MTL - One Piece: The Long Roadv7 Chapter 128 ending

It’s a long road to bury the dream deep in my heart and carry the wishes and dreams of my dear friend and teacher.In the pirate world where the strong are respected, fight a bloody long road.“Pirates… maybe they’re all damned people.”—Snold Simon…………Group number, 155131664 - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Pirate Alliance~ postscript

This is a happy story of a lawbreaker who legally obtained a C-level skill from an agent, was forced to replace an A-level item, voluntarily steal a B-level skin, and forcibly smuggled into the world of pirates. .Assuming that a lieutenant general has an average combat strength of 100, a domineering level of B, a speed level of A, and a strength level of B, if an individual with this goal of growth has an initial combat strength of 1, the average annual growth rate of combat strength is 1.24. The uncertainty increase and decay value caused by the accident is ±2.5, and the trigger conditions of the domineering system are unequal and random. Try to demonstrate the following questions:1. Describe the nature of the Devil Fruit and explain how it works.2. Explore what is the mutual restraint mechanism of “Domineering – Fruit”?PS: Due to various reasons, the announcement is made in a serious and responsible attitude. The two words “strong” in several names are very reliable. As for the last two words… miraculously, it has nothing to do with the content. - Description from MTLNovel