MTL - Nightmare AttackChapter 20

I woke up in my sleep, and a strange door appeared in my home…Behind every door is a strange world.In the nightmare world, Jiang Cheng added the news from the strong man to the fat man, and he almost cried when he heard the latter, “If you die here, the whole family will stand upside down and bleed?”“Is such that.”“Then I don’t think you are too scared?” The fat man widened his eyes.Jiang Cheng turned his head and said in a very formal tone: “Because I am an orphan.” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Infinite Journey of Cruelty~ Finish "Testimonials"

Why is there a person on Mars who is not wearing any protective clothing?The Martian: AliensJason wearing a hockey mask stabbed someone in the back and was cut in half with a backhand? !“Friday the 13th: Backstab”Kerrigan brought the swarm to the human colony star, and found that countless equally ferocious monsters had already been prepared.Zerg Descends: Biochemical Frenzy…“Ha, why does every time I go to a world, I always encounter some strange things!” Li Wei’s hands turned into dark red claws, provoking Freddy’s small body. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Fucking Beauty In Escape GameChapter 89 extra complete

Demining at the top: This article is an emotional flow, what is the plotAs one of the bosses of the escape game, Li Xi fell in love with a human being at first sight. After reading the love tutorial, he decided to dress up as a weak little white flower and sneak into the dungeon.So…A fierce ghost strikes, and he hides in the man’s arms with teary eyes: It’s so scary, you have to hug each other to stop crying~Li Gui, who was frightened by the BOSS, annihilated himself on the spot.Everyone who thought the boss had made a move: Heh, another vixen who relies on his face.Later, under the leadership of the boss, everyone went to the BOSS’s palace. The little white flower vixen who was nothing but pretty in their eyes jumped off the throne, kissed the boss, and whispered: “Don’t be afraid, Duan Duan, I’ll see you later!” Hit lightly.Everyone:? ? ?Everyone: Is it still too late to call Dad? (ΩДΩ)Shou won’t interfere too much in the dungeon, and pretends to be weak by following Gong every day, but the actual backhand can push everyone in the dungeon into the ground =w=High-cold, black-bellied, vengeful veteran cadres attack vs love and act like a baby, and the force is extremely popularShou only confronts and acts like a babyThe host and the recipient are each other’s first love It’s a small cookie, not cruelContent tags: strong supernatural gods and monsters infinite stream sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Li Xi ┃ Supporting role: Duan ZhenOne-sentence introduction: The devil pretends to be cute and acts like a spoiled dog again!Conception: To promote the integration of magic and technology, and lay the foundation for a better society! - Description from MTLNovel