MTL - Aim at That StarChapter 136 season finale

[Quick wear from the male protagonist’s perspective]The cool and handsome arrogant brother led a dragging oil bottle down to earth to save the healing system of the BE female supporting role, Kuaishou Xiaotianwener.“As long as it is the star of my big star sea, no immortal is allowed to die!”.Love Show’s Little Green TeaThe goblin of the diamond giantsXiao Wenqing in the old film of the Republic of ChinaThe little hind legs of the girl group out of the circleThe little green plum with the head in loveLittle White Flowers in the 1970shalf princessLi Daitao’s poor little pitylittle rose of the court marquisThe little virgin who loves the brainContent tags: rich and powerful family female match sweet text wear bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Jiang Shi ┃ Supporting role: His Royal Highness Dark Star ┃ Others: DaxingchenhaiOne sentence introduction: Operation Star Rescue - Description from MTLNovel