MTL - Little Mermaid Dressed As a ScientistChapter 105

Shen Anan is wearing a book.When someone else wears a book, they are either dressed as a domineering president, or they are the mother or daughter of a domineering president, and no matter how bad they are, they are the petite wife of a domineering president…She is the only one who, in a false fairy tale, became the last mermaid on the verge of extinction.In order to change the fate of the Little Mermaid’s complete extinction, the state encircled a small sea area for her and assigned her a national treasure-level scientist.Ming is here to take care of her diet, but in fact, she is here to study how to breed her successfully.Before the scientist came, Shen Anan swung the fish’s tail and vowed: “Mating? It doesn’t exist, I am a dignified human being. Even if I die, I can’t accept this kind of emotionless reproductive behavior.”After the scientist came, Shen Anan: “I! Yes! Yes!”*Later, a group of photos was exposed on Weibo of the national treasure scientist Zhou Suiyu Wannian Changcao.In the photo, Shen An’an swings a silver fish tail and frolics in the sunshine and blue waves. While licking the screen of Shen An’an’s prosperous beauty, netizens suddenly found that Shen An’an’s belly… It seems to be a drum?For a while, the news of the successful breeding of the Little Mermaid quickly reached the top of the hot search.Zhou Suiyu, the father of the child, posted a photo of the two and said, “What breeding? That is the crystallization of our love.”Everyone: “…Excuse me, are such handsome scientists all assigned by the state? Where can I get them?”Handsome Breaking Sky Scientist X Sweet Breaking Sky The Little Mermaid​​One sentence introduction: A love that crosses speciesContent tags: sweet text through the book cool textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shen An’an; Zhou Suiyu ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - My Wife is the Villain King SharkChapter 76 extra

Jiang Chaosheng has passed the book. The male protagonist is the reborn prince with excellent luck, and he is the cannon fodder prince who is destined to fail in the palace fight. He is about to be sent to the desolate island in the extreme south, and the fiefs are less than 100 people.Jiang Chaosheng sunbathed salt, fished… He soon prepared abundant supplies for the rest of his life, but there was an accident when he was eating and waiting to die. He was slow to discover that there were fish thieves in the house!Jiang Chaosheng set a trap and successfully caught the fish thief on the spotIt was a beautiful merman with eyes like emeralds and hair like sapphireThe poor little merman has a slender waist, glistening scales, and a pitiful posture: I can’t afford the supplies, but I can be your wife and give birth to a little mermaid to repay youJiang Chaosheng: Also… not impossibleAfter a long time, Jiang Chaosheng learned that his wife is actually the villain of the original text, the psychological shadow of the male protagonist Long Aotian, the King of the Sea who is rich in the sea.The lucky salted fish attack vs the cruel shark emperorContent tags: childbirth, spirits, ghosts, sweet texts, through booksSearch keywords: Protagonists: Jiang Chaosheng, Ji Xuanbing ┃ Supporting roles: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Mermaid Feeding RulesChapter 99 catch the first

One sentence introduction: Do you love him? Even though he has a human-like face, he has the heart of a beast.Mermaid Attack × Breeder ShouOne month after Boyce entered the Eureka Marine Research Center, the institute caught a blue male mermaid S-37.A year later, Boyce became the breeder of this mermaid. After getting along for a while, Boyce found that the fierce and cruel mermaid in front of others was completely different when facing him…————Someone asked: “Do you believe that mermaids have the emotion of love?”Boyce said, “I believe it.”S-37 asked: “What is liking?”“I like it…you have minions that are enough to tear me apart, but you can retract your claws when you touch them.”“what is love?”“I showed my neck in front of you…”……The young experimenter was dragged into the pool by the mermaid. The mermaid restrained its minions, carefully circled the human with its tail, and whispered “I love you too” in his ear.Ending Cookies: The Daily Life of Dragon CubsContent tags: strong fantasy space special liking karmic encounterSearch keyword: Protagonist: Boyce ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: MermaidOne sentence introduction: Mermaid attack & breeder sufferPurpose: to protect marine life, and to live in harmony with nature - Description from MTLNovel