MTL - The Son of Finance of the Great AgeChapter 1034 Retreat (finale)
Urban Life

The financial market is swept up and down, and the crocodiles are annihilated in chatting and laughing.The most successful investor in history, the peak of the mysterious existence. He is Bridgewater’s largest investor, and his earnings beat Renaissance Technologies. He pointed to John Paulson, who strangled Long-Term Capital Management.Killing a person in ten steps without leaving a name for a thousand miles, he is the son of finance and the king of hedging! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Wall Street Legend~ New Book: I Really Don't Want to Work Hard
Urban Life

A money laundering expert running on Wall Street in the United States was reborn in the early 21st century after being accidentally killed.Like a mouse falling into a granary, this is a great age full of gold! The crazy rise of Silicon Valley, Wall Street’s global money-making plan, and companies with super potential stocks! !Ye Dongqing was confused. Opportunities to make money were everywhere, but she didn’t know where to start. How to get the first pot of gold became the top priority.This book is an easy-going and daily rich story of richness and sex.Completed the same type of “The Great American Rancher” and “Born in Chinatown”, full-time writer, character guarantee!Group number: 618863420, welcome to join - Description from MTLNovel