MTL - Conan’s World Stand-in~ Let's talk about a side story later, let's play escape room

Guan Dounan traveled to the world of Conan, and unexpectedly found that he had a stand-in “King of Comedy” and became a stand-in messenger. However, this double actually looks exactly the same as that “little black”?As the so-called stand-in messenger will attract each other, Conan is the stand-in messenger, Xiao Ai is the stand-in messenger, Kidd is the stand-in messenger, Xiao Lan… Oh, she doesn’t have a stand-in, but she has double A.In addition to this, there are many stand-in messengers who choose to embark on the path of crime, and it is time to count their sins.“Little guy, your ability is the most useless!”“I understand, the ability of gin! It’s…”“Yahahahah, it’s a stand-in of the same type as my comedy king.”“Senior Guan! Hurry up and think of a way to use your invincible stand-in!”“I Guan Dounan just want to live a peaceful life…”(Original stand-in, based on the world view of Conan, the characters in jojo will occasionally make cameos)(On the basis of the original case, the magic change is not limited to the pure stand-in ability, but also has supernatural, demon, and superpower elements. In short, it is metaphysics to the end.)(Slow heat, although it sounds weird to say this, but in the early stage, I mainly laid various foreshadowings, so it will look a little dull) - Description from MTLNovel