MTL - Lucky Wife at 50sChapter 896 Extra 6

As soon as she was wearing it, Qin Tianru picked up a beautiful man, touched him, and her powers were upgraded?Facing the famines of the 1950s and the shortage of supplies, Qin Tianru, who had plant-based abilities, expressed no pressure.As a result, flowers bloomed in one minute, branches and leaves were scattered in three minutes, grains were ripened in five minutes, and all kinds of precious medicinal materials were readily available.**Villagers: The farmland is dry, the locusts are infested, the snowstorm is coming… God, these days will not last! !The Qi family in the village: all of them are shiny and strong, and their three meals a day are delicious on earth.Qi’s family spreads their hands: they can’t finish the grain and meat dishes in the cellar~Villagers: Why is your family so outstanding?Everyone in the Qi family: Because a little fairy came to my house!**The man who woke up injured: “Who are you? Where did you come from?”Qin Tianru has a cute face: “I’m here to be your daughter-in-law.”The man’s eyes were sharp: “You are not from this era!”Qin Tianru was stunned: My vest fell off so quickly?The man raised the corner of his mouth, recalling the lonely life in his last life, maybe he can change his way of life in this life.For example, marry a delicate little wife.[The reborn boss who is ruthless and indifferent but very fond of his wife vs the delicate and very Buddhist fairy of crossing the road]1. 1v1, marriage is determined by fate, only favored.2. Overhead, all settings are based on this book, do not substitute for reality.3. Warm farming, make a fortune, slow pace, and not many excellent products.PS: Mother-daughter series “Blessed Wife Full of System Shuttle”Sister series “The Koi Wife of the Big Brother of the Age” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Paranoid Protagonist is Addicted To My StickersChapter 109 fu iris

Xia Zhinian has transmigrated into the book, and the original owner is a disgusting cannon fodder villain, determined to and the protagonist were robbed by Yan Ci, and finally had an accidental car accident, and Liang Liang went offline.Others want to change their destiny by transmigrating into a book, but his young master Xia is different, he just wants to transmigrate back through the plot.Xia Zhinian tried to mention the protagonist Gong to anger Yan Ci, so that he could be beaten according to the original text, but Yan Ci only held his wrist and tied a gold chain with a long tail on it, his eyes were cold, “There is nothing wrong with what you say.” It’s the one named Chu, and you like him so much?”Turning the subject around, I asked him: “What color bracelet do you like every year, gold, silver, or black?”Xia Zhinian: “??”…Is there something wrong with you?Later he discovered that Yan Ci was obsessed with cleanliness, but he had severe skin hunger and thirst. Every time he had an attack, he was in pain, but he never went to the protagonist Gong for help. Instead, he hugged him and rubbed him.And diverted all the attention that should have been on the protagonist Gong to him? !This shouldn’t be, the plot doesn’t go like this!Xia Zhinian was worried, he wanted to go back to the original world, and waited until the end to finish the lunch box.So he planned a car accident for himself.Gao Xingxin closed his eyes, opened them again, and met a cold and gloomy face.In the room with the doors and windows closed, Xia Zhinian lay on the bed trying to struggle, but found that his whole body was sore and his hands and feet were numb. Footsteps sounded, and someone stepped to the bed step by step, casting a large shadow.Yan Ci was condescending, stroking the black bracelet on the young man’s wrist, his tone was soft but terrifying.“Having a car accident on purpose every year, do you want to escape from me?”Xia Zhinian: “?!!!”Xia Zhinian tried his best to show a cute smile, “Brother, I was wrong, I have something to say, let go first, uh–!!”His mouth was blocked, his hair stood up slightly, his fingertips slid on his neck, and the voice in his ears was cold and gentle.“Hey, I don’t accept verbal apologies.”Seemingly well-behaved Pipishou × seemingly gentle, paranoid, possessive and super aggressive.①SC②The original text has nothing to do with the attack, the original text is transferred to the attack③Attack and subject have grown upContent tags: rich and powerful family special liking sweet text wearing booksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Xia Zhinian, Yan Ci ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel