MTL - Cub KeeperChapter 719 extra complete

As a boss with space plant abilities in the apocalypse, Lu Yao once traveled to the future, became the director of a nursery school that was about to close down, and became a rare animal human on the verge of extinction.The food she made at random can cure the genetic disease of the cubs in the welfare home. She punched the cubs’ scum fathers and scum mothers, and kicked the remarried families who abandoned the cubs.It is such a good kindergarten successor dean, who is attracted by that single cool imperial marshal!Since then, the barrage in the live broadcast room has become:Imperial Citizen A: Dean A, I really want to marry.A certain big black dragon: Shut up! This is your marshal’s wife!CP: Dean Lu Yao, who is extremely protective of short-sightedness and loves cubs, X the imperial marshal Helanjia who loves Shang Yunxi more than cubsBrief: There are no bad cubs, only bad big ones. - Description from MTLNovel