MTL - The Whole World is Licking Me and My Ex-girlfriend’s CPChapter 92 Qi Ke x Song Yushi

As a gourd in the sweet day girl group, Qi Ke has countless CPs in the group, and only has a normal relationship with the captain Song Yushi, and has no sense of CP.Three hundred cp fans on the whole network are ridiculed every day: such a difficult cp, how are your teeth?CP Fan Buddhist Department: I said jumping off the building, then ask Lalang.Some good people even opened a trumpet, called: Did Qi Ke and Song Yushi know each other today?Three years later, the girl group disbanded, and Qi Ke and Song Yushi were each beautiful and continued to be unfamiliar.Suddenly one day, a group of internal narcissists: Wait, I seem to get Qi Yu’s CP feeling.As a result, Qi Ke and Song Yushi’s candy spots were picked out one by one.Qi Ke’s ring was given by Song Yushi.The wardrobes of Qi Ke and Song Yushi are shared, and the same styles are numerous.During the second tour of Sweet day, Qi Ke mentioned the person who accompanied her through the most unknown years, and looked at Song Yushi.In the last episode of the third season of Sweet day, the video of Song Yushi’s solo dance was shot by Qi Ke. Qi Ke voted for the most beautiful player in the team, and Song Yushi was selected.Netizen: I won’t watch the romantic variety show next season without the two of them, so hurry up and tie it up for me!The netizens were crazy, and the company couldn’t sit still. They found two people and proposed a marketing strategy for CP.Song Yushi: …but we have broken up.company:! ! !Qi Ke: How can I do business CP with my ex-girlfriend group so that I can be in the show without letting her see that I still like her? Hurry, wait online!half year later.@Today Qi Ke and Song Yushi know each other: Thank you for your invitation, we are talking.The first lead singer of the salt and the sweet x the almighty captain of the flower of KaolinQiangqiang, broken mirror and reunionNatural bend x deep cabinetContent tags: strong, reunion, entertainment, sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonists: Song Yushi, Qi Ke ┃ Supporting roles: Pre-received “Fake Love [Entertainment Circle]” for collection ┃ Others: Tianwen, next yearOne sentence introduction: and we are forced to open businessConcept: Promote team spirit, learn unity is strength. - Description from MTLNovel