MTL - Dimensional Invasion of the Real EarthChapter 1790 Enlightenment

Parallel planes of the earth, aura is resurrected, Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are merging into the earth. Turning on the Internet, Liu Hao finds that he is the only one who knows the plot. You say, should I tell them?Journey to the West, the prehistoric plot is opening - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Thank You For the Invitation, I Am In the Box Garden, I Have Just Become a GodChapter 1283

After traveling to Little Garden, Su Jin, who had just obtained the divine status and became a quasi-god, suddenly had a forum invitation in his eyes.Butterfly Chanel Megumi: How to kill ghost dance at night? No misery?Aizen Kuyousuke: How to take out the collapsed jade in Rukia Kuchiki?….Questions popped up one by one, and Su Jin subconsciously replied: Thank you for your invitation, people are in the small garden, they have just become gods, and the answers are anonymous. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Ranger Legend of Azerothv2 Chapter 873 God protects and fights too

A World of Warcraft hunter player inexplicably entered the world of Azeroth in his sleep. Turned into a high elf ranger, and at the same time inherited the title of Baron Cheap Daddy (Baron Blood Eagle) who died.But the tragic original history that Blizzard bestowed upon the blood elves made his hair stand on end. He doesn’t want to become a heartbroken person and doesn’t want to die, so he can only struggle desperately to change the original history. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Azeroth Shadow of the Moon~ End of this testimonial

What is the bright side?The boundless shadow void.Compared with the power of light that represents the order of the universe, the power of shadow that interacts with it will make people involuntarily have negative associations.The Old Gods, the Lords of the Void, and… the unavoidable loss of control.Is the power of shadow really difficult to break away from the control of the ancient gods and cannot be truly mastered by mortals?The traverser Andrea has a different opinion on this.Accidental crossing, came in Azeroth’s most dangerous period of the ancient war.Andrea, who was blessed by the moon god Elune, had many questions about this world she thought she was very familiar with.“Moon God” Elune, is it really just the Moon God?Since she is not the Titan star soul that people imagined, what kind of existence is Elune?Why did Tyrande gain the strange power of the so-called dark side of the moon when she sacrificed to Elune in the future?“When your heart is toward the light, the shadows are silently looking back at you.” ——by Andrea Moon Shadow - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Douluo: My Martial Soul is a SimulatorChapter 301 season finale

[Has entered the boutique, strongly recommended! 】Completed two high-quality Douluo books, “The Douluo Who Started From Blowing Up the Soul Ring” and “I’m in Douluo, I Ate the Blue Silver Emperor”!…A reader said: This novel was not intended to be read at first, but later I found out that it has a legacy of Wei Wu, the legacy of the prime minister.Then I watched and read it, and I was overjoyed; so I read it quickly, and I can’t calm down for a long time after reading it. I complain that the content lacks details, the number of words in the article is too small, and the update speed is too slow.I have this resentment in my heart, and it is hard to forget, so I made this post to express my feelings, and to feedback the author’s big mistake in his article, which is due to the slow update and the small number of words.… - Description from novelbuddy