MTL - This is How the Heavens and the Worlds ComeChapter 764 complete book

Who, in the ancient mythology, held an artifact and killed the first emperor of the human race?Who, at the beginning of ancient times, closed the gate of the God Realm, Jedi Tiantong?Who set a lifespan limit of only one hundred and thirty years for the people, and even the Great Emperor was not spared?Who, turned into a black hand that covers the sky for eternity, shrouded the world?…Yang Shou on Earth: “Yes, yes, I did it all, I just want to live.” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Immortal Soul of SteelChapter 884 settlement

In the world of war gamesRed Comet: “Amuro Ray, what kind of ability is it to bully recruits, come out and face me if you have the ability!”Lin Youde shook his head: “What you’re looking for is Amuro Lei, what does it have to do with me, Li Abao?”Go offline and return to the real world, to Konaku.Lin Youde looked at the steel giant in Gnaku and couldn’t help sighing.“Gundam is so handsome~!”Correspondent: “Dr. Lin Youde, I have your sortie order.”Lin Youde sighed: “Have it started again, stupid soul bound by gravity.”Entering the cockpit of the red steel giant and opening the open door, Lin Youde said seriously.“You guys, are you going to start a war again?”“I just want to play games in peace!”“Lin Youde, Gu Tie, attack!” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - I Plunder Endlessly In the Interstellar AgeChapter 477 public opinion

In the interstellar era, gangs and predators are rampant, all over the galaxy. Chen Han, who makes energy blocks for a living, is bullied at the bottom of the society. In order to survive, he throws himself into the darkness and becomes a member of the gang. At the end of the road, he obtained a super warship that can be transformed unlimitedly as long as he has resources, and founded the notorious bandit gang “Beiliang”. At this point, the endless plundering began… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Is the Wizard Reborn?Chapter 100

Sentinel Shou: I have something to confess to youGuide attack: You can choose the time, now we have just marked the end, no matter what you confess, I have to accept itSentinel Shou: Actually, I was rebornWizard Gong: Oh, that’s all, then I’ll also confess by the way, I’m from TransmigrationSentinel Shou: Huh?Dao Gong: The world we live in is actually a book, you are the villain, I am the cannon fodder, the book is here, read it for yourselfSentinel Shou: … (reading through) Oh, this is my second generation… Tsk, the x-star rebels are really trash, and they can still be suppressed like this; country y’s ** is too useless, a good hand can be played Messy; is there a hole in the head of the Z star thief group, and betrayed for love?Guide Attack: Actually not just reborn?Sentinel Shou: Now this is the third life, I didn’t expect to be reborn, and I didn’t expect to meet you in luck——Guide Attack: How did you meet me?Sentinel Shou: Since I met you, I decided to…reform youGong Chuan has become a cannon fodder guide who loves vanity and spare tires in the book. In the near future, his glands will be destroyed by people because of love and hatred.However, the most terrifying thing is that he turned out to be the only guide with a compatibility level of 60%, the most terrifying villain in the book, the Sentinel.Gong: Wait, the book didn’t mention it, didn’t this sentinel die because he didn’t meet the minimum compatibility with his guide!Villain Sentinel: Doesn’t that mean you’re here for me? I’m very happy to let go of this planet for now.Attack: …Note 1: Always 1v1Note 2: Although the attacker is a guide, his physique is comparable to that of an ordinary sentinel. The specific reasons are explained in the textNote 3: There are two sets, many two sets, atypical sentry guidesNote 4: If you don’t like to cross, don’t leave an impassioned long paperContent tags: strong interstellar sweet text through the bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Cen Zhen, Lian Yu ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: Sentinel guide, XiangshaoOne-sentence introduction: Did the sentinel cross?Concept: The person who belongs to you will find you even if it spans the entire time and space - Description from MTLNovel