corners of Lu Ci’s eyes twitched slightly, looking at the man’s restless hands, “It’s only been two hours.”When seeing that person always trying his best to have intimate contact with him, Lu Ci once thought it was the sequelae caused by her ingesting too much of her own pheromone, and with a little apology, tried to cooperate with her thoughts.It was only later that I realized, huh, a certain person’s nature was just revealed 🙂————The original point of view is the main subject, but because there are a small amount of mutual attack in the text, it will inevitably cause discomfort, so the point of view is changed to mutual attack.Content tags: entertainment circle, slapping face, sweet article, cool articleSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lu Ci, Chi Shuang ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: aboOne-sentence introduction: Did Teacher Chi see his wife today?Conception: The world regards me as worthless, but I bloom like a rose - Description from MTLNovel