MTL - My Avatar Has EntriesChapter 191 unity of mind
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Traveling to an overhead urban world where martial arts and immortal arts coexist, the only thing Lin Shen can rely on is the avatar Golden Finger.Cultivate in avatar, the main body becomes stronger.Clone [Pure Yang Body]: Yang attribute skills training speed +300%, Blazing Sun Palm, Melting Soldiers Hand, Qianyang Sword Art… Any Yang attribute skills can be easily mastered, and a thousand miles a day!Clone [Natural Dao Body]: Practice speed +500%, all martial arts skills can be understood at a glance, mastered, and crushed all geniuses!Clone [Sword God Wuwo]: The power of swordsmanship skills +200%, the speed of swordsmanship skills training +200%, let you be tyrannical, I will kill you with one sword! …“You never know how many avatars are working hard behind the person chatting with you in front of you!”“The avatar did it, what does it have to do with my body?”“What I’m most afraid of is that others will bully the few with the more, anyway, not as many as me!” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Martial Arts From Bandits~ closing remarks
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Someone palmed out a blue dragon, which shocked the world. Someone smashes the green hill with a fist, and thousands of people admire it.Some people live for thousands of years, just like gods. Some people are merciful and compassionate to the world.In this world of panic, how can there be no place for me?(The protagonist kills decisively. If you are not a virgin, kill if you have the strength, and if you don’t have the strength, you will die.) - Description from MTLNovel