MTL - I Have a Luck AltarChapter 823 The only one in the ages!

Chen Yuan, a government official in Ping’an County, came across, with an altar of luck hidden in his mind.As long as you sacrifice luck, you can get the guidance of heavenly secrets, supernatural powers, exercises, sorcery, treasures of heaven and earth…There are immortals, Buddhas, and demons in this world, as high as temples and as far away as rivers and lakes.There are three thousand sword immortals who control the sword in the sky, there are Buddhist arhats holding the sky with one finger, and there are rivers and lakes…It was the worst of times, and it was the best of times.My name is Chen Yuan, from the abyss!—————Killing decisively, there is already a 2 million word old book “Martial Arts Beginning from Bandits” Welcome to read - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Napoleon II RebornChapter 572 Splendor of France (finale)

The flapping of the wings of butterflies in the Gulf of Mexico may cause hurricanes in North America. This is the so-called butterfly effect. So a military history lover was born in France at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, what effect would it cause? The powerful British Empire Navy fleet was wiped out in front of him, and the brutal Cossack cavalry trembled in front of him. . . . . . This book is purely fictitious, please compare it with real history by mistake! ) (I implore every friend who reads the book to help collect it, thank you!)The new book “The Fourth Empire of China” has been uploaded, and I hope you will support me a lot! - Description from MTLNovel