MTL - The Fascinated I Only Want Salted FishChapter 64 Extra

1Ji Zheng penetrated into a danmei article, the protagonist attacked, loved and killed three million words, and he was just a ruthless and arrogant cannon fodder tyrant.The tyrant is not easy to be, and it is difficult and tiring to be surrounded by tigers and wolves. At any rate, as long as the character is not broken and the tyrant plays the plot well, he can wait for the protagonist to rebel against the usurpation, and drive him out of power and seal him as an idle prince.Ji Zheng rubbed his hands together, expressing that he was looking forward to retirement.Seeing the protagonist attack the palace banquet to discuss matters.The tyrant is secretly excited, yin and yang strangely: Oh? Your Majesty is hiding something from me.I saw that the protagonist Qiu Hunting came out on top.The tyrant greatly admired it, and sneered: “The lord is good at it, so let’s reward him with a white jade crown.”2Mingci Yue is the only prince in the dynasty, the emperor’s uncle with different surnames who is not related by blood.The young emperor above the golden hall, with white skin and red lips covered by the robe of Zhu Gong, his face is gloomy, and he is as noble as a fairy. The more Mingci lowered his head, retracted his gaze, and pressed the unspeakable desire to the bottom of his eyes.But suddenly I heard a naive voice, “The dragon chair is so awkward, my butt hurts, who will help me!”“When do I get off work, the air is so quiet, no one hears my stomach growl…”He looked up in surprise, and met the cold, frosty gaze.This time, I heard the voice of my heart more clearly.“The hat is so heavy, the neck is about to break, when will the prince usurp the throne, I can’t bear it for you!!”Ming Ci’s lips curled more and more, he was a powerful minister of the wolf son, with great ambitions, so big… he wanted to pull the aloof emperor into his arms on the spot.1. The acting school is really salted fish and a pseudo-tyrant is attacked by *paranoia, black belly, mind-reading emperor2. Su Shuang has no logic due to the attributes of the heartthrob, and the dynasty is empty orz3.1v1, he, 9/64. Attacking and receiving are not related by blood, not on a household registration book, focus on5. Want to see the guide of the small theater of copywriting Chapter 25Content tags: The court marquis has a soft spot, sweet text, wears booksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Ji Zheng, Ming Ci Yue ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:One sentence introduction: I can’t stand for the protagonistPurpose: learn to think in a different position, be considerate of the other person’s mind, and cherish the other person and yourself in an appropriate way - Description from MTLNovel