MTL - I Give the Female Supervisor a Fish PondChapter 117 The end of the episode

Duplicity is true————Bian Xi entered an NP novel. Although the heroine in the book is difficult to flirt and chase, she has a fish pond, and Bian Xi happens to be one of the fish.This is outrageous!Bian Xi turned his head and swam out of the fish pond, carrying her empty small purse and acting as a fish pond administrator, not only teaching how to be a man but also teaching the heroine, as long as the money is in place!It’s just why the heroine always sticks to herself?Said to be so cold and difficult to flirt, how can you be fierce and coquettish to yourself and still love to act like a coquette?Bian Xi: Please walk away, the fish you raised is coming to bite me.———Lightning protection:1. The harems have a strong sense of existence, but they are mainly for laughing and promoting emotional lines.2. Jiang Yinqi is an artist, but will not be involved in the entertainment industryContent tags: urban love, special liking, wear booksSearch keywords: Protagonists: Bian Xi, Jiang Yinqi ┃ Supporting roles: A group of idiots ┃ Others:One sentence introduction: I want to be the white moonlight that the heroine can’t get!Purpose: Where there is a will, things will come true - Description from MTLNovel