MTL - North American Detective: I Am Proficient In All Kinds of American IAIChapter 261 entrust

[Gunfight + case-solving reasoning + decisive killing]“I’ve been black and white, and you said I was an undercover agent???”When Dean woke up, he opened his eyes and saw the scene where the robbers were sharing the spoils.Because of the confusion of the original owner’s memory, Dean mistakenly thought that he was a real robber, so he chose to eat black and white, and emptied the magazine with an American-style Juhe.Just when he was about to take the money and leave.A blond beauty came to the door: “Dean is an intern police officer. The bank in the town was robbed. I ordered you to investigate the suspect. You don’t want to fail your internship, do you?”It turns out that I am an undercover agent!Dean is numb… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Conan: Open the Door, I’m a Policeman~ The last episode, Mr. police officer who embarked on a new journey

I’m a policeman, we took over the crime scene, and all the idlers and other people flashed!Are you a detective? Do you have a formal license? Is it part of the police system? May I list you as a suspect?Detective? Sorry didn’t hear it.You want to reason? I’m sorry I’m not interested, but I’m standing there watching us handle the case!Hey! Don’t move around at the crime scene, it’s you, that kid over there!——New scum, listen to the teaching - Description from MTLNovel