MTL - Substitute Female Support, Dog DebutChapter 67 It's over~

Yan Heng never thought that he would become a stray dog ​​with disabled legs. No one wanted to look at him, even the woman he loved avoided him. Jiang Wanying, who he used as a stand-in, appeared in front of him in a wheelchair.She took him to see a doctor and brought him home. She was his salvation and the only warmth in his dark memory.But her disability and face injury were all because of him.——When she was pushed to the cliff, he chose another woman without hesitation.Fortunately, she lost her memory at this moment, and everything can be salvaged.Note: Yan Heng is not a male protagonist.Content Labels: Rebirth Face Slap System Modern OverheadSearch keywords: Protagonist: Jiang Wanying ┃ Supporting role: “I am a salted fish after dressing as a wise woman [Quick Cross]” ┃ Others: Finish the text search column~One-sentence introduction: a surrogate female supporting role, raising a dog to debutIntention: self-improvement, great virtue - Description from MTLNovel