MTL - Konoha: Rebooting Life of a Medical NinjaChapter 264 season finale

The system says that curing a person will get good doctor points, and killing a person will get bad doctor points. When the 100 points are reached, the skills of good doctors or bad doctors will be randomly selected.Why do I always feel that bad doctors are better than good doctors…Nani?Does the captain’s orange count as a bad doctor’s skill?You lie here and don’t move, I’m going to buy some oranges. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Crazy Psychologistv2 Chapter 818 Doctor who can't afford to lose

Mu Chun, who woke up after a burst of dizziness, didn’t know whether he had entered another personality or another universe.The eldest daughter of the lawyer family told Mu Chun that he was the most promising inheritor of the school of psychoanalysis and the most gifted therapist.This era is also very strange. All kinds of physical and mental diseases can be seen everywhere, such as mania, insomnia, dysfunction, persecutory delusions, transvestism… emerge one after another, but the treatment methods stay in the era of psychoanalysis.Mu Chun just wanted to keep her own law and order, earn money to support her family, and coax the eldest lady to go home to become a lawyer, while she was dawdling in the community hospital.The eldest lady stalked him to become the greatest therapist. - Description from MTLNovel