MTL - After I Was Reborn, I Devoted Myself To My CareerChapter 138 Fanwai·Qi Zhaohan×Gu Ze's Birthday

This article is also known as: “Mr. Gu’s name is really fragrant”“After chasing people, you will know the pain of chasing people”“The male god who was licked by me, he came after him”【Received perspective】It is said that licking a dog until the end leaves nothing.He didn’t believe it, and pursued Gu Ze relentlessly for twelve years.Not only did he chase farther and farther, but he also returned to before liberation.He was born again.After being reborn, he learned from the painful experience and decided to give up Gu Ze and focus on his career.【Attack angle】For that Qi Zhaohan who has been chasing after him for twelve years.He really has nothing to say, he can’t be provoked but he can hide it.But because of an accident, he was born again.It’s good to be reborn, keep the distance as soon as possible, and don’t give him a chance to entangle me.But why did my heart beat faster when I saw him later?“Even if I jump from here, I won’t like Qi Zhaohan!”“It’s delicious.”small theaterGu: “Give me a chance to be a dog lick, okay?”Qi: “I’m sorry Mr. Gu, I’m cold-tempered.”Gu: “It’s okay, I’m sexually passionate, we are a perfect match.”Qi: “…”[Highlight] Will not abuse, will not abuse, will not abuse, Qi Xiaohan will come back to enjoy the blessings in this life. I abused you and hit me![1] This is a pure and refreshing article, whether it is career or love!【2】Qi Xiaohan will never procrastinate if he decides to stop, he is a decisive person!【3】Double Life【Notice! 】The angle of attack will be abused! After all, chasing Qi crematorium! !True Fragrance TheaterBeforeMr. Gu: Reborn, I have to stay away from Qi Zhaohan, don’t let him fall in love with me again this time.afterMr. Gu: Xiaohan always treats me flirtatiously? what should I do? Waiting online, very urgent!——ConfessionBeforeMr. Gu: I don’t like you, you deserve better people, can’t we be friends?afterMr. Gu: Xiaohan always refuses to agree to my confession, and even wants to draw a line with me…——<3>A suitor appeared beside Qi ZhaohanBeforeMr. Gu (relieved): I hope the two can be together.afterMr. Gu (as if facing an enemy): There is always a rival in love coveting my daughter-in-law.Conception: Break free from meaningless feelings and move towards a better life.Content tags: strong, rebirth, inspirational life, cool textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Qi Zhaohan Gu Ze|Supporting role: Tao Shuran Wei Lifeng|Others: True Fragrance, Chasing Wife Crematorium - Description from MTLNovel