MTL - You and I Are In Love with Each Other, Killing Harm For the PeopleChapter 90 Ning Qianwen's Extra Story (8)

Miss Jing in the eyes of Miss Chi: Nouveau richeMiss Chi in the eyes of Miss Jing: a woman who worships moneyAfter an accident, the way they looked at each other began to change…The love story of two women who dislike honesty over time (日 is a verb)Early in the morning, in a hotel, the big bed in the presidential suite…Chi Jia got dressed: “Jing Rui, even if all the men and women all over the world die, I won’t fall for you!”Jing Rui: “please Miss Chi remember what she said and don’t come to me again in the future.”The next day, early in the morning, in a hotel, the big bed in the presidential suite…Chi Jia got dressed, “I warn you this is the last time!”Jing Rui: “Miss Chi, I don’t want a next time either.”A few days later, the two met in a bar.Jing Rui: “Have you brought your ID card?”Chi Jia: “Bring…”Main CP: Fried hair and greedy little designer X sexy and rich restaurant ownerDeputy CP: Huan Tuo Infatuated Design Director X Wen Wan Ke Ren Yu Jie President[Pit entry instructions or lightning protection]1. The main and deputy CPs are all doing first and then loving, simple and rude, don’t enter if you don’t like it; HE, don’t tear down the CP;2. Unrealistic, light-hearted and sweet essays (the kind where the president has a lot of time to fall in love), the plot is sultry and colorful; the industry description is non-professional, sorry;3. There is a straight-forward plot, but there is no reason to choose a woman after being hurt by a man. Loving someone has nothing to do with gender, that’s all;Content tags: urban love, happy friends, sweet textSearch keywords: protagonist: Chi Jia; Jing Rui ┃ supporting role: Ning Qian; Wen Jin; Yun Xin; Jian Yi - Description from MTLNovel