MTL - The Cp with the Female Partner Exploded In the Entertainment CircleChapter 171 Extra 10

After Cheng Qing’s death, he transmigrated into a book he had readThere is a female supporting actress who is arrogant and charming, and is so beautiful that she is top-notch only by her appearance – Luo XiBecause he always stumbles upon the heroine in variety shows, he has gradually become disliked by thousands of people.In the end, I broke my leg horribly.Cheng Qing felt sorry for her, so she took the variety show and wanted her to avoid the hero and heroineLater, Losey really avoidedShe followed Cheng Qing the whole time.“Qingqing, can you cook?”“Qingqing, can you do laundry?”“Qingqing, can you drive?”Cheng Qing will do anything for herLuo Xi would crouch in front of her and smile: “You are so nice, you can do anything.”Cheng Qing choked: “…I won’t”Luo Xi looked at her with wide eyes in doubt, Cheng Qing was helpless: “But I learn.”In the variety show, Cheng Qing and Luo Xi were pulled cpThe cp powder is overwhelming, shouting for food every dayLater, Luo Xi asked Cheng Qing, “Do you like me? That’s why you help me with everything.”Cheng Qing was silent for a moment and replied, “Sorry.”From now on… um, start the wife-chasing crematorium mode? (probably – dog head)【Reading Tips】*The gentle and intellectual young lady vs the arrogant and innocent young lady* Same-sex marriageable background*Sweet doting on his wife, there is a plot of chasing his wife in the crematorium (possibly, dog head)*Updates are a bit slow*Progress seems to be a bit slow*Sweet text, everyday style[This article will be entered into v from chapter 25 on December 23, and three chapters will be published on the same day as v. Thank you for your continued support, and please continue to support in the future. 】The gentle and warm lady sister vs the cold and lonely big shadow queenContent tags: Breaking the mirror, reunion, entertainment, supporting women, wearing booksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Cheng Qing, Luo Xi ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Spouse Selection CriteriaChapter 71 Daily life after marriage

Meng Xiyue had no intention of entering into the book “Deep Sad Love: The Little Wife Runs with the Ball”, but fortunately, she was just a passerby.Looking at the love between the male and female protagonists, Meng Xi’s crescent moon was sour and she determined the standard of mate selection: her other half must have a positive outlook, no pits in her head, and calmness in any situation, preferably not a love brain.Then one day, Meng Xiyue met the villainous female partner in the book…Edible Guidelines:1. Small cookies, the full text is about 18w to end2. Mo De’s feelings Meng Xiyue × brain tonic drama jingle Xia Yu’an3. 1V1Content tags: entertainment circle sweet text through booksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Meng Xiyue, Xia Yu’an ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Be the Golden Finger for the Actress’ RivalChapter 108 Extra (End) Happiness: Proposal and Marriage

After Song Jianzhi’s death, she participated in the lottery for the reemployment of the underworld population, and started a second life in the small world of dog blood romance and romance. Her job was to be a golden finger for the heroine of destiny.The informatization of the underworld is outdated, and the system has not arrived yet. Song Jianzhi was trembling with fear and ignorance, and slammed with people.Woke up the next day, the system that was successfully installed was dumbfounded: host, why did you beep–with Mingxu?Song Jianzhi: I know she is my rival in love, but I can’t.The system smiled: Then do you know that Mingxu is the heroine of this article and your future mission target?Song Jianzhi: ? !Song Jianzhi, who accidentally put her “rival in love” to sleep, daring to start working, sending the script and variety show together, visiting the class to accompany her with heavy tasks, and conscientiously doing her job as a golden finger, looking at the increasingly shining heroine, she revealed A mother-like smile.later.Ming Xu looked down at her, a strand of long hair fell on Song Jianzhi’s face: “Before they thought we were rivals in love, now they think you are me…”Song Jianzhi interrupted her righteously: “That’s because their thoughts are filthy! We’re just friends—”Mingxu’s voice was clear: “Girlfriend.”Song Jianzhi: Hmm?Read the guide: Modern overhead, same-sex marriageable settingsnaughty cookies#trying to write the breath of sand sculpture but readers say I am not enough sand sculpture series#There are always readers who ask if it is mutual attack, it is mutual attack, but it is not strong, it is a cute girl falling in love, but they do not see that mutual attack is not written.Don’t take the logic seriously, the plot is only for sugar sprinkles, and it’s a pleasure to eat.This article has opened the anti-theft, passing sugarDeclined to change the textAuthor Weibo: @jinjiang small tanluanContent tags: A soft spot for entertainment, sweet text, through booksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Song Jianzhi, Ming Xu ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Dressed As Scum A Marked the Crazy Beauty BossChapter 102 end of text

Abstinence failed, novice flirting gentle attack + vs + hands-on teaching closed-eyed pet, crazy beauty has strong possessiveness, is weak and suffersCheng Jiqing transmigrated into a scumbag who fell in love with the married heroine and forced her to divorce.Not only tied the heroine to the villa, but also entered the estrus period with the help of an inducer and forcibly marked the heroine. The end was bleak.Cheng Jiqing, who had just passed through and was forced into a period of restlessness on the balcony of the villa, looked at the Omega with his hands tied on the chair, and his throat moved slightly.Omega raised his head, his eyes were red: “Didn’t you want to mark me? Come here.”Cheng Jiqing’s head swelled and it passed.After rolling with someone on the balcony, Cheng Jiqing noticed three things:1. The cowardly and deceitful person on the chair that night was not the heroine, but the villain’s ex-wife——Bai Xin.2. This ex-wife is leaning in her arms at the moment.3. Bai Xin in the book is a crazy and beautiful villain A, but this one in his arms is delicate and easy to push.Cheng Jiqing: “…” The novel misunderstood me.After pondering: “How do you think about this matter? I will follow you.”Bai Xin looked at this young and clean little A with deep meaning in his eyes.Within a few days, Cheng Jiqing received a marriage agreement.It happened that she was troubled because her family thought she admired the heroine and wanted to help her marry the heroine in.Just agree to Bai Xin, let’s make a knot, each takes what he needs.I didn’t even read the contract, just signed it.After Cheng Jiqing settled the affairs after his butt, he immediately slipped away to do his old job, filming.–Cheng Jiqing was on a business trip for a week on the set, and he came home exhausted in the middle of the night. After taking a shower and getting ready for a good night’s sleep, Bai Xin, who was in estrus, came in from next door.Cheng Jiqing: “Sister Bai, I can’t do it today…”Bai Xin, who had already exposed his true nature, said softly, “Oh, why don’t you give me a hug?”“…”_Knowing that his wife had another purpose for getting married, Cheng Jiqing decided to cut off love and go to a travel variety show to relax and travel with a few entertainers and amateurs.Unexpectedly, she ran into Bai Xin head-on when she entered the door in the first episode. She subconsciously protected him and hugged him directly.Cheng Jiqing was embarrassed, and when he looked up, he saw that the heroine was also in the room.Cheng Jiqing: “…”What kind of triangular Shura field is this.When the rooms were allocated later, there was only one room for two people left, and a guest asked the remaining Cheng Jiqing and Bai Xin: “You are all alphas, don’t you mind?”Cheng Jiqing: “…”Bai Xin secretly pinched her waist with his hands, and said coldly, “I don’t mind.”In the evening, while making supper in the kitchen of the program group, Omega’s soft body hugged her, and she was about to cry: “Wife? You don’t want to sleep with me?”Cheng Jiqing suddenly wanted to cover Baixin’s mouth when the wireless receiver on the back of his waist fell off.Turning around, I saw the hostess, guests, and camera directors all looking at them in shock.Old… Wife?#Want to know what to do I will respond? I teach you. #+year under1. Double C, Gongshou Wubai! There are many private settings. no car.2. Slightly slow heat, there is a little crematorium. Attack and accept imperfect characters!Content Tags: Urban Love, Entertainment, Sweet Texts, BooksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Cheng Jiqing, Bai Xin┃Supporting role: ┃Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Whole World Wants Them To Get DivorcedChapter 99 extra two

After a car accident, Si Yu got into a novel about Lily’s marriage and love, and became the villainous supporting actress in the book.The female supporting role is the wife of the president. The president’s name is Lu Xi. She is super rich and beautiful.Siyu collapsed.Lu Xi is the heroine, what does it have to do with her!Si Yu racked her brains to get a divorce, but later found out that as long as she wanted a divorce, she would have all kinds of bad luck: bite her tongue while eating; fall down the stairs; open the door and get caught by the door…In order to survive, Si Yu had to change his strategy.Lu Xi dressed up and came to her, and said coldly, “Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.”Si Yu stepped up and hugged him, and said coquettishly, “Wife, let’s stay together, okay?”******At the celebration banquet, the actor Si Yu pressed the beautiful president of Light and Shadow Entertainment against the wall to make fun of him. This scene was photographed and posted on the Internet, and it also became a hot search.Netizens ridiculed: Mr. Lu has a wife, she still dares to seduce? shameless!Just when Si Yu was about to be hacked, the female president of Light and Shadow Entertainment posted a Weibo.Light and Shadow Entertainment Lu XiV: Let me introduce, this is my wife @siyu.Forced to become a “newcomer” in the entertainment industry X Gao Leng abstinence / female presidentDog blood, 1V1, focus on falling in love.Friendly reminder: non-shuangwen, the emotional line is slow.Content tags: entertainment circle marriage and love sweet text through booksSearch keywords: protagonist: Si Yu, Lu Xi ┃ supporting role: ┃ others: reverse sign, glOne sentence summary: Divorce is too hard - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Right A? Excuse Me!Chapter 80

Once dressed as one of the old female protagonists in “The Pampered Crying Bag Omega”, the famous scumbag A, Shi Ning is very calm.Even when the hotel room door was accidentally pushed open by the hostess Su Wanxing, she was very stable.But this guy… seems to be the heroine’s sister Su Fillxue.The only straight female A in the original book.Shi Ning thought about it, who knew that Su Fenxue could say in a cold tone with red eyes: “You are so good at being an A? Why don’t we change positions?”…Damn, who are you looking down on?She only wanted to tease this pure and cold iceberg beauty, but how could this guy break all her principles and stick to her heart? !–People who knew Shi Ning thought that she would wander the flowers and never give up. Until one day, Shi Ning and his new wife entered a love drama produced by her company.Watching her wash her hands and make soup every day, surrounded by Su Fillxue’s wife all day long, his wife is short…Friend: Help, is this still the scumbag Shi Ning?Netizen: KSWLKSWL, double A is fragrant!*cp: I’m not stingy, I’m so flirtatious, Ax is cold and rational, beautiful, strong and miserable, astronomy sisterDemining: There is first marriage and then love, no pendant, a lot of snarky talk, pure affection, non-double C, double A, wave A turns back and becomes a wife slave.This article is also known as “Can Double A be nabbed? 》Content tags: entertainment circle marriage and love sweet text through booksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shi Ning, Su Ganxue ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Be Pampered and SpoiledChapter 136 [Extra 2]

In the previous life, Zuo Xian and his family had a turbulent quarrel, and refused the arranged marriage that they knew each other well.For three years, Xiying moved behind the scenes to arrange a way for her with his savings.But who knows, once Lin Qi became so popular, he immediately turned his face and refused to recognize anyone.The former movie queen was ignored by no one, and she sadly quit the entertainment industry.After an accidental car accident, when she opened her eyes again, time went back to the eve when she went to Lu Xingxian to divorce her.It can be tricked by good fortune.——she came back after all.Zuo Xian appeared in front of the screen again, produced by a big IP! Hot headlines! Yuji front page!Everything points to—Sailor 1: Zuo Xian must have been unspoken!Water Army 2: There must be something tricky with the director!Sailor 3: How much did Yuji spend to get it!However, not long after, the diva Lu Xingxian, who has been behind the scenes for many years, posted a photo on Weibo with the caption: Please advise me for the rest of my life.——It was a wedding photo, and the person in the picture… was Zuo Xian!Sailor 1: The photo must be of P!Water Army 2: Little Xingxing’s account must have been stolen!Sailor 3: Little Xingxing must have been threatened!Half an hour later: Zuo Xian reposted that Weibo post with the caption: Although I went the wrong way, I met the right person. I have you for the rest of my life, please give me your advice.The whole network erupted in an instant——In fact, this is a story of a person who went wrong in his previous life and met the right person again in this life~small theaterIn order to meet Zuo Xian, Lu Xingxian summoned all the teams that had been out of use for a long time.When all the dust settled, he answered a phone call when he was leaving the house.Lu Xingxian, who walked to the quiet room alone, listened to the familiar voice on the phone and said, “Axian, I can’t marry you.”Lu Xingxian’s eyes were slightly red, but he said calmly to the other end of the phone, “Okay.”“I keep this liking in my heart, it’s enough for you to be happy.”food guideRebirth, sweet pet, 1V1, HE, Gong has always been loved~Our consistent aim is to fall in love seriously and spread dog food diligently. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Miss Gu and Miss QuChapter 88 eternal

There are two women with the same name in the entertainment industry, one is Qu Xizhi and the other is Gu Xizhi, because they debuted at about the same age, they are often compared.There are rumors in the rivers and lakes that the relationship between the two is extremely bad… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Grab the Heroine and Run Away Hee Hee Hee (entertainment Circle)Chapter 119 The Adventures of Little Pearl

Xu Heran stood in the dark warehouse.The woman in front of her who is more beautiful than moonlight is the heroine of this book.In the following time, she will humiliate, fight, and insult the heroine. She will be faithfully shown to the audience by the camera in the live broadcast at the door, and then withdraw from the draft after being boycotted by the whole network. Spit for a lifetime.The heroine who just finished dancing stood in the moonlight with an almost coquettish expression.“Bring me here, what do you want to say?” she asked softly.That being the case, I am not polite.Xu Heran clenched his fists and shouted loudly, “Xin Nuo, I like you!”I read the original book ten times, and Ma Ma likes you the most!“I want to protect you!”Never let the scumbag touch your hair!She raised her hand, and her firm voice echoed in the warehouse.“All my life, I’ve been crazy about Nuonuo, crazy about Nuonuo, bang against the big wall for Nuonuo!”The firm voice echoed in the warehouse, the heroine is stupid, the director is crazyOnly the fans in the live broadcast sighed leisurely: “I’ll go, it’s exciting!”*Sino is born againRecalling that in her previous life, she was fought over, imprisoned and controlled, she sneered. This time, no one can stop her from realizing her dream!The first step in realizing your dream is to get rid of the person in front of you who is trying to bully you.The development of the clinker matter deviated from the previous life, and Xin Nuo froze when she heard the confession in her mouth.And later, someone who often appeared by her side to greet her; someone who kept her away from prying eyes, and never left her;“Hi, grab the heroine and run away, stab, stimulate!” On the hotel bed, someone who was drunk laughed happily.“Stimulation?” She smiled softly, and put her palm close to someone’s cheek, “Why don’t you have something more exciting?”In the early stage, the little milk dog, in the late stage, the wolf A, the attacking growth line, the clingy and coquettish spirit x the original Meiqiang, who appeared white and black, and the rebirth line, the gentle and seductive sister[very important viewing guide]*The author does not chase stars! Don’t mix circles! I am in the entertainment industry!*When it comes to variety shows, there are references to real variety shows (including a large number of private settings), but everyone has no prototype! No prototypes! No prototypes! No prototypes!*In the early stage, it starts from the draft. During the idol period, if you don’t fall in love, you can knock Xipi*Easy Mary Su cookies, focus on cookies, loveContent tags: entertainment circle rebirth sweet text wear bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Xu Heran ┃ Supporting role: Xin Nuo ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The President of Spicy Chicken Has Returned My Innocence!Chapter 103

Seventeenth-line actor Liang Xiao debuted for five years, and he is not tepid.Because he was photographed frequently haunting the villa of the president of Star Crown Pictures, he became famous overnight on the Internet.In the villa’s bedroom, Liang Xiao washed up and lay down on the pillow, concentrating on playing games with his mobile phone.“President, are you ready to bite? I’ll go off work after you bite.”2.As the president of Star Crown Pictures, Huo Lan has a secret.He is a special mutant alpha. Only by regularly marking matching omegas can the pheromone remain stable and not get out of control, otherwise it will be life-threatening.President Huo didn’t look like O, so on the first day we met, he pushed the bank card and the contract to Liang Xiao indifferently: “Everyone takes what they need, don’t think about what they shouldn’t think about.”Liang Xiao was bitten diligently, took money steadily, and played games with peace of mind.Until he became a hit in the big production invested by Star Crown Pictures.In the face of the overwhelming amount of black materials, Liang Xiao ran home and found out the contract, ready to ask the president to help him clarify the truth.Huo Lan’s eyes darkened, he took over the contract, scrambled into a ball in front of countless cameras and microphones, and pulled the person back to his side.“Don’t panic.” Liang Xiao was pinched by the waist and pressed against the wall. He calmly hugged Mr. Huo, who buried his face in his neck, and turned to his manager calmly, “He wants to clear my innocence now.”3.The broker is crazy.[Muffled and deserted President Attack x Shattered Mouth Sand Sculpture Health Suffering][abo has no children, let go of the little sweet biscuits easily]​​Content tags: Fantasy space, wealthy family, entertainment circle, sweet textSearch keywords: protagonist: Liang Xiao; Huo Lan ┃ supporting role: agent; housekeeper ┃ others:One sentence introduction: Mr. Huo, how are you? - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After Breaking Up, I Still Dump All Sentient BeingsChapter 70 Extra 6

In the last life, Lan Muyu ran away from home for love, but accidentally bumped into her object – the adultery of the popular actress Fu Yao. In order to keep her reputation, Fu Yao and Xiao San teamed up to drug her, and she jumped down from the thirty-ninth floor so that she would not be humiliated.Her career was ruined, and all the betrayals left her to recognize her, but after her death, her fiancee Li Ruonan tried her best to avenge her, and she was implicated in her death.​​Once again, facing the cheating scumbag girl, Lan Muyu, who had learned from her previous life, smiled coldly. She quietly took a video and turned around and ran away. It was uncertain who would win this time.Looking at the pouring rain, she knocked on the door of the luxury car that had just stopped, “Miss, look at me… hey!”Before she could finish speaking, she was stuffed into the car – what kind of person was she, Li Ruonan, the fiancée she abandoned for love!Until Fu Yao and Xiaosan’s resources were cut off, and the company’s investment became a bubble, only to find that Lan Muyu was already in the high starlight, holding the hand of the chaebol heir and smiling in all manners.​​Li Ruonan (attack) VS Lan Muyu (shou) cover is Shou!Note: Gongshou 1v1 Shuangjie, the Lord of the Year has no childrenContent tags: rebirth sweet text cool text revenge abuse scumSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lan Muyu; Li Ruonan ┃ Supporting role: Please pre-receive “I became the villain’s favorite after wearing the book” ┃ Others: rebirth; attack change; scumbagOne sentence introduction: However, he was taken home by his fiancéePurpose: face danger, live optimistically - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Actress is My FavoriteChapter 94 after

Xia Shutong lost her memory, and when she woke up, she found that she had changed from an orphan who was bullied by others in a slum to a young president of Wutong Films who made everyone in the industry fear.Xia Shutong: ——?Everyone knows that Xiao Xia is always cold-blooded and ruthless, unscrupulous,However, there are rumors that Xiao Xia has been hiding in the golden house for many years, and he is obedient to the little girl, holding her on top of his heart and doting on her.But no one knew who the little girl was.In this regard, Xia Shutong, who has amnesia, upholds the attitude of not spreading rumors or believing rumors——It wasn’t until one day that Xia Shutong accidentally found a red book that she realized that she had really been married for many years.Her hidden marriage partner is still Yun Feiwu, the national goddess with whom she has nothing to do with each other.Xia Shutong: ——? ? ?—There is no one in China who does not know Yun Feiwu.Yun Feiwu made his debut at the age of thirteen, worked alone in the entertainment industry for ten years, and won the crown of actress at the age of twenty-three.Formally grown from a national girl to a national goddess.On the night of the award presentation, the indifferent little goddess Yun Feiwu showed an incomparably sweet smile to the camera.Social media was paralyzed in the middle of the night, and fans howling excitedly could be heard walking on the street.But everyone doesn’t know——Yun Feiwu just smiled for someone to see.—[The big sister who seems ruthless is actually soft and glutinous x the little actress who is indifferent to the outside and loyal to the inside]Note:1. Same-sex marriageable background2. Amnesia memes—“It turns out that to love someone… is to have the courage to break free from all shackles,Even if the whole body is covered with scars, I have to fight for her. ”–InscriptionContent tags: strong special liking entertainment circle sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Xia Shutong, Yun Feiwu ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:One-sentence introduction: You are my anchorConception: work hard, break through the comfort zone, embrace a new life, and reap love - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Please Smile at MeChapter 105 end

The young president, Yu Shu, is vigorous and unsmiling. The outside world commented that she is a high-altitude flower that can be seen from afar but not to be played. Prejudice.At first, she hated Zhao Qingying, just because this woman delayed her brother’s study, and later, it was because… she was too profligate.Xiaolang’s hooves should be cured!Later, really fragrant——One day, my younger brother saw his idol sitting in his living room, and said pleasantly, “Brother Ying, why are you here?!”Yu Shu said meaningfully: “Well, it’s indeed a big wedding.”Zhao Qingying’s flourishing beauty is the center of the topic, the darling of the media and the favorite of the paparazzi, and there will never be a shortage of gossip targets around her. One day, she was interviewed.Host: “The boss of the hotel is dating you, is it true?”Zhao Qingying: “My brother.”Host: “The financial tycoon is rumored to be your benefactor, is the news reliable?”Zhao Qingying: “My father.”The host asked weakly: “Then Yu Shu, who has been in frequent contact with you recently, who are you?”Zhao Qingying looked at the camera, her eyebrows and eyes curved: “My wife.”The cold president who is obsessed with making money from games X the big star who only cares about teasing girls[Don’t ask, it’s sweet to ask! 】Content tags: powerful rich family entertainment circle sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Yu Shu (shu), Zhao Qingying ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:One sentence introduction: can’t laugh.jpg - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Bent By the Male Protagonist’s White MoonlightChapter 80 Heroine VS Author

[The copy is too difficult to write]Meng Xia is wearing a book, dressed as a substitute for the male protagonist Bai Yueguang in the book, a canary with a miserable fateIn order to change his fate, after recalling the plot, Meng Xia decided to hug Bai Yueguang, the male protagonist, the biggest boss in the book.Ning Qingwan is beautiful and sassy, ​​and when it comes to Jiquan Tiancai, she is always indispensable.One day, the little girl who looked exactly like her held a bunch of her supporters and asked her timidly, “Old…husband…are you in love.”Ning Qingwan looked at the blushing little girl in front of her and couldn’t help teasing her, “What do you call me?”【The small theater is too sweet】Celebrities and amateurs’ love observation show “Fortunate to Met You” was launched, and Ning Qingwan was invitedThe fans refused to tie up the CP, and they were arguing about it, but they found that her husband was always flirting with another female guest who looked like her, and the male guest became a background board.Netizens asked: Am I looking at Ji with rotten eyes? How can I match my face?Anonymous netizens replied: Thank you for the invitation [picture]In the photo, Ning Qingwan held the face of someone else’s little girl, kissed her earnestly, and had a deep expression on her face.【Eating Guide】①The body is delicate and soft and easy to overthrow the innocent little soft and cute VS evildoer and paranoid sultry big guy Shuang Jie②In the early stage, it was a two-way crush ~ big sweet and small abuse~~ ending he③ There will be a mutual attack session, once (the old face is red: the kind of hands-on teaching)④The character has no prototype, please do not substitute it ~ Anti-theft setting is 70%, 36 hours, if the subscription ratio is not enough, wait 36 ​​hours to see the new chapter ~ Wang Haihan.【Highlight lightning protection】①The author’s logic is useless, and all the plot characters are only for the sake of brainless sweetness, and I don’t like to be cautious. Decline the writing guide~ You are right②The details can’t be detailed, and the comment area will not be enough to complain.Content tags: A soft spot for entertainment, sweet text, through booksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Meng Xia, Ning Qingwan ┃ Supporting role: “Never Forget GL” for advance receipt ~ Crab Crab ┃ Others:One sentence introduction: Ning Qingwan’s favorite dessert is Meng XiaIntention: Do it yourself, have enough food and clothing - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Divorce Strategies For Divorced Movie QueensChapter 101 later

Ji Chenli and Ming Lang divorced.She has been out of breath for many years, and she shouldn’t have caused any waves in the circle, but her divorce partner is Ming Lang.The news of the actress’ suicide and death was forwarded hundreds of thousands of times, even surpassing the popularity of Ji Chenli on the day when she won the actress trophy.Ji Chenli woke up again, and found that his time had gone back seven years, back to the first day of his marriage with Ming Lang.She calmly accepted the fact of being reborn, and the first thing she did when she woke up was to find a lawyer to draft a divorce agreement and send it to her newly married partner.“Let’s get a divorce.” Ji Chenli smiled, seeing that the face of the person he once loved was darker than the bottom of the pot, and his heart felt relieved.【Reading Guide】1. Same-sex marriageable background, mind carefully2. Ming Lang (Attack) X Ji Chenli (Shou)3. Dog blood text, enter with caution4.heContent tags: entertainment circle marriage love warProtagonist: Ming Lang (lang, three tones), Ji Chenli┃ Others: he - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - On Her LipsChapter 175 extra seven

Age difference of 700 years, vampire theme, cultivation, grammaticalThis article is also known as “How to fall in love with an arrogant and abstinent old man”That day, the girl was picked up by Mu’s house, covered in scars.Everyone wondered, Mu Fei was so arrogant and cold, how could he accept such a small stutter.The cold-hearted hostess felt a headache, “When are you going to follow me.”“You, like, flowers, I, I think, for you.”The girl’s heart was full of affection, and her little scarred hand held a bunch of purple flowers and handed it to the sweetheart who only belonged to the darkness.An awards ceremony ten years laterSomeone asked her: Why does Miss You always cover her neck every time she shows up?You Ran’s expression was subtle, and he could only explain lightly: “I’m probably afraid of the cold.”In fact, she was also helpless.After all, the adult she admired was a cold-blooded clan who had lived for more than seven hundred years and was picky and obsessed with cleanliness. His greatest hobby was—bit her neck with fangs,Leave that exclusive bite/mark mark.Even if the painful tears fell, she was willing to make each other’s blood-fed desserts.Because she will be her nightingale in the end.“On her lips is what my heart desires”One-sentence introduction: After the pure complex stammering poor cub (true boss) was picked up by the high-cold abstinence blood clan, the romantic love story of “the following crime”.Instructions for reading:1. Abstinence, arrogant vampire noble x stunner in the world, crazily criticizing beauty2. Mr. Mu Fei has two little hobbies: biting Yu and his neck; watching plays and movies.3. This article is empty, the background is private, and the dark color of Cthulhu, please do not delve into it.4. Two-way sweet pet/master/servant/cultivation/birth/age difference 700 years old/HE5. Scarf @ Xia Sugar SuxiContent tags: strong, soft spot, blood family, cool textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Mu Fei, You Ran ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: “Human” x Vampire, contrast cuteOne-sentence introduction: innocent and crazy criticizing stunner & arrogant abstinence blood familyIntention: Firmly believe in the sun. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - She Really HatesChapter 53

Song Zhiyi is really annoying.Meng Xi has hated her since she was a student and competed with her.After a dream, she realized that she was living in a novel.Song Zhiyi is the heroine and a natural winner.And she’s just a nasty supporting actress who needs to be brought down.There’s nothing wrong, the heroine and the supporting actress are not born to deal with each other.Meng Xi became more and more difficult for her, poured her red wine at the banquet, and asked the bodyguard to send her brother to the hospital…The worst part is that he kissed her when he was drunk.I don’t know when, everyone thinks they have a leg.Meng Xi sneered at them: “Bah!”But Song Zhiyi himself said, “Meng Xi, what kind of relationship do we have?”Meng Xi was cold to her… unable to get cold: “…”The arrogant and domineering young lady and the pitiful black and white lotus.It’s cookies, it’s a weird two-way crush.Content tags: The rich and powerful family has a soft spot, sweet text, wears booksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Meng Xi, Song Zhiyi ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:One-sentence introduction: It’s also really worthy of loveConcept: true love is to understand each other, respect each other, and make people pursue a better self - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After Being Marked By the Picked Milk AChapter 90

Lin Ruoyun, a young artist on the 18th line, picked up a beautiful Alpha that lost her memory.Alpha is fair-skinned and beautiful with long legs, but his mind is only five or six years old.She stared at Lin Ruoyun pitifully: “Sister… Please take me home.”Seeing Alpha’s innocent and pure white face, Lin Ruoyun decided to take her home to raise her, and gave her a nice name━━“toffee”.But after raising it, Lin Ruoyun found that something was wrong.Her soft, cute and obedient “little toffee” has turned into an invisible bigwig in the entertainment industry, the second Miss Guan of Runhai Group who everyone talks about ━━Guan Yinghan.Lin Ruoyun looked at the boss lying next to her and began to doubt her life.It’s too much, how can you pretend to be amnesia to lie to her?What, you can’t drive them away, right? That! I! Walk!However, her beloved little toffee hugged her tightly, and kissed her urgently and humblely: “Sister, don’t you remember me?”━━━━━━━━━━━━━Ms. Guan Er of Runhai Group lost her beloved Omega. After years of searching, she finally found it.However, her Omega doesn’t remember her at all.Helpless, Guan Yinghan can only pretend to be a demented Alpha and imprison her in her own world to awaken her memory.Can’t remember her?It doesn’t matter, let the pheromone wake her up.She, once completely marked her Omega.Lin Ruoyun smelled Alpha’s familiar and strong scented snowberry pheromone, and murmured drowsily: “You, take it easy, I haven’t been marked before.”Guan Yinghan was out of control and unable to speak idioms, and could only spit out three words: “You, yes, yes.”Opening her eyes again, Lin Ruoyun’s brain realized that after the extreme joy, she realized ━━She’s been ━━really tagged before.It turned out that the one who lost his memory turned out to be himself.The love is as deep as the sea, the paranoid boss who pretends to be a fool for love VS the 18th-line starlet who is kind and gentleRead the guide:1. Female A has no organs.2. A large number of private settings, please do not pay attention to logic3. Double Clean, Double First Love4. Two-way running, two-way redemption, two-way secret love5. Alpha is pretending to have amnesia, is an adult with a normal mind, and has full capacity for civil conduct.Content tags: urban love special liking entertainment circle sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Guan Yinghan, Lin Ruoyun ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - When Heartthrob Omega Wears Into the Present WorldChapter 114 Fushou Ankang

The omega Luci, who came to Earth for the first time, thought that she was bound to die, so she indulged once, but unexpectedly discovered that the people on Earth can also delay her fever period, giving her hope of surviving.The manager brought her into the set and warned her repeatedly not to mess with Teacher Chi.She looked at the beautiful woman, her eyelids twitched slightly, sorry, it’s over.Others said that Chi Yinghou was cold and indifferent, a flower of the high mountains, who could only be seen from a distance, but not touched. Thinking of her cramped appearance that day, Lu resigned.During the filming, Lu Ci played the role of the high-cold president. His aloof and indifferent demeanor amazed the audience. After the performance, Chi Shuang handed her the sleeve and asked, “Touch my clothes to see if I am the wife of the president.” material?”Lu Ci: ………?At the awards ceremony, backstage, Chi Shuang blocked her in the dressing room, “Little Luer, I haven’t seen you for so long, do you miss me?”The corners of Lu Ci’s eyes twitched slightly, looking at the man’s restless hands, “It’s only been two hours.”When seeing that person always trying his best to have intimate contact with him, Lu Ci once thought it was the sequelae caused by her ingesting too much of her own pheromone, and with a little apology, tried to cooperate with her thoughts.It was only later that I realized, huh, a certain person’s nature was just revealed 🙂————The original point of view is the main subject, but because there are a small amount of mutual attack in the text, it will inevitably cause discomfort, so the point of view is changed to mutual attack.Content tags: entertainment circle, slapping face, sweet article, cool articleSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lu Ci, Chi Shuang ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: aboOne-sentence introduction: Did Teacher Chi see his wife today?Conception: The world regards me as worthless, but I bloom like a rose - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Rebirth and the Deadly Enemy HEChapter 218 extra

After going bankrupt, Cheng Jinzhi woke up and found Rong Si, her nemesis, lying beside her.When Rong Si kissed her, she realized that she had returned to twenty years ago, when Rong Si was still a pauper with a lot of debts.This article is also called “How to Sleep the Winner of Life?” “” Queen, I think your thighs are missing me”Content tags: entertainment circle, rebirth, happy friends, sweet textProtagonist: Cheng Jinzhi, Rong Si ┃ Supporting roles: Xia You, Gou Yu, Fu Xinbai, Fu Qiansheng - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Rival In BusinessChapter 90 Lin Yi x Xu Shuyan

Xu Shuyan and Lin Yi, as the beauty emperors of The Notes girl group, have 700,000 CP fans, are resident in the center of the CP list, and won the first place in the annual “Truth is True” CP list.However, no one knew that the two were rivals in love in private, and looked at each other with disgust.An event site.Xu Shuyan: What are you looking at?Lin Yi: You are the one staring!CP fan: I look at [yes] in today’s activity photos, she loves her so much! I’m addicted to this eye candy!Lin Yi: Come closer and I will call the policeXu Shuyan: Do you think I want to? Today’s business KPI has not been completed yet, hurry up and sell itLin Yi: yueCP fan: The two of them are in a relationship, and what they say is true!After a year or two of business like this, the entire entertainment industry agreed that Xu Shuyan and Lin Yi were the only concubine of The Notes. After the two had a crush on their teammates, their relationship broke out and they left the group and got married.In an instant, the crush turned into a lovelorn.On the night of the wedding, Lin Yi drank to drink away his sorrows and respected Xu Shuyan: “This is the end of our business, and starting today, I mean to be.”Xu Shuyan stared at her, raised his head and drank the wine in the glass, pinched her face, and said every word: “Okay.”The next day, Lin Yi woke up on Xu Shuyan’s bed.Lin Yi:! ! !#Love Rival Becomes Lover#Business becomes sincere#About my falling in love with my rival#假高冷真头黑黑rapper Gong x Tsundere as a fine lead singerContent tags: special liking happy friends love contract sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Xu Shuyan, Lin Yi ┃ Supporting role: Advance receipt of “She Lost Her Memory Before Divorcing with Slag O” Please bookmark~ ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Whole World is Licking Me and My Ex-girlfriend’s CPChapter 92 Qi Ke x Song Yushi

As a gourd in the sweet day girl group, Qi Ke has countless CPs in the group, and only has a normal relationship with the captain Song Yushi, and has no sense of CP.Three hundred cp fans on the whole network are ridiculed every day: such a difficult cp, how are your teeth?CP Fan Buddhist Department: I said jumping off the building, then ask Lalang.Some good people even opened a trumpet, called: Did Qi Ke and Song Yushi know each other today?Three years later, the girl group disbanded, and Qi Ke and Song Yushi were each beautiful and continued to be unfamiliar.Suddenly one day, a group of internal narcissists: Wait, I seem to get Qi Yu’s CP feeling.As a result, Qi Ke and Song Yushi’s candy spots were picked out one by one.Qi Ke’s ring was given by Song Yushi.The wardrobes of Qi Ke and Song Yushi are shared, and the same styles are numerous.During the second tour of Sweet day, Qi Ke mentioned the person who accompanied her through the most unknown years, and looked at Song Yushi.In the last episode of the third season of Sweet day, the video of Song Yushi’s solo dance was shot by Qi Ke. Qi Ke voted for the most beautiful player in the team, and Song Yushi was selected.Netizen: I won’t watch the romantic variety show next season without the two of them, so hurry up and tie it up for me!The netizens were crazy, and the company couldn’t sit still. They found two people and proposed a marketing strategy for CP.Song Yushi: …but we have broken up.company:! ! !Qi Ke: How can I do business CP with my ex-girlfriend group so that I can be in the show without letting her see that I still like her? Hurry, wait online!half year later.@Today Qi Ke and Song Yushi know each other: Thank you for your invitation, we are talking.The first lead singer of the salt and the sweet x the almighty captain of the flower of KaolinQiangqiang, broken mirror and reunionNatural bend x deep cabinetContent tags: strong, reunion, entertainment, sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonists: Song Yushi, Qi Ke ┃ Supporting roles: Pre-received “Fake Love [Entertainment Circle]” for collection ┃ Others: Tianwen, next yearOne sentence introduction: and we are forced to open businessConcept: Promote team spirit, learn unity is strength. - Description from MTLNovel