MTL - Pokémon World’s Male MotherChapter 784 Hang up?

Style introduction:The world view of this book is similar to the Pokémon chapter of “Dimension Forum”, which is also my work.The characters and backgrounds of animations, special chapters, and games are referenced, and at the same time, they are mainly original.The overall setting will be more realistic than the animation, but it is not dark, and it is more inclined to sunlight.Goldfinger is set to pay tribute to “The Lord of Mysteries”, but it doesn’t actually matter, the style of painting and the background are irrelevant.There will be various anime characters appearing in the book, and there will be related plots, such as: Shinichi, a high school student who cleans Rotom, the Clow card with Pokémon skills sealed…But the main line is still dominated by Pokémon.Introduction:Orphan Eminem, who traveled through the world of Pokémon while staying up late reading novels, inexplicably has a professional role-playing system![Congratulations on becoming a level 9 extraordinary professional, please choose one of the following two professions!1. Pharmacist:You will have extraordinary qualifications in pharmacy.Playing conditions: Possess a first-level pharmacist qualification.2. Cultivator:You will have an extraordinary qualification in Implantology.Playing conditions: Possess the qualification of a first-class planter. 】…[Congratulations on completing the role of level 9, you will have the ability of level 8, please choose one of the following two occupations!1.: TamerYou will have extraordinary trainer qualifications;physical fitness improvement;It can share senses with Pokémon and has the ability to tap the potential of Pokémon.…2.: PhysicianYou will have extraordinary medical qualifications;…]“Wait! Do you think I haven’t watched “Master of Mysteries”? Will these two extraordinary professions be… eh? Choose one of the two? That’s fine…”“My goal is to become a male ‘mother’!” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Examination of the Imperial Examination~ sorry everyone

I don’t know why I die, I don’t know why I live.Divided hunters die of loyalty,The witch who plays with emotions dies of love,Cautious fortune-tellers die of trust.The thief who steals everything has nothing,The visionary who created everything never existed.The traveler fell on his way home,The twilight giants rest before dawn.Lawyers sacrifice for order,Judges forget the law.The sleepless sleeps in the dark,The corpse collector lay in the coffin.We are guardians, and a bunch of poor creatures who are constantly fighting against danger and madness.This journey is life and death.While drowning was inevitable, they had struggled.This is the worst of times, this is the best of times. - Description from MTLNovel