MTL - Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation Systemv2 Chapter 3140 Dragon Palace is here to destroy the clan
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Transform into Divine Dragon and dominate the world!He is the only Divine Dragon in the sea who founded an underwater Dragon Palace.With Crawfish Soldiers and Crab Generals as his followers, wild sharks and gigantic octopuses as his subordinates, he is the dragon that rules the city. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Opening the Ground Stall to Sell VigorouslyChapter 2950 Two promises!
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The earth has entered the era of aura recovery, and human beings have started their supernatural awakening!Jiangnan start awakening the strongest to spread the system, potion? Detoxification of small soybeans? Lucky cherries? In short supply!The world’s top gods, richest men, beautiful school girls, popular anchors, goddess of high cold, and peak powers have all come to buy.Jiang Nan: “I’m not interested in making billions of dollars! I just want to pit… Uh, my wish is for world peace!” - Description from MTL

MTL - Stormwind God~ Finish this testimony and push my new book, "Man Manfa"

This is a young man who traveled to the world of Azeroth.For love and justice (don’t become a ghoul), fear of sacrifice (you can run the corpse to resurrect), in search of lost justice and humanity (temporary discipline), don’t stop. Festival Exercises Retrieve the story of Festival Exercises. - Description from Ptwxz

MTL - The Lord of the Rings: Lords of Middle-earthChapter 292 Figure breaking through the clouds

When Roland crossed Middle-earth with the Lord of the Rings system, Gandalf was organizing an expedition, the king under the mountain still did not return to his throne, the Hobbit’s adventure had not yet begun, and the world was still shrouded in shadows… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Starting From the Dragon Clan To Penetrate the Worldv2 Chapter 1811 : This 1 knife, 300 times real damage

A young man with strange strength came to the world of the dragon clan.Facing the enrollment counseling at Kassel College, Lu Chen is very generous, the only one who is full of Xiaolongren is not a mixed race…How to pass the 3E exam? Waiting online, very anxious!…This is the story of a young man who gradually became a handle at Kassel College————PS1: Semi-invincible, no abuse or knife, try to find the internal taste, youth no longer regretsPS2: You will get the dragon bloodline laterPS3: The Dragon Clan is extremely long, it’s over when you watch it - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Pretending To Be a Holy Place, I Was Signed For a Thousand Years~ Finish this testimonial

Zhang Ming has obtained the god-level anti-sign-in system, which can disguise the Holy Land, attract others to sign in, and draw 90% of the reward.【Ding! Zhanhong, the son of planes, checks in at your Sword of Swords of Immortals (pseudo), and you get the Secret Scroll of the Heavenly Book·True]【Ding! Daoist Qingquan, the illegitimate son of the plane, checks in at your ginseng orchard (pseudo), and you get Xisui Dan × 90%]【Ding! The transmigrator Wang Hong signs in at your Tianshi Mansion (pseudo), and you get Tianshidu·True]【Ding! The reincarnator, Chu Fan, checks in at your Nine Dragons Coffin (pseudo), and you get the Desolate Holy Body × 90%]【Ding! The reborn Ye Xiaoxuan checks in at your Miaomu Mountain (pseudo), you get the immortal mode × 90%]【Ding! The extraterritorial demon Wang Zanghai checks in at your lock demon tower (pseudo), and you get the water spirit bead·true]【…】“Young man, you have to pay taxes when you sign in, you know?”(Book Friends Group: 710233203) - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - I Thought I Got the Redemption Scriptv2 Chapter 132

Once he crossed over, Yu Que became a container for cultivating the heroine to exchange spiritual roots for the heroine.The good news is that Linggen is still on her body now, the bad news is that she is competing with the heroine for the entry qualification of a sect, and her scumbag looks at her gloomily.In order to survive, Yu Que decided to join an unknown sect.Only after she got started did she realize that the small sect she thought was even better than the dogs raised by her senior sister.And the whole division goes up to the master down to the dog, ready to blacken at any time, all of them are big villains who fight to death with the protagonist in the later stage.But Yu Que doesn’t think the problem is big, isn’t it just blackening, it’s just a redemption script!The master is a gentleman, and he missed the future mistress by accident. Later, his sweetheart was designed to die tragically. He took the sword and killed the whole family, and laughed and walked away surrounded by the monks of the right way.Yu Que put a book in front of the master in awe: “If you grab it, you will grab the heart of the mistress.”Open the page, “Thirty Days to Make Her Crazy for You”.Master: ?Senior sister is as beautiful as a flower, but she met a scumbag, and she was deceived so that her body and mind were broken.Yu Que directly led the people to the largest small clerk’s building in the city, hugged from left to right, surrounded by fat and thin, and said in a loud voice, “Men are virtuous and virtuous, crooked Rui Goode!”Sister: ? ?The second senior brother is half-human and demon. He was discriminated against when he was a child. When he became an adult, he was overwhelmed with love and righteousness.Yu Que shook his head: “The structure is small, what’s the point of ruling only one demon clan? Of course all adults need it! From now on, won’t the human clan and the demon clan be family-friendly!”Second Senior Brother: ? ? ?The little brother has a demon embryo, a natural bad seed, and his intelligence is close to a demon, and his strength is unpredictable.Yu Que slapped a copy of Advanced Mathematics in front of him and sneered, “Oh, no challenge.”Junior Brother: ? ? ? ?Yu Que thought that what he was taking was a redemption script and that he was thinking of saving the world.Later, the classmates who had been reborn long ago looked at the new junior junior sister who was blind and infertile, and gave this evaluation: poisonous.Later, her scum father wanted to arrest her and go back to change her spiritual roots. She was pulled thousands of miles away by the most difficult little brother, and turned his head, the little brother smiled and said: “Little sister, your class is not finished Oh.”Content tags: soft spot sweet text wear book cool textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Yu Que ┃ Supporting role: Pre-received “All the protagonists except me” ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Great Xuanwu ShengChapter 372 Defeat Yu Wenhao

Chen Mu, a low-level officer, thought he could only live a cautious life, but unexpectedly he got a system panel that could accumulate experience, and he could master all the skills with just one practice.[Blast Knife + Gale Knife + Wind Chasing Knife = Blast Artistic Concept][Jade skin grinding method + sand iron method + coarse salt method = skin of copper and steel]A peerless martial saint with unparalleled swordsmanship, bronze skin and iron bones, and a body of pure gold was born step by step. - Description from novelbuddy