MTL - Conan: I Am Not a Snake SpiritChapter 2501 Very Belmode style

Traveling through the world of Detective Conan, Chi Feichi was sent to the hospital.Tuesday.Doctor: “What day is tomorrow?”Chi Feichi: “Wednesday.”Doctor: “Cough, tomorrow is Friday.”Chi Feichi: “…”August 21.Doctor: “What day will it be tomorrow?”Chi Feichi: “August 22nd.”Doctor: “Cough, tomorrow is January 1st.”Chi Feichi: “…”When everyone thinks that the chaotic time is correct, and one of them cannot correctly identify and integrate into it, then this person is an outlier, a patient!Once admitted to the hospital, it is as deep as the sea, and it is impossible to recover in this life.Chi Feichi took a deep breath: “Old! Son! No! Do it!” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Conan’s Devil Child Comes To the WorldChapter 631 Finale (new book will be released on November 1)
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A third-rate painter in the past life, and a chaebol in this life.I thought it was a rebirth flow, but it turned out to be a system flow. I wanted to rely on myself, but you let me use a plug-in.“Ding! Congratulations on successfully signing in to Mao Lilan. You will be rewarded with a Dacheng-level “Karate”, which the host can receive at any time.”“Ding! Congratulations on successfully signing in Gin Wine, and a reward of [Servant Contract], which the host can receive at any time.”“Ding! Congratulations to Suzuki Ayako for successfully signing in, and you will be rewarded with a copy of “Cash Capability”, which the host can receive at any time.”… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - COS Dazai Osamu’s I Got Into the Conan CrewChapter 1111 Do you need help?
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[No heroine, no emotional line, no ambiguity, a lot of private settings, a comprehensive world view, I am an organization. 】[There is a story about an undercover police officer with real wine, there is a possibility of death for the red party, and both Bourbon and Scotland are real wine]“Name.”“Osamu Dazai.”“gender.”“A man without a doubt.”“age.”“14.”“The code name of the Black Organization.”“Cahor.”“Why did you join the Black Organization?”“Well, because I’m the adopted son of that gentleman.”[This article is also known as Osamu Dazai of COS. I recognized a thief as a father in the Conan crew. I am not disqualified in this world. I am full of fighting skills. I appeared in Japan the next second at the comic exhibition and became a three-year-old slaughter][There will be other vests. ][The elegant party and the gangsters stay away from me][Writing to play, don’t gangster] - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Ke Yan People In the World of Ke XueChapter 1498 similar associations
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When the research and development of various black technologies in the winery fell on Ye Genyi, he said that his position was a bit crooked.Gin: “icewine…”“Hey, this is the latest tracking software, it only takes 20 seconds to find the target…”ps: This book is easy + crime solving + daily type - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Conan’s Denial of ConfessionChapter 394 : The school festival is approaching, I can't bear to look back
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“Confession Rejection System 1.0: Every time you reject a confession, you become stronger!”As a weak, helpless and pitiful 3-year-old child, Amamiya Noriko,In the crisis-ridden world of Conan, he became a kindergarten friend of Kudo Shinichi.It seems that only by refusing to confess can you live more than a thousand episodes.Conan: That guy Amamiya is playing with other people’s minds again. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Conan: I Am Surrounded By Undercover~ The facilitator behind the episode
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——Copy:Undercover police officer: We are two-on-two, so we can’t be careless.FBI undercover: I’m in a one-on-three, and I have to be vigilant.Zhenjiu: My teammates are very reliable, I don’t need to worry at all, and I give comrade hr Jinjiu a five-star praise.——The semi-invincible text, some of the protagonists refer to Dazai Osamu, the stray dog.Without a heroine, the only thing that can make the hero’s heart beat faster is the bill. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Pretend To Be a Good Person In the World of Conan~ New book "Ke Xue corpse picker"
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“You really want me to save people?”Looking at the shivering victim in front of him,Look at the [Owl’s Head Wire], [The Murderer’s Gift], [Universal Anesthetic], [Invisible Potion] in the item column…Shiraishi touched the hideous mask on his face and fell into deep thought.————————“The Salary Thief in the Distillery”“What does the vest do to me have anything to do with it?”“There are limits to being a human being, I choose to be a cat…”The magic version of Conan - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Conan: Open the Door, I’m a Policeman~ The last episode, Mr. police officer who embarked on a new journey

I’m a policeman, we took over the crime scene, and all the idlers and other people flashed!Are you a detective? Do you have a formal license? Is it part of the police system? May I list you as a suspect?Detective? Sorry didn’t hear it.You want to reason? I’m sorry I’m not interested, but I’m standing there watching us handle the case!Hey! Don’t move around at the crime scene, it’s you, that kid over there!——New scum, listen to the teaching - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - When I Bind the Plot Maintenance SystemChapter 106
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My name is Zhu Fukongliang, male, 18 years old.When I was in the second grade of middle school, I bound a [plot maintenance system].Every time I fell asleep, I would travel to a certain character in a parallel world, and my task was to play this character and proceed with the normal main storyline.Only later did I realize that the parallel worlds I traveled through were scientifically called [Doujin World].This system has had a huge impact on my life.Because I always accidentally confuse the distinction between my world and the world of my fans.​——For example, when I just came back from the world of [All Staff Beastization] and saw a certain nasty ghost Matsuda, I didn’t react for a while, and said directly: “Where are your cat ears and tail?”He also took a cat stick and stuffed it into Matsuda: “Here, your favorite snack.”Police Academy Five: ? !Matsuda: …Wait? I am not, I am not! Take your eyes off!——For another example, after I came back from the world of [All Members Sexual Transformation], I met a new member of my brother’s band, his name is Akai, and I couldn’t help but hesitate: “You finally choose to change sex…?”Whiskey Group: ? !Akai: Huh?——For example, in [Normal World], the hater Matsuda would play with fire on the Ferris wheel. Although he hates it, he must not understand common sense. But I remembered that my brother taught me a term called rebellious period. The more you stop him, the more he might do it. So in order to protect the other party’s fragile self-esteem, I decided to gently remind him.“Songtian, I’ll find someone to help you figure it out, you’re not suitable for dating, you’d better be single for a lifetime.”I think I’m awesome, because that way Matsuda won’t go on a date with the Ferris wheel in the Holy Land.Matsuda: “??? No, wait, are you sure your brother isn’t playing with me? Zhufu!”Zhu Fu Kongliang: Innocent.jpgContent tags: Fantasy and Magic Juvenile Manga System ConanSearch keywords: protagonist: Zhu Fukongliang ┃ supporting roles: police academy team, fake wine team. ┃ Other: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - How Real Wine Became the Light of the Metropolitan PoliceChapter 142
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Xin Haikong, an ordinary social animal, unfortunately died suddenly after staying up late again, but was sent to the world of Detective Conan by the system, became a bottle of real wine in the winery, and played a game called “Fraud Game”.In the game, he needs to play a real wine that cuts black and white, misleads readers with various heroic actions, and packs himself into a red square.After thorough thinking, he decided to go undercover as a policeman to the Metropolitan Police Department, but he never expected that his promotion speed was really too fast.He acted too hard, solved major cases repeatedly, and with too deceptive appearance, he became the darling of the media, the representative of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and the rising star of the Japanese police circle. There have been media predictions that he is likely to become the fastest promoted person in the Japanese police circle.So, if the black-clothed organization is not destroyed again!The high-dimensional system released a game in a different world called: “Fraud Game”.You are a bottle of real wine and a complete black party. You must act according to your personality and complete the main task released by the system.But at the same time, you have to make readers think that you are the red party, the embodiment of justice. After the main story begins, you will receive feedback from readers in real time, which can be used to adjust the way you play. When the game is approaching the finale, the system will automatically count the psychology of readers in different worlds, and if more than 80% of the people who recognize you as the red side are the game victory; otherwise, the game fails.You must do all the bad things without tainting the dust, the city is deep but innocent, and you must make all those who have been hurt by you think that you are the salvation and the light that never goes out in the darkness.1. There are a lot of private settings, please be tolerant2. The protagonist is Zhenzhenzhenjiu (the face of the irritable old man), the acting emperor (there is a process of improvement).3. The full-text timeline is closed-loop, and all violations are foreshadowing. There are a lot of timeline issues involved in the plot, and the mode of internal shuttle in the same time and space is adopted. You can refer to the movie “Previous Destination”.4. No cp is because stupid writers may not be very good at writing emotional lines, and family and friendship are favored by the group.5. Mother must be HE6. It is not recommended to skip chapters to read, because the author is an ambush pen madman, and most of the cases are related to each other.Supplement: Comprehensive manga, there are literary and competitive juvenile manga content, but the length is less.*Text field content: Chapter 27 has MAFIA, Chapter 32 has a setting, that’s all. People with supernatural powers will not interfere with the main line.Only Dazai, who has a good brain, haunts, and the villain Dazai warns.There will be no strange assumptions such as Ke Xue characters being crushed by Wen Ye, and then evaluate the worldview after reading it.Content tags: Comprehensive comics Juvenile comics Wen Ye ConanSearch keywords: Protagonist: Xin Haikong ┃ Supporting role: Death Detective, Winery, Yokohama Large Enterprise ┃ Others: Juvenile Comics; Suspense Reasoning; Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Red Side is Always Blocking My Dog ​​leashChapter 166

After Mr. A died, he was bound to the system, and promised to fulfill the wishes of the three-dimensional people and die instead of those who should have received the lunch, so as to let them survive and gain the energy of rebirth.In order to complete the task better, Mr. A has enabled two identities successively.Ontology: special recruitment of rum, organize excellent employees, work conscientiously, and make wine according to their duties.Vest: Genzheng Miaohong, graduated from the police academy, the partner of justice will never be absent!After repeatedly jumping across the abyss of failure, Mr. A discovered that it was not the black-clothed organization that killed him without blinking. His real enemies should be those who don’t listen to people and like to make up their minds and change the plot without authorization! already! people!especially you! The undercover gentleman with three faces!After being cheated countless times by Hong Fang’s own people, Jun A burst into tears and cried out in his soul: Let! I! go! die! what! !I am saving you! Please respect my work, thank you!——As the youngest cadre of the National Police Agency, Mr. Furuya, who has made great contributions to the destruction of transnational criminal organizations, one of the most regrettable events in his 32-year life so far happened on the rainy day when the organization was completely destroyed three years ago. .He should have carried that young man’s life on his back, just like the countless people he had killed, until the day of his death.However, when he woke up one day, he went back to the past.At this time, the boy who was still a teenager joined the organization on his first day..▼CP is obviously zero▼The main detective, with all his works, has no superpowers.▼The main theme is he Shuangwen, don’t expect too much from the author’s brain.Content Labels: Comprehensive Manga Rebirth Young Man ConanSearch keywords: Protagonist: A Jun (Qiu Ze Yao), Zero Jun ┃ Supporting role: Black Fang, Red Fang ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After the World of Conan is Full of Bad LuckChapter 120

Question: What is life like as a superhuman?Amamiya Qianxue: There must be a wormhole halfway through eating an apple. When walking on the road, objects often fall from high altitudes. When encountering a thief, the victim is always himself, and people who are familiar with him will be haunted by bad luck. would be late for takeout and be harassed by scam calls all day. (smile · jpg)Her super power is [absolute doom], and her life is a complete disaster.Until one day, the neighbor next door, who was also a superpower, really couldn’t stand her growing mushrooms at home, and finally, together with her brother, kicked her to another world.A certain brother-in-law: “If you want to solve the problem, the first step is to step out of the house. Please work hard and live in another world!”In this way, Qianxue had to cheer up and start her journey to another world.But wait, why are there three ID cards here, can’t you only use one at a time? Don’t you even have an ID card that doesn’t change your appearance? ?ID card 1: college students who have just entered the police academy after graduationID Card 2: A spy sent by a black-clothed organization to the policeID card 3: The rookie police officer who has just fled…Is there something strange mixed in? ?【Small Theater 1】Qianxue, who has changed her vest, and her former classmate, who is wearing a vest, meet at a winery.Amamiya Chiyuki (smiles): No, that man who said he was determined to protect this country, how did he become a member of a criminal organization?Bourbon (smiling): Matsuda, why did you become GIN’s sister even if you cheated by the white moonlight?【Small Theater 2】One day, Officer Mumu brought a new police officer.Before he finished his self-introduction, the curly-haired police officer who was lazy all day volunteered to be the newcomer’s guide.Everyone looked surprised, Officer Matsuda has changed?But then they saw it with their own eyes,Amamiya Qianxue was pressed against the corridor by a certain curly hair, her back was against a hard wall, and the two looked at each other in an ambiguous scene.Everyone: It was love at first sight!Curly Hair: No, it’s a long-awaited reunion.【Notice】:1.cp Matsuda, 1v1, kick the police academy bento, HE! ! !2. There is a case-solving and reasoning plot (original case), and the heroine has a high IQ, but the author is not good, so she can only try her best to be logical.3. Due to the development of the plot, the gin wine in this article must be offline. I apologize to the little cute soil who likes gin wine. If you don’t like it, don’t enter.4. The heroine’s bad luck physique will improve, and she will not be unlucky all the time! ! !5. The police academy is a half-year program! ! ! Don’t ask why it hasn’t been four years, Japan doesn’t have a four-year police academy.6. Chapters 49 to 65 of this article are two-line narratives, 49, 51, 53, 55, 57, 59, 61, 63, 65 are narrative lines connected by the plot, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62 and 64 are the narrative lines that connect the plots. The plot of the even-numbered chapters happens first, and the plot of the odd-numbered chapters comes after.7. There are no vicious female supporting roles and vice cps! ! !8. The female protagonist’s physical fitness was not very good at the beginning, and the average person’s level, because the ordinary physical strength of squatting at home for three years and running 800 meters for 5 minutes, the physical fitness and force value will be increased in the later stage.Content tags: Comprehensive comics Special liking travel through time and space ConanSearch keywords: Protagonist: Amemiya Chiyuki ┃ Supporting role: Matsuda ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - I Really Don’t Want To Inherit the WineryChapter 97
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Thank you for your support~My name is Toru Kurosawa and I am 25 years old.I have another name, Toruya Karasuma, because there is a mysterious old man in the family, and for some inconvenient reasons, I personally don’t like to use this name.Now I just returned to Japan from Italy, and my first stop decided to visit the industry I was planning to retire, a cafe I bought before I left the country. The name seems to be Poirot?Even though when I was 18, I went to Italy to study abroad for seven years because of my rebellion, and was called back by an inexplicable phone call to inherit the family business, it did not change my dream of running a coffee shop!Think about it, you don’t have to wake up early and wake up naturally every day, sit in your own coffee shop and drink a delicious latte, and you can study recipes when you have nothing to do. What a wonderful life!As for groups and organizations?The manager’s salary is so high, don’t you want to do it if you don’t manage the group well for me?Who would want to accept an organization that has been turned into a sieve by undercover agents!Stepping into Poirot, he looked at a certain blond, dark-skinned person who seemed familiar to me to say hello. I pondered: Will the salted fish life I want come true?Brother help! I am surrounded by red squares!Reading Instructions / Demining:1. The first person of the copy, the third person of the text2. The protagonist is neither pure black nor red. It can be understood as neutral and black. He has a wine name but has hardly participated in organizational activities.2021.11.19 Added mine clearance: Qin Ye has private settings related to the protagonist. Other members of the organization also have private settings. There may also be magical changes to the winery-related settings, and the winery will eventually be resolved and will not be changed. But not all personnel will be resolved. Mind not to enter.3. Some characters may be ooc4. The male protagonist in the last sentence of the copy5. Comprehensive world, any changes in details are all self-designed, don’t go into details6. The protagonist has already entered the retirement period in Italy, so he is inclined to the daily trend. The author strives to improve his writing (holding his head, I really think about the plot seriously)2021/8/28 Content tags: Comprehensive manga, tutor, juvenile manga, ConanSearch keyword: Protagonist: Kurosawa Tetsuya (Karasawa Tetsuya) ┃Supporting role: Gin ┃Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - I’m Real WineChapter 68
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Yuyoshi Orikasa, who got up one day to become a real sake in a winery, had an unknown app on his phone, and then he learned that his world was a manga world.Looking at the ending of the manga, Orikasa Yuyoshi fell into contemplation, and his own ending as a member of the organization didn’t seem to be much better.So he tried to rewrite the ending.But why do things seem to go further and further?He squatted in front of a famous pupil with glasses who didn’t grow taller for more than 20 years, shouting the other party’s name and trying to intimidate: worker…The primary school student was stunned for a moment: “The teacher doesn’t call me by my real name outside. If it is discovered by suspicious people, it will be dangerous.”As a suspicious person, Yuyoshi Orikasa…He stood in front of Mr. Bai Yueguang of the explosion group, and blew himself up with a blank face: “I’m not a good person.”The officer in sunglasses rubbed his head, and the middle-length-haired youth gave him a carton of milk.Yuyoshi Orikasa, who is really not a good person…He found Mr. Undercover, “Scotland, I am…”The cat-eyed youth smiled and said, “Can I have a sandwich for breakfast?”Orikasa Yuyoshi…I’m a member of the organization. Is it appropriate for you to be so friendly to me as an undercover police officer?Finally, he opened the mobile APP, and the audience with God’s perspective will not admit it wrong, right?However, everyone in the comment area:[Why did Orikasa get pulled out and choose one of three? Is he Tiehongfang? 】[He is the man who saved the police academy team, absolutely red. 】Orikasa Yuyoshi fell into contemplation…Although I added 100 million points of water later, I am really a wine, the kind that Gen Wai Miao Hei grew up in a winery, why don’t you believe it?Demining:1. The protagonist’s real wine, but later mixed with water and deteriorated2, the writing is white, the logic is uselessContent Labels: Fantasy Space Juvenile Man Inspirational Life ConanSearch keywords: Protagonist: Orikasa Yuyi ┃ Supporting role: Police Academy Team ┃Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After Binding the Barrage, My Friend and I Wore Red and BlackChapter 73 extra
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My friend and I traveled together after binding the barrage system.I dressed as a beautiful and powerful policeman, and sacrificed everything for revenge and redemption – but my ID card is real wine from the winery;He dressed up as a real wine, and sacrificed everything for destruction and pleasure – but his ID card was the justice police.That’s right, my friends and I are so special… We got the wrong script! !Horror stories, we are still wearing brothers, so why not say this script earlier at the beginning! !System: Wrong! wrong! ! ! You have to show your identity! Don’t let the barrage audience mistake their identity! ! Immediately reveal the flaws! quick!Me & my friends:  …So I had to start an undercover winery, brushing the black side’s favorability, but the red side’s favorability not only didn’t drop, but also rose a lot;In desperation, Jiyou began to whitewash his identity and win the trust of the red party. Unexpectedly, when the winery settled at the end of the year, the top performance was actually me.My friend and I both fell into deep self-doubt.The barrage audience was in an uproar.【Help! ! ! Why is the star of the Metropolitan Police and the winery top twin brothers? ! ! 】[I have already made up an annual dog blood drama…][So Yuu really is black because of his brother? Did he sneak into the winery for the sake of talent! 】[I understand, in fact, Shiren sneaked into the Metropolitan Police Department for the sake of his younger brother, but he didn’t want to kill people at all…]【woo woo woo woo……】My friends and I, who followed the barrage to guess the plot, fell into a long silence.#Why did the two of us seem to be misunderstood even more after the flaws were revealed? ##Let’s not talk about playing both red and black… If this continues, the favorability of both red and black will be full, okay! ##system! Don’t look at doing nothing, the system! ! Quickly think of a way! #【Reading Instructions】·Red and black camp text, don’t lose your horse! Don’t fall off the horse·Stable Saturday, updated every night at 6:00!·Don’t tweet or mention characters or books other than my relatives and friends in my article, and don’t mention my article in other articles, everyone respects each other, thank you.Content Labels: Inspirational Life System Live ConanSearch keywords: Protagonist: Tsujimoto Shiren, Tsujimoto Yuma ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Officer Matsuda Wants To Save HimselfChapter 174 Extra one
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As the first Bai Yueguang of the police academy, Matsuda returned to the past after dying once and bound the [Wish System] to try to save his young taming.The ability of the [Wish System] is one-for-one, and the wishes of the “viewers” are realized through live broadcast until enough to achieve the wish to save the life of the tame.Matsuda accepted the quid pro quo, and received his first wish on the first day he returned to the past.Audience 1: [Please beat the police chief! ! ! 】Matsuda: … a bit too much, right?Audience 2: [Please give the Superintendent of Police a hug! ! 】Matsuda: Okay, I’ll beat him up right now.Audience 3: [Wearing a floral shirt and smoking and drinking in front of the police chief! 】Matsuda: You just can’t get past the police chief, right?Audience 4: [Please give each of your future colleagues a true love letter and confession! 】Matsuda: You guys should continue fighting with the police chief…!Matsuda fell into silence as he looked at the increasingly outrageous wish. Are these people planning to realize their wish, or are they planning to let our company die?But in order to save the young tamer, Matsuda gritted his teeth and did it all over the place.As a result, Matsuda became a unique legend in the history of the police academy.Hagihara: I know Kojinpei is quite unruly, but…he wasn’t like this before, was he?Matsuda: …Who do you think I am for? ?After waiting for the death of the young tamer to pass, Matsuda immediately found out that his other two friends were also dying.Matsuda showed a peaceful smile: If you love to die, die, I quit! (lifts the table)Content tags: Comprehensive Comics Juvenile Comics System ConanSearch keywords: Protagonist: Matsuda ┃ Supporting role: Police Academy ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Conan’s Magical GirlChapter 75 【Extra】The Perspective of Little Cupid
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The magical girl who made the wish of “destruction of this world” came to Ke Xue’s world, and Kewpie became a little Kewpie.Being chased by someone holding a knife at the beginning, Shuangyue fell silent.In a world without witches, how would she purify her soul gem?Originally, he just wanted to be a good and hard-working employee in the winery, but the old man always liked the whole brainwashing operation. Suppressed by the world consciousness, for her own pure land, Shuangyue decided to go to his red square and black square, she would smash the dog world consciousness.The protagonist is not a good person (highlighted), the three views have been distorted in the magic circle world, not a red square.Little Cupid: You are my magical girl, and I am your Cupid.————Rescuing Matsuda Cat and Jingguang Cat, the protagonists directly built a gray empire for Jin Jiu and Sister Bei.Hagihara and the squad leader are still dead, because the protagonist was not there at the time.————Do not dismantle the original cp, bring your own cp (but there is no obvious emotional line).Content Label: Teen ConanSearch keywords: Protagonist: Frost Moon Saya ┃ Supporting roles: Gin, Zhufu Jingguang, Matsuda Jinping, Edogawa Conan, Maorilan, Kayao (Shirazawa Nozomi), Little Cupid (Ruby) ┃Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Conan Dressed As GinChapter 100 Extra: wear back to the original
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Shan He wakes up and realizes that he has become a gin in the world of Conan!Use this identity to tease Conan and deceive the BOSS.Start his wicked life!Content Labels: Original Towards Young Man Inspirational Life RebirthSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shan Heqing (gin) ┃ Supporting roles: Edogawa Conan, Maurilan, Belmod, Vodka, Kudo Yusaku ┃ Others: Conan, bad taste, gin, sweet - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Conan’s World Stand-in~ Let's talk about a side story later, let's play escape room

Guan Dounan traveled to the world of Conan, and unexpectedly found that he had a stand-in “King of Comedy” and became a stand-in messenger. However, this double actually looks exactly the same as that “little black”?As the so-called stand-in messenger will attract each other, Conan is the stand-in messenger, Xiao Ai is the stand-in messenger, Kidd is the stand-in messenger, Xiao Lan… Oh, she doesn’t have a stand-in, but she has double A.In addition to this, there are many stand-in messengers who choose to embark on the path of crime, and it is time to count their sins.“Little guy, your ability is the most useless!”“I understand, the ability of gin! It’s…”“Yahahahah, it’s a stand-in of the same type as my comedy king.”“Senior Guan! Hurry up and think of a way to use your invincible stand-in!”“I Guan Dounan just want to live a peaceful life…”(Original stand-in, based on the world view of Conan, the characters in jojo will occasionally make cameos)(On the basis of the original case, the magic change is not limited to the pure stand-in ability, but also has supernatural, demon, and superpower elements. In short, it is metaphysics to the end.)(Slow heat, although it sounds weird to say this, but in the early stage, I mainly laid various foreshadowings, so it will look a little dull) - Description from MTLNovel