MTL - The Female General’s Wife Chasing RoadChapter 100

When a female general living in a world where women are superior to men falls into a world where women are superior to women:Seeing the woman who was clinging to the man’s thigh and begging for mercy, the female general frowned, what a shame for a woman!Sweeping to a woman wearing tulle standing at the gate, scratching her head and making poses to the men passing by, the female general’s face turned black, what a shame for a woman!But when she glanced at the little woman with a gentle face who was sewing clothes for herself with a needle and thread, the female general roared in her heart, she wanted this woman!The female general hid aside with glowing eyes and peeked at her sweetheart bathing. She is a practical person and only believes in day/long/birth/love!Special Note: 1. Slow and Hot Articles 2. Daily Updates (with archived manuscripts)1. The hot and “thick” female general attacked the gentle but stubborn Xiaojiabiyushou.2. The full text is overhead, please don’t be elegant, if you don’t like it, please click the fork, crab.Content tags: commoner life travel through time and space strong women sweet textSearch keywords: protagonists: Gu Changjun, Liu Xi ┃ supporting roles: piles of people eating melons ┃ others: lily, crossing, pet text, crossing - Description from MTLNovel