MTL - Public Executions From King DumaChapter 711 Zhongli: How could that **** be me?

Su Yun came to a comprehensive world that was about to collapse due to a mysterious recovery, but he didn’t panic at all.Because, he can edit the stories of the two-dimensional girls and broadcast them publicly, and gain enough prestige by publicly executing the girls, and then he can…So…“Artoria, I am your previous life, King Arthur!” Su Yun, who was in the form of a dumb haired king, looked at Artoria, a foreign student with a bewildered face, and said valiantly.“The evil spirit, that’s me, that’s you! Tokisaki Kusan!” Su Yun, who was transformed into the elf of time, stood in front of the stunned Tokisaki Kusan, with a seductive smile on his face.“Balzebu, the power of thunder is my power, and my shape is also the power you should have. Now, try to take out the power that belongs to you from your body! It’s called – Dream One Heart!” After listening to General Thunder’s words, Balzeb subconsciously stretched his right hand to his chest.Morgan Le Fay, Tamamo Mae, Miyamoto Musashi, Yae Kamiko…One after another, mortal girls who had no power before, all showed their extraordinary side to the world under Su Yun’s bad taste.So, people really think that they do have extraordinary power, and therefore, they have really gained extraordinary power.The world has been completely changed because of this, and the mysterious history that human beings cannot overcome is rewritten! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Comprehensive Manga: The Wandering Ninja World Started From Questioning Paynev2 Chapter 47 end

This book is also known as: “The Wandering Ninja World Begins From Answering Questions”, “Escape: When All Naruto Comes to Pirates”, “Me! Naruto! Six Hokage! The sixth emperor of the sea! “, “Comprehensive Comics: Unlimited World Games”, “Comprehensive Comics: Why Is Jia Yi Still Not Dead?” 》[The high order is over 10,000! The hottest answer to the starting point! ][The update is stable! The quantity is good and the quality is full! ! ! ]The supporting actor Jia Yi came to the Ninja world with the examination system, and pulled Xiao to organize everyone into the examination space to answer the questions. After a few rounds of answering, Jia Yi was horrified to find that the Ninja world had changed.Because of the exam, Xiao organization is determined to rob the child and forms a group to brush Konoha.Because of the exam, Vortex Nagato, together with Madara Uchiha, vowed to plant the red flag in every corner of the ninja world.But no one in the ninja world thought that because of the exam, the Otsutsugi family merged all the eyes of reincarnation, triggering the taboo that would destroy the world.The destruction of the ninja world was imminent. In order to find a way to survive, Jia Yi broke through the world wall and boarded the ship of the world, ready to escape to another world, but was discovered by ninjas in the ninja world by accident.Helpless, he had to take the entire ninja world to escape, looking for a way to kill the taboo.The first stop in the wandering ninja world – One Piece.When the huge world ship came to the world of pirates, it happened to meet in the starry sky and escaped Aini Road on the golden ship.Looking at the weird-looking Anilu, Nagato narrowed his eyes slightly: “You just said… you are also a god?” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Song Tan JishiChapter 450 Commitment to Straw Mats

One-sentence introduction: After traveling back from the cultivation world, I went back to my hometown to farm and start a live broadcast to sell vegetables!——Song Tan, who failed to cultivate the golden elixir to cross the tribulation, returned to modern times and found himself at the scene of a series of car accidents. He only escaped death with the help of his benefactor.After waking up, the fairy Song Tan played with her mobile phone: I like this world!Facing the computer with dull eyes and engaging in PPT, Song Tan: Destroy this world!It is impossible to do PPT, so I can only go back to my hometown to farm.Relying on his own experience in cultivating immortals, Song Tan built landscape gardens, harvested wild vegetables, farm meals, picked cucumbers, broadcasted live broadcasts, and sold mountain delicacies…Until one day, she saw her savior—the man whose face was blown off halfway while saving her.Song Tan looked at the other party’s wide shoulders, narrow waist and long legs, and then at the other half of his handsome face. Thinking of his two lifetimes as a single dog, he thought:I heard that the double-cultivation secret method of the Hehuan Sect can nourish the appearance, but I don’t know…[Pure farming, the kind of real farming][There is a male protagonist, but there are not many scenes] - Description from MTLNovel