MTL - Reborn, I Became a Male GodChapter 193
ActionComedyGender BenderRomance

Chosen by the System, Jing Ling, each time she was completing a task would harvest a bunch of scum males.The accumulated grievance caused her to have an accident while performing the task. Reborn in a parallel time and space to a seventeen year old body, although the gender has changed from female to male, the various attributes and skills that were redeemed from the system were still there.Looking in the mirror at a face that could cause the downfall of a country and its people, Jing Ling’s infuriatingly arrogant smile emerged.—Don’t be afraid, this time I don’t want you. Change your girlfriend 🙂 - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - I [Imperial] Am Not This Kind of ManChapter 249 Ye Shifanwai: Five hundred years, a dream (below)

Qin Nuo transmigrated into the Great Zhou dynasty, becoming the dim-witted Ninth Prince. As if it’s not enough to be a female transmigrating into a male, (s)he thought that (s)he could just enjoy a life of drinking, eating, and being merry–but no. He ended up being pushed to do something way beyond his abilities and entered the fight for the throne. Internally there is strife among brothers, and a powerful official with great authority; externally there are foreign powers looking to invade, and the discontent of the people that is boiling over. How is he supposed to pave a path through this mess both domestically and abroad? It’s hard to be emperor, and even harder to be a good emperor! This is a story about an emperor farming. While others are farming a field, he’s farming a whole imperial court. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Become Marvel Daisy JohnsonChapter 297 Hope to see through 2010, four

1946Peggy Carter walked to the Brooklyn Bridge and poured Captain America’s blood sample under the bridge with her own hands. “Goodbye, dear.” A woman’s voice suddenly sounded beside her, as if it had come out of nowhere. “He will come back.” At this time, Carter’s face was full of tears, and he looked at the woman in black with a black hat in his pocket very puzzled, “Ha, I’m sorry to scare you suddenly. Seeing what you said Yes, I just want to persuade you.” After finishing speaking, he looked towards the bridge and looked at the sea view in the distance. Carter, who was very vigilant, felt relieved after hearing such an explanation, wiped away his tears, and wanted to leave. “I have a friend ……” The mysterious woman suddenly said another word, interrupting Carter, which made her feel uneasy.“I have a friend who wants me to tell you that I look forward to meeting you.” As she said that, Peggy’s uneasiness increased by three points, and she quietly touched the hidden gun.“In the future, live well…”“Who are you!”The mysterious woman ignored Peggy Carter and immediately turned around. Peggy was anxious and immediately drew out her gun.The woman took out her hand from her pocket, and there were six gemstones of different colors inlaid in her hand, clenched into a fist. The mysterious woman disappeared in front of Peggy’s eyes, but the last words “for the captain” still linger in Peggy’s ears.Year 2008.Daisy officially presented the full plan to the Security Council“The world needs more heroes” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After He Swapped Bodies With His Pregnant WifeChapter 86
ComedyDramaFantasyGender Bender

Hou Yang stepped on the air when he rushed down the stairs only to wake up and find that he had exchanged bodies with his wife Shen Rongrong!After the swap, Hou Yang threw up every time he ate and felt that it was necessary to go to the hospital for a check up but was stopped by Shen Rongrong.“No need to go to the hospital.” Shen Rongrong said calmly, “You’re just pregnant.”“????!!!!” Your mother*, this was too much!* 特麼 / TM: His mother; (slang) 特麼 has the same pronunciation as 他妈, a Chinese slang that literally means f*ck you.]Huo Yang realized that he was not only pregnant, but also had to complete the dubbing work of his wife.The inexperienced Huo Yang, “….Alright.”As a result, he accidentally became the top trend in the dubbing circle and stirred up a tumultuous storm.Fans were crazy for him: “Ah! ah! ah! ah! So sassy, so stunning, so beautiful! Sister Rong is the best!” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Qinglian Chroniclesv2 Chapter 159 The end of the twenty steps
Gender BenderHistoricalMartial ArtsMature

MC (female protagonist) dies in a plane crash and wakes up in the body of a beautiful but corrupt and lascivious prime minister in ancient times, Zhang Qinglian. As circumstances decree, he (she) cannot reveal that the original owner’s soul is gone else calamity might occur. So he (she) decides to walk a righteous path, determined to help the lovely but simple little emperor rule the country. Not backing down after facing torture, not losing courage, destroying rebellions and facing off with scheming princes. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Dressed As a Consort In Ancient TimesChapter 95 extra four

‘Highlight Lightning Protection: Female A Has a Pendant’‘Read the guide:1. There are many private settings, which cannot stand the attention2. Brainless sweet story, ending he. ‘After dying in an interstellar battle, Gu Yun traveled through time.As soon as she opened her eyes, she realized that she was knocked down by a gust of fragrant wind.Gu Yun’s scalp was numb, and she wanted to push the person out of her arms, but she didn’t expect the glands on the back of her neck to start throbbing crazily, as if stimulated by the scent just now. After a burst of trembling, her susceptible period coming early…After a ridiculous night, the woman disappeared.Gu Yun, who wanted to be responsible, could only quietly return to the original residence according to the memory in his mind.Looking at the crude room, she helplessly raised her forehead.The original body was a proton sent by another country, and he had no one to rely on, and his life was very difficult. But the good news for her is that her physique as an Alpha has also passed through her…Not long afterward, Gu Yun, who was low-key and prudent in the country of Yu, had not had a few days of comfortable life when he heard that the seventh princess of the country of Yu was going to choose a son-in-law.At the husband selection banquet, Gu Yun didn’t want to be a concubine, but things often backfired. She even smelled her own pheromone from the Seventh Princess…The little palace maid’s muttering sound came from beside her ears: “It is said that the Seventh Princess is living with others and has an evil seed, so she is so anxious to find an honest man to marry…”Content tags: childbirth court marquess sweet article women disguised as menSearch keywords: Protagonist: Gu Yun, Jiang Libai ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel