MTL - Fairy Tail: Start To Capture the Fairy Queen ErzaChapter 447 Lucy: Open the door to a new world for my elderly father! …

Yiwen traveled through time, but Yiwen didn’t panic at all…Because he traveled with him, as well as the character template in the mobile game, and the five devil fruits obtained by the lottery.Yiwen believes that she can rely on the special physique obtained by charging six yuan for the first time, and the devil fruit in the backpack, and become a strong party in the world of One Piece.Until Yiwen opened her eyes and saw a crimson dragon.Only then did Yiwen realize that this was not One Piece at all, but Fairy Tail!Start to capture Erza? The start was captured by Irene! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Fairy Tail: The Nameless Grim Reaper~ Epilogue: We are in the world of fairies... (finale)

A senior death fan was studying the Zanpakuto illustrated book, unfortunately choked to death while drinking…However, by the grace of God, I was lucky enough to travel to the world of “Fairy Tail”, and was reborn in the body of an ordinary magic swordsman from mainland China!A dress-up magic similar to that of Erza! However, the difference from Erza’s “knight” is that the weapons he used for dressing up–all of them are Zanpakuto from Shinigami! !Tell me, can he stand up in this world of Fairy Tail?“It’s not awesome…” A certain house said brazenly, “We can’t waste those Zanpakuto?”Book group “Accompaniment”: 36367163 (full)Book group “Ensemble”: 233363178 (missing)(It contains the plot of amnesia, but there are only thirteen chapters. Children’s shoes that you can’t bear it, please enter carefully…) - Description from MTLNovel