MTL - Cub KeeperChapter 719 extra complete

As a boss with space plant abilities in the apocalypse, Lu Yao once traveled to the future, became the director of a nursery school that was about to close down, and became a rare animal human on the verge of extinction.The food she made at random can cure the genetic disease of the cubs in the welfare home. She punched the cubs’ scum fathers and scum mothers, and kicked the remarried families who abandoned the cubs.It is such a good kindergarten successor dean, who is attracted by that single cool imperial marshal!Since then, the barrage in the live broadcast room has become:Imperial Citizen A: Dean A, I really want to marry.A certain big black dragon: Shut up! This is your marshal’s wife!CP: Dean Lu Yao, who is extremely protective of short-sightedness and loves cubs, X the imperial marshal Helanjia who loves Shang Yunxi more than cubsBrief: There are no bad cubs, only bad big ones. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - God of War Dressed As a Weak MaleChapter 151

Li Zhou survived the zombie siege in the early days of the apocalypse, and the power struggle in the late apocalypse, but he failed to survive the sinister people’s hearts.As one of the most powerful and powerful warriors in the late apocalypse, he was betrayed by his so-called friend and finally died tragically in the mouth of the Zombie King, and the reason was just a practice technique that others could not cultivate.Fortunately, that person died, and soon died in the zombie tide!When he woke up again, Li Zhou found that he was lying in the hospital with all the beard and tail, looking at the boy in the mirror with a delicate face, fair skin, a pair of blue eyes like a clear spring, and he seemed to cry when he pinched it.Zhou was silent, he silently lay back on the bed and began to think about what went wrong.Xavier is the most powerful and youngest general in the empire. He never takes male insects in his eyes. Even if he suffers mental violence every day, he is not willing to marry a male insect.Not only because there are no male insects that can soothe his SS+ mental power, but also because male insects are the only ones in this world. Relying on their scarcity, the males can soothe and promote the spiritual evolution of the females and undertake the responsibility of reproduction, they can abuse the females and sub-females at will, occupy their property and do not need to work. Even the laws of the Empire definitely favor males.Until he picked up a comatose male worm on an abandoned planet, he just hugged the male worm into the starship, and was appeased by the male worm’s unconscious mental power.Shevell: …Is this a favor?Later, with a match rate of more than 90%, the two had to get married.But Li Zhou, who accepted that he had changed races, began to consciously treat him well after learning that Xavier was his benefactor and wife. After all, he was responsible for getting married.He cooks for Xavier and helps him through a period of mental turmoil. During this period, Li Zhou discovered that there was a heart longing for warmth hidden under Xavier’s cold and hard exterior.Xie Weir finally opened his heart under Li Zhou’s infinite doting, but after a night he leaned on his waist and gritted his teeth, thinking, are other males so powerful that he can’t hold him back in bed.It wasn’t until he was dying on the battlefield that he saw his always weak male worm, kicked the huge star beast that attacked him, and hugged him in his arms, he was sure that his male worm was unusual!1. 1v1 he, the appearance is weak and in fact the combat power is super strong, the wife is attacked × the appearance is cold and hard and the heart is soft and affectionate, favor each other2. You don’t see male insects in the early stage. Although they don’t reject the attack, they are not close. If you don’t like it, don’t enter. Extreme control of the party is cautious.3. There is a private setting, the attack has a golden finger, and the thunder-type power is still there after passing through.4. In the end, due to the efforts of attacking and receiving, the status of females and sub-females has increased. After all, equality is not realistic all of a sudden, but everything will develop in a positive direction.Content Labels: Qiangqiang Portable Space Interstellar ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Li Zhou, Xavier ┃ Supporting roles: Duke, Azer, etc. ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Hero of the Zerg is Not Easy To BeChapter 133 Extra: The love story of the cubs (8)

Alpha Chen Junhua, as a representative figure of the Conservative Party, was listed as the top three unmarried characters in the Empire by Imperial Omega. At the same time, due to Chen Junhua’s other identity – the imperial marshal, he was secretly liked by many people in private. But no matter what others think of Chen Junhua, it has nothing to do with him, because Chen Junhua has passed through! ! ! —————————He also entered a Zerg society, became a male worm sought after by worms, and also had an unmarried female worm, Chen Junhua said…Thank you, no appointment. When Chen Junhua was about to break off the marriage at the fiancee’s house, he saw the fiancee who was bullied by the worm. Looking at the swarthy eyes of the fiancee, Chen Junhua’s conscience ached… Okay, anyway, whoever you marry is a marriage, just you . After marriage, Chen Junhua… Really fragrant, military female or something is really the best. —————————Strong, 1V1, the former Alpha is now Zerg attack × Zerg army female is toughContent tags: strong love, a match made in heaven, interstellarSearch keywords: Protagonist: Chen Junhua, An ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After Wearing the Book, I and the Protagonist Attack the Female KingChapter 72 extra

As a general of the First Army of the Alliance, Lu Cichuan died with the enemy in a battle. When he woke up again, he found that he had come to a completely unfamiliar world.After analyzing the popular science through intelligent light and brain, Lu Cichuan realized that he had penetrated into a Zerg text and became the third prince of the villain’s scum. The kind that remains.Lu Cichuan: …The Zerg were all sick, and his rebellious wife broke his head on the wedding night. Lu Cichuan was unwilling to stay here and entangled with the Zerg. He ordered the intelligent light brain to quickly find out the possibility of returning to Emperor Star. method.When I was idle, I was idle. When Lu Cichuan was asked how to deal with the female prince who dared to commit crimes, he made a mysterious trip to the dungeon where the female prince was imprisoned.The female monarch was covered in blood, her wings were forced to spread, and she was nailed to the gray-white wall, her long hair covering her face, but the moment those ice-blue eyes lifted, Lu Cichuan’s heart skipped a beat.Guangnao: Admiral, your heart is beating so fast.Lu Cichuan: …Guangnao: Admiral, with all due respect, you are in love with him.·Luo knew from an early age that he was not a normal female. He seemed to suffer from a kind of androphobia. He would rather die on the battlefield than marry any lazy male, parasitic on him, draining his blood and inch by inch. Meat.He carefully disguised his abnormality, but one day, he was discovered by the overly sensitive and vicious Third Highness and forcibly accepted as a female monarch.He should have continued to disguise and serve the male, but the moment his hands touched him, Luo couldn’t help losing control and threw the delicate male out.After being brought back to the palace for disposal by the awakened male insect, Luo Ben thought that what awaited him were many cruel methods of cruelty.Unexpectedly, the pale and beautiful little male worm only tickled and waved his whip ten times, then he cried out that his hand was aching, and threw himself to the female female to “wash it clean and apply medicine”.A long time later, Luo looked at the handsome S-rank male worm in front of him on the battlefield with a knife and a beast, and he had deep doubts.Luo: Are there really top ten male insects who are motivated and self-improving, and are single-minded and single-minded.Yes…it’s his hero.Gentle and handsome, fighting strength, attacking, early-stage disgust with male insects, late-stage true fragrant loyal dog, obedient and obedient————————Content tags: strong interstellar sweet text through the bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lu Cichuan, Luo ┃ Supporting role: Lu Ning, Lu Wen, Alvin ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Crossing the Zerg Doting Wife UnlimitedChapter 83 end

Feng Zao, the Earth pharmacist who somehow traveled to the Zerg, reluctantly accepted the fact.Met the other half who wants to start a family and want to be together forever. Then started the road of romantic love wife.The Zerg native resident Hughes is tall and tall. Because his appearance is not the type that male insects like and his personality is dull, he always thought that he would be assigned to the male insect by the main brain system.The first time I saw Hughes, Feng Zao’s eyes lit up: This is the sportsman I like, ah, damn it! How can I get in touch with him.It was the first time that Hughes had red ears, and he pretended to be calm, but his heart kept beating: This male is so cute, I want to rua~“Hugh, let’s have an egg, okay? We also have a baby bug, preferably one that looks like you.”“…Listen to the hero,” he said in his heart: it’s better to be like the hero, the miniature version of the hero must be cute.One day, Hughes received another call from the Bug Cub Academy.“Master, the little worm is in trouble again”Content tags: Childbirth Interstellar Sweet TextSearch keywords: Protagonist: Feng Zaoxius ┃ Supporting role: Kodak Anwen ┃ Others: Gentle, inferior and sweet petOne sentence introduction: I just want a sweet lifeConcept: A happy little romance can always be found in a plain and simple life. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Possibility of Getting Off After Being Dressed As a Non-human [Zerg]Chapter 78 (End of text)

Mu Qi, the owner of dual abilities, was killed in the final battle between humans and the Zombie King.Good news, Mu Qi passed through after his death.Bad news, dressed as a non-human.Mu Qi, who was seriously injured just after passing through, was rescued by Lu Zhao who was in the middle of the exercise.Mu Qi, who was just recovering from a serious injury, was forced to accept that he was expelled from his membership and became a male worm.However, before he could adapt to the Zerg, his life-saving benefactor squatted into the orange with a black pot on his back.Mu Qi was preparing to save his life-saving benefactor non-stop, and then found that he was off the list.Mu Qi: ignorant.jpg**Imperial Major General Lu Zhao was convicted of attacking a male worm and caused serious injury, and faced compensation for star coins, which led to his bankruptcy and even his life.Except for his boss and the female in the same army, no one believed that he was wronged. He was already ready to die, until that night, a male with black hair and black eyes stood in front of the cell and asked he.“Are you willing to be my second metamorphosis guide female?”The male worm brought him hope, cleared him of his suspicions, and let him return to the military, giving him all the freedom and tolerance he could not imagine.Lu Zhao thought that he was willing to do anything for Mu Qi.**The marriage of Imperial Blade was not optimistic at first. The bugs on the star network were ready to watch jokes, but they did not want to start with a live broadcast trial, and things developed out of control.“Shocking my female father for a hundred years, it turns out that the Zerg really has such male insects?”“House bugs, beat me up on the public screen!”“I was wrong. I shouldn’t have made a conclusion without authorization from the beginning, otherwise I wouldn’t have been slapped in the face to the point of being swollen…”Comments similar to the above have appeared frequently on the star network since then.Edible Guidelines:Main attack, more males than femalesmay have raw eggsWriting novice, logic feeds the dog(Since I cut my legs and let it fly, I can’t write the previous stalks and change them. If you mind, you can delete QAQ)Content tags: Qiangqiang through time and space interstellar sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Mu Qi, Lu Zhao ┃ Supporting roles: Wei An, Samuel, Lacey ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Picked Lion Touched PorcelainChapter 67

Shen Sui’an penetrated into a book of dog-blooded beauty and became the white moonlight of early death that four scumbags could not seek.He tore up the script, took his lover into the Imperial Marshal’s Palace, drank tea every day, basked in the sun, rua rua seriously injured the unconscious plant lion, and by the way teased the soldier orphans adopted by the Gu family – a group of plush cubs , the days were pretty cool.As a result, one day, the plant lion suddenly woke up, returned to human form, and blocked him in the corner.The man’s face is handsome, his physique is strong, and he has been in the top position for a long time, giving people a strong sense of oppression.At this moment, his brows and eyes were downcast, revealing a pitiful meaning for no reason, “When I was in a coma, I said that I liked me the most. I finally woke up. Why do you only play with those little cubs?”Shen Sui’an: “…”***Overhearing the big lion that turned into a human shape discussing a proposal for marriage, Shen Sui’an was struck by thunder and ran away all night in fright.A few days later, there was a knock on the door, and the big lion squatted obediently, with a wooden sign hanging around his neck: Homeless, seeking adoption.Seeing that Shen Suian was unmoved, it lay down silently, its tail hooked on Shen Suian’s hand and pressed against its soft belly.The wooden sign was turned over, revealing the following line: touch my stomach, be responsible for me.Shen Sui’an: Hello, the Imperial Police Station? There are lions touching porcelain here!Playful plush control is attacked by x stuffy big lionContent tags: Interstellar sweet text cool text cute petSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shen Sui’an ┃ Supporting role: Gu Beimo ┃ Others:One sentence introduction: Eating melons and watching dramas, rua lions, cool!Purpose: to break through the predicament and move towards a better life - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After This Battle, Go Home and Get MarriedChapter 51 End of text

In the era of interstellar warfare, every melee mech will be paired with a long-range sniper mech to cover the battle.The sniper mecha master Yan Xueshan (beta) and the melee mecha master Arthur (alpha) are just such a pair. The two have been together for six years.The upcoming Armageddon is a near-death battle.the day before.Yan Xueshan: “Remember to write a suicide note in advance.”Arthur said frustratedly: “I have only one regret. If I die this time, I will be a virgin until I die.”Yan Xueshan snorted coldly: “…no promise.”Arthur asked pitifully, “Master, can you fulfill my dying wish??”Yan Xueshan: “?”How absurd.But Yan Xueshan thought about it, this is his comrade-in-arms, whose life and death intersect, chastity counts as a p- OK, I agreed! !However, after the Armageddon, none of them died.Not only did they become war heroes, Arthur also turned into a federal prince.Arthur took out the marriage application, just one signature, and said honestly and faithfully: “Master, didn’t you say that you will go back to get married and retire after this battle? You help me fulfill my wish, and I will help you fulfill my wish too!”Yan Xueshan: … something seems to be wrong?Content tags:Search keywords: Protagonist: Yan Xueshan, Arthur ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Is the Wizard Reborn?Chapter 100

Sentinel Shou: I have something to confess to youGuide attack: You can choose the time, now we have just marked the end, no matter what you confess, I have to accept itSentinel Shou: Actually, I was rebornWizard Gong: Oh, that’s all, then I’ll also confess by the way, I’m from TransmigrationSentinel Shou: Huh?Dao Gong: The world we live in is actually a book, you are the villain, I am the cannon fodder, the book is here, read it for yourselfSentinel Shou: … (reading through) Oh, this is my second generation… Tsk, the x-star rebels are really trash, and they can still be suppressed like this; country y’s ** is too useless, a good hand can be played Messy; is there a hole in the head of the Z star thief group, and betrayed for love?Guide Attack: Actually not just reborn?Sentinel Shou: Now this is the third life, I didn’t expect to be reborn, and I didn’t expect to meet you in luck——Guide Attack: How did you meet me?Sentinel Shou: Since I met you, I decided to…reform youGong Chuan has become a cannon fodder guide who loves vanity and spare tires in the book. In the near future, his glands will be destroyed by people because of love and hatred.However, the most terrifying thing is that he turned out to be the only guide with a compatibility level of 60%, the most terrifying villain in the book, the Sentinel.Gong: Wait, the book didn’t mention it, didn’t this sentinel die because he didn’t meet the minimum compatibility with his guide!Villain Sentinel: Doesn’t that mean you’re here for me? I’m very happy to let go of this planet for now.Attack: …Note 1: Always 1v1Note 2: Although the attacker is a guide, his physique is comparable to that of an ordinary sentinel. The specific reasons are explained in the textNote 3: There are two sets, many two sets, atypical sentry guidesNote 4: If you don’t like to cross, don’t leave an impassioned long paperContent tags: strong interstellar sweet text through the bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Cen Zhen, Lian Yu ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: Sentinel guide, XiangshaoOne-sentence introduction: Did the sentinel cross?Concept: The person who belongs to you will find you even if it spans the entire time and space - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Star Orc EmpireChapter 73 Sh 073

Lu You is a blind man, but because of an earthquake, he traveled to the planet Osius three thousand years later.The people on this planet are human beings. After the destruction of the earth, human beings migrated to the Fire vein galaxy,In order to better adapt to the environment, human beings have been fused with adult and animal genes.Females are all extinct because they cannot adapt to the alien environment.The only ones left are the animal-shaped orcs who can transform, and the sub-orcs with reproductive functions.Avoid thunderstorms:This article insists on 1v1, no change of attack, no uncleanness.In the future interstellar, there are armors, cute things, steamed stuffed buns, golden fingers, and bloody sprinkling from time to Future Interstellar, the full text is the author YY, a hodgepodge that cannot stand the test.Content Tags: Romance of the Times, special liking, fantasy space, distant starry skySearch keywords: Protagonist: Lu You, Gnarris ┃ Supporting roles: Ilter, Essolt, etc. ┃ Others: orc, future, interstellar, warm, future, steamed stuffed bun - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The First “Soft Chinese Paper” In the Interstellar!Chapter 88

The ambiguous scientist was accidentally transported to the Star Alliance era 400 million years later.It is a depressing discovery that even if he is a tough guy with a height of 180 muscles and Q bombs, in the era when all human beings have evolved into semi-rock bodies, he can only be regarded as a soft body with 70% water! Chinese! Paper!Nani? ! ! With 30% moisture, it is already a rare propagule? !That 70%…After becoming the lovable pet of the first interstellar god of war, Doubi Shou struggled every day to maintain his integrity…Funny than straight men are attacked by vs ghosts and animalsNote: 1. Everything in this article is overhead, and it is also overhead before the male protagonist crosses, and cannot withstand any research.2. This article is 1v1, he, attacking and receiving Shuangjie, involving childbirth, please be careful.3. Re-emphasize the attributes of attack and sufferContent Labels: Strong Future Overhead MechaSearch keywords: Protagonist: Wu Bu ┃ Supporting role: Luo Yankel ┃ Others: 1v1, he, Gongshou Shuangjie, Shou is a straight man - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Interstellar Zerg Pet MarriageChapter 165 Extra third

“Xi Linghun wears the body of Xi Ling, who is about 20 years old with the same name and surname, and instantly becomes a rare male worm!!!囧–×You must get married as an adult? Otherwise, the system will marry all the females with the top ten matching rates to him!!!(Noodles tears) In order to maintain integrity, he must catch a bug and get married.Xi Ling Zhuang Mao: Bad reputation, time is running out, no one is willing to marry how to break it?His Royal Highness the Fourth Prince: The martial value is outstanding + the appearance is against the sky, how can no one dare to marry? Wait ten years online! Urgent!Passionate and arrogant × cold belly, black and handsome story ^^Whenever Aubei couldn’t stand Xi Ling’s hairy hands and feet, Xi Ling showed his furry tail and ears aggrieved. Well, the fourth prince is a plush control.(The main attack, the main attack, the main attack in this article) are emphasized three times!This article is also known as (777 years of high-profile dog abuse) sweet + pet + child + 1 v 1Background Zerg: male, female, sub-femaleInsect species: grass worms, meat wormsContent Labels: Strong and Strong Son MechaSearch keywords: Protagonist: Xi Ling ┃ Supporting role: Obei ┃ Others: Fess, Xi Feng - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Warhammer Inquisitor~ will update later

At the end of the dark 40,000 years, the enemies in the Milky Way launched their final offensive. When the end of the Era comes, the eternal war will come to an end. The human empire has now reached its destined final moment.But the gear of fate does not end. The fate of the Milky Way will be determined by him and them as it was ten thousand years ago. What will happen at the end of this dark 40,000 years? - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After Mermaid O Got Su Shuang’s ScriptChapter 58 extra
FantasyRomanceShounen Ai

Xiao Yu transmigrated into an interstellar novel and became a mermaid Omega.It’s just that he was unlucky, traveled to a desolate star that was about to be destroyed, and fell in love with the villain in the book.what to do? I can get by, but how far can I go?Ji Canghai was a five-star general admired by thousands of people, and also a notorious star thief. He is an invincible general on the battlefield and a nightmare for the enemy.No one knew that this cold-blooded and merciless killing machine left the only softness in his heart to his little mermaid.Due to genetic defects, the mermaid family will gradually become violent and eventually die without the help of mermaid Omega.The mermaid race, which has not been born for hundreds of years, is miserable. Not to mention the shortened life expectancy, technology, culture, and mineral resources are also greatly restricted.Xiao Yu, who came across time, became the mermaid’s only salvation by accident, and was also hated by the mermaid’s enemies.When many forces are vying for him, only Ji Canghai will always stand by his side, never leaving him.“Others look up to you and worship you because you are strong enough to protect or take their lives.”“I am the only one in the world who loves you, not only because I yearn for your body.”Content tags: Qiangqiang Interstellar Wearing Books ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Xiao Yu ┃ Supporting role: Ji Canghai ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - I’m Just a PharmacistChapter 144 Fanwai: It's good to have you

As an alchemist who was once called a ghost in the world of comprehension, Lin Jing didn’t really have much opinion on changing her shell and changing the world, as long as she could still make alchemy.​​No, the people here don’t practice pills, they only practice medicine. Lin Jing calmly accepted the fact that she had become a pharmacist, and then devoted herself to the great cause of refining magical potions.​​It’s just that when her potion came out, everyone exploded.​​Customer No. 1: “Oh my God, what kind of medicine is this! My stool accidentally touched a little, and it ran away with long legs!”​​Customer No. 2: “What is your stool running away? My pet stole my medicine and even started swearing at people!”​​Client No. 3: “What are you guys? My house drank the potion and flew straight away. Do you feel the horror of waking up early in the morning and finding yourself in outer space?!”​​Lin Jing calmly ignored the unfriendly experiences of the customers. She is just a little pharmacist, she only makes medicine and refuses to bear the consequences.(This article is also known as [Daughter-in-law, she is cute, sweet and sticky], well, this is a sweet pet text in a cool skin (〃?〃))​​Content tags: Time-traveling female strong interstellar sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lin Jing ┃ Supporting role: Ming Weiwan, pre-received for collection → “I like his sister” ┃ Others:One sentence introduction: Only sell medicine, not after-sale! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Salted Fish Handed Over the Binding SystemChapter 114 Extra 3: Family (Daily and Ending)

☆The background of the era is overhead ☆In the twelve continents of the Silver Tail Star, eight hundred years after the apocalypse reconstruction, the level of technology has finally returned to the pre-disaster level.Ruan Yu binds a top-flow system.System: You have to become the top stream!Ruan Yu: I refuse.#818 Ruan Yu, the new actress, who is behind her, and why her aggressive resources have continued to fight against black people on the Internet since her debut. The control of public opinion is too powerful! #Ruan Yu: Thank you, I can answer.There is no background, just standing on the whole continent.No way, a drama can get ten points, an S+ TV drama heroine can get 10,000 points, and a billion-dollar movie star can get 1 million points.And points can buy products of other time and space, laser weapon high-yield crops rare earth resources have everything.The black fans are dying, the trend of public opinion is positive, and new branch lines can be launched from time to time. Not long ago, they settled and exchanged 100,000 pieces of cultivation liquid for desert to oasis.what is this?This is for nothing!#Salted fish just want salted fish to lie down##But I can stand up for the country##After the system was handed over to the country, I became popular##My brain is not good, but what we do not lack is genius##Behind me stands the best of the whole country##I turned the system into a plane store##Lack of high-end reagents, I will give you money after I finish this scene#Ruan Yu: I am an ordinary person, but my country is not ordinary—–Demining:1. No logic, all made up, future overhead, full overhead2. The heroine does not follow the line of being a scholar, she is an ordinary person and has no talent for scientific research3. No cp, the heroine is salty fish but has a face, and she does not hold backContent tags: Interstellar system Future overhead ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Ruan Yu ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: You can always trust Ruan YuOne-sentence introduction: The system said it cried, movedConcept: Although an individual is small, thousands of people are great, gathering sand into a tower, complementing each other and bringing out the best in each other. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Zerg’s Favorite ProtagonistChapter 167 7 Thirty years

【1】President Song Bai has written abusive articles for ten years, exclusively abusing Sadin.Song Bai put on the male worm in the pen and was abusing Sadin.Looking left and right, I couldn’t bear it.In the end, I decided to take it home and pamper it.【2】As soon as the news that the female insects hurt the male insects came out, the whole country was in an uproar, and the people who ate melons said they would definitely leave.The males say no to leave, eat melons and say revenge before leaving.The male worm basks in the first baby, eats the melon and says that he will leave after giving birth to the male cub.The male worm took a group photo of a family of four, eating melons and saying…he couldn’t say anything.【3】The moment he hurt the hero, Sardin’s heart was ashes.He was full of despair, and he was willing to accept any punishment as long as he did not divorce.Many years later, the heirs are around their knees, and their lover is on the side.Sadin realized later that this punishment was to punish him for peace and joy in this life.The outside is sloppy, the inside is indifferent, and the outside is cold and the inside is soft.Note: Zerg background, it doesn’t matter if you read it for the first timeNote 2: Mutual favor, attack favor, just look at favor and attack with caution.Note 3: Clean party carefullyContent tags: childbirth, a soft spot, interstellar sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Song Bai, Sadin ┃ Supporting role: wb@一二三外人 ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Interstellar Fairy TaleChapter 197 extra

In the year 3021 of the Western calendar, the last world war broke out and the earth was destroyed.A group of survivors left their homes to settle on new planets. New races, new classes are born. Cities began to be built, countries rose one after another, conflicts between different races intensified, and social order was re-established…The transformation from a survivor to an aggressor was but a moment.This is a world where the strong are respected and the fittest survive.Shang Ping was reborn from the earth in the 21st century to this planet. The moment he woke up, his fate had already begun to change.Content Labels: Strong Soul Conversion Court Marquis Heaven’s ChosenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shang Ping ┃ Supporting roles: Solan Edrich, Liu Xi, Austin ┃ Others: future time and space, battleship, interstellar war, rebirth, distant starry sky - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Raised By the Whole Earth As a Paper Man [Interstellar]Chapter 103 Extra (1st

Huo Jiao became an orphan who was exiled to the desolate star in the interstellar age. In order to get rid of the predicament in life, she must hurry up to collect energy stones to exchange for the status of a free citizen.A week later, Huo Jiao was attacked by a fierce beast, and when he was on the verge of death, a light screen appeared.[Ancient Earth player-Ji Min (surgeon) will treat you with a bandage, do you accept it? 】[Ancient Earth player-Ye Bingcheng (geologist) will guide you in the energy stone survey, do you accept it? 】[Ancient Earth player-Qin Shu (active soldier) will guide you in fighting techniques, do you accept it? 】Huo Jiao:?//One day, a mobile game app appeared on the mobile phones of many people in China. In the screen, a little girl with black hair and black eyes was rummaging for an unknown stone on a barren planet.This mobile game cannot be interacted with or recharged. The default items in each person’s inventory are different, which is extremely weird.After a while, gorgeous firework special effects and scrolling broadcasts exploded on the screen.[Jiaobao’s injury has been effectively treated, in order to repay player Ji*’s help, Jiaobao will give player Ji* cell repair fluid x 1 in return][Jiaobao collected 10,000 energy stones in total, and in order to repay player Ye** for his help, Jiaobao gave player Ye** a geological detector × 1 in return][Jiaobao was admitted to the Military University, in order to repay player Qin* for his help, Jiaobao gave player Qin* a defensive mecha × 1]National players: ? ! !Other countries:! ! !Soon, there was a wave of frenzy in the country to study their own work to the extreme, and later, this wave spread to the whole world.In Xingyuan 3036, mecha combat has become the main force on the battlefield. In order to enhance the power of mechas, the profession of mecha enchanters has gradually emerged.But a mecha can only be enchanted once, so people are accustomed to using the mecha-enchanting combination with a fit of ≥50% summed up by the predecessors.On the barren star, Huo Jiao looked at the mecha in front of him in silence, only to see a line of small characters on the mecha that was about to be scrapped.[Hey! My compatibility with “Phoenix Enchantment” is 100%! ]【Reading Guide】1. Unorthodox interstellar, scientific and unscientific elements are stewed in a mess, and the future background and system are completely empty2. With CP, double first loveContent tags: Interstellar ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Huo Jiao, Sheng Duo ┃ Supporting roles: players, partners ┃ Others:One-sentence introduction: Earth Player: The gift given by the paper man has come trueConception: Three hundred and sixty lines, every line will be the champion. - Description from MTLNovel