MTL - Grab the Heroine and Run Away Hee Hee Hee (entertainment Circle)Chapter 119 The Adventures of Little Pearl

Xu Heran stood in the dark warehouse.The woman in front of her who is more beautiful than moonlight is the heroine of this book.In the following time, she will humiliate, fight, and insult the heroine. She will be faithfully shown to the audience by the camera in the live broadcast at the door, and then withdraw from the draft after being boycotted by the whole network. Spit for a lifetime.The heroine who just finished dancing stood in the moonlight with an almost coquettish expression.“Bring me here, what do you want to say?” she asked softly.That being the case, I am not polite.Xu Heran clenched his fists and shouted loudly, “Xin Nuo, I like you!”I read the original book ten times, and Ma Ma likes you the most!“I want to protect you!”Never let the scumbag touch your hair!She raised her hand, and her firm voice echoed in the warehouse.“All my life, I’ve been crazy about Nuonuo, crazy about Nuonuo, bang against the big wall for Nuonuo!”The firm voice echoed in the warehouse, the heroine is stupid, the director is crazyOnly the fans in the live broadcast sighed leisurely: “I’ll go, it’s exciting!”*Sino is born againRecalling that in her previous life, she was fought over, imprisoned and controlled, she sneered. This time, no one can stop her from realizing her dream!The first step in realizing your dream is to get rid of the person in front of you who is trying to bully you.The development of the clinker matter deviated from the previous life, and Xin Nuo froze when she heard the confession in her mouth.And later, someone who often appeared by her side to greet her; someone who kept her away from prying eyes, and never left her;“Hi, grab the heroine and run away, stab, stimulate!” On the hotel bed, someone who was drunk laughed happily.“Stimulation?” She smiled softly, and put her palm close to someone’s cheek, “Why don’t you have something more exciting?”In the early stage, the little milk dog, in the late stage, the wolf A, the attacking growth line, the clingy and coquettish spirit x the original Meiqiang, who appeared white and black, and the rebirth line, the gentle and seductive sister[very important viewing guide]*The author does not chase stars! Don’t mix circles! I am in the entertainment industry!*When it comes to variety shows, there are references to real variety shows (including a large number of private settings), but everyone has no prototype! No prototypes! No prototypes! No prototypes!*In the early stage, it starts from the draft. During the idol period, if you don’t fall in love, you can knock Xipi*Easy Mary Su cookies, focus on cookies, loveContent tags: entertainment circle rebirth sweet text wear bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Xu Heran ┃ Supporting role: Xin Nuo ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel