MTL - Interstellar Fairy TaleChapter 197 extra

In the year 3021 of the Western calendar, the last world war broke out and the earth was destroyed.A group of survivors left their homes to settle on new planets. New races, new classes are born. Cities began to be built, countries rose one after another, conflicts between different races intensified, and social order was re-established…The transformation from a survivor to an aggressor was but a moment.This is a world where the strong are respected and the fittest survive.Shang Ping was reborn from the earth in the 21st century to this planet. The moment he woke up, his fate had already begun to change.Content Labels: Strong Soul Conversion Court Marquis Heaven’s ChosenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shang Ping ┃ Supporting roles: Solan Edrich, Liu Xi, Austin ┃ Others: future time and space, battleship, interstellar war, rebirth, distant starry sky - Description from MTLNovel