MTL - Top 10 Best MomsChapter 2407 Passing by the guardian of a moment (finale)
FantasySci-fiSlice Of Life

Yin Yin is the new bedside mother-in-law who specializes in protecting the safe and healthy growth of children in the world. However, she found that more and more parents do not pay attention to their children’s growth, which leads to the original innocence and cuteness A child’s life is miserable.Yin Yin decided to go down to earth to become the mother of the children and protect the happy lives of those poor children.World (updated in no order):1: A patriarchal mother2: The queen mother who gave birth to a child in hidden marriage3: Mothers of left-behind children4: Single mothers of divorced children5: The mother of a child with autism6: The mother of a disabled child7: “For You” Strong Mom8: The eccentric mother who abused her adopted child9: The real and fake daughter of a peasant mother10: Second child mother11: The Queen Mother of the Nine Sons12: The gold-worshiping mother who holds the upper hand13: Superstitious illiterate mother14: Stepmother whose mother became a stepmother15: The poor mother who abandoned her husband and child16: The Fallen Wealthy Mother17: Abducted college mother18: Divorced mother of blind child19: The loving mother who lacks love for the little father-in-law20: To be added - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Heroine’s Force Value ExplodesChapter 113 Extra (6)

Su Ruo traveled to the world of cultivating immortals, and after untold hardships, she finally reached the Golden Core Stage.But on the day of becoming a baby, he was struck to death by lightning.After waking up, she wore it back again, and returned to the first year of high school.In this year, because of her arrogance and self-will, she was sent by her parents to participate in a program and exchanged identities with a girl from a mountain village for a month.During this month, her arrogance and willfulness were seen by audiences all over the country, and she became the target of everyone shouting and beating.And the girl who came out of the mountain has a lot of fans because of her independence, optimism and positive attitude. Finally, relying on this, he walked out of the mountain village and became a well-known big star.Even her childhood sweetheart fiance eventually fell in love with this girl and insisted on breaking off the marriage.……Su Ruo, who was doing it all over again, with black spots all over her body, clenched her fist! Once again showed to the audience all over the country, what is the violent character of people who don’t talk much, but never say anything if they can do it!Later, someone sorted out Su Ruo’s life. It was unexpectedly discovered that this popular actress’s road to fame actually relied on – fists?Content label: Rebirth of the entertainment industrySearch keywords: Protagonist: Su Ruo ┃ Supporting role: The next book “The heroine she is really rich” asks for an advance payment, please! ┃ Other: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Cannon Fodder His DadChapter 266 end

Wu Qun lost his memory, and every time he woke up, there was a baby next to him. There is nothing wrong with multiple babies, but all kinds of white lotus, green tea and white moonlight also come to join in the fun, which makes him very uncomfortable.He always couldn’t help but want to twist them, step on them, soak them in a bubble, and then make some benefits for the cubs by the way. Then I accidentally earned a peace and happiness for the cubs!Content tags: Travel through time and space, fast through, through the book, counterattackSearch keywords: Protagonist: Wu Qun ┃ Supporting role: Open on November 1st, “Quick-Crossing Male Supporting No Spare Tire” has no CP, please accept ┃ Others: Pre-receive “Quick-Crossing: Unarmed CP” without CP, please pre-receiveOne-sentence introduction: Cannon fodder, his father and his cubConcept: Children need love and patience to water - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Fast Wear: on the Correct Posture of CounterattackChapter 291 Believe in Science 17

System: The host, the client just wants the grandmother to be healthy and the younger brother to grow up safely. How did you become the richest man?Xingyun: I’m sorry, I used too much force.System: Host, the client just wants to prove the truth. How did you become the chief scientist?Xingyun: I’m sorry, it just happened.system:……The story of Xingyun, who came from the catastrophe of the end of the world, worked hard in the Time and Space Plane Administration, was promoted and raised her salary, and reached the pinnacle of her life!Also known as “The Years I Worked in the Authority”, “My Host’s Route Is Wrong Today”, “How the Big Brother Made It”Continue to have no male lead, no CP, no strategy!PS: The first task assessment task, the progress is slightly slower, no system appearsThis time the author has a manuscript, welcome to jump into the pit!There are millions of finished articles “Wen Yao of the End Times” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Self-cultivation of Male Supporting RoleChapter 388 ending

System: You are now a lowly male supporting role, a passerby who wants to go offline at any time, please keep secretly and grow vulgarly.Shi Yan: Very good, thank you for your suggestion.The first world: Shi Yan, as a little prince born in a cold palace, made himself an emperor.The original male and female protagonists, under his witness, became grudge couples.The second world: Shi Yan, as the youngest son of the princess who died tragically, made himself a powerful minister over ten thousand people.The original male and female protagonists, under his witness, became grudge couples.The nth world: Shi Yan, as a genius in the world of comprehension, has made himself the number one powerhouse in the Three Realms.The original male and female protagonists, under his witness, became grudge couples.The system feels that something is wrong.Shi Yan instead persuaded him: Let the male and female protagonists come together in the end no matter what the circumstances are, isn’t it the self-cultivation of the tool man and the male partner?Content tags: Kuaichuan Shuangwen MetaphysicsSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shi Yan ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:One sentence introduction: The male partner is beautiful alonePurpose: strong heart, unmoved by wind and rain - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - I’m Against the WorldChapter 135 Summary and first

Her father cheated on her and her mother remarried. Qin Yilan, who seemed to live in a dog-blood drama since childhood, finally lived a good life with a house and money after half a lifetime of hard work. As a result, she was diagnosed with breast cancer during a physical examination! ! !Half a lifetime of hard work was in vain, Qin Yilan laughed angrily, thief God! Want me to die? no way!Qin Yilan, who fought against fate, didn’t fall to his death, but because of his behavior of going against Tiandao even in death, he met a partner, Tiandao’s trumpet!Tiandao Trumpet: You and I join forces to change the fate of a specific candidate.Qin Yilan: Why do you do this?Tiandao trumpet: If you change too much, Tiandao will become stupid, and I can take the opportunity to replace it and become a new Tiandao.Qin Yilan: What’s in it for me?Tiandao Trumpet: Is immortality enough?Qin Yilan: Done!Content tags: Face Slap System Quick Wear ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Qin Yilan, Tiandao trumpet ┃ Supporting role: The hero and heroine of each world ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Villain Just Wants To Make MoneyChapter 199 real world (3)

Xie Gu, a generational boss, his hobby is money, his skills are making money, his characteristic is being rich, and his dream is that money can make money by himself.Such a money-making madman died in an accidental car accident while hiding from a blind date.When he mourned that he could no longer make money, the villain counterattack system came to him.“Want to come back to life? Then let’s go through the plot and do the villain mission!”Xie Gu: “The system lets you go, you are blocking me from making money.”Xie·The new villain·Bone: The protagonists, are you ready to accept the economic sanctions from the boss?World One: Black and Red Idols of Entertainment, Film and Television · Retire from the Circle and Go Home to Inherit the Mine (Completed)World 2: E-sports team rookie player · Buy the team and blow your dog’s head (completed)World 3: The Holy See of the Holy See in the West and the Believer in My God Shopping Discount (Completed)World 4: The tyrant emperor in the feudal period, the rich country and strong army facilitate exploitation (completed)World 5: Super school bully on high school campus · Study hard and make money every day (completed)World 6: Xianxia World Evil Cultivation Demon, Deception and Diligence to Get Rich (Completed)World 7: The Celestial Master’s Cultivation Waste Materials · A Taoist Talisman One Hundred Thousand Thanks (Completed)World VIII: Interstellar War Prisoner Marshal Declares Surrender to Economic Invasion (Completed)World Nine: The King of Zombies Strikes at the End of the World, Pulling Humans to Force a Trade (Completed)World Ten: Wealthy Playboy · I’m ready to go to work (completed)【Demining & Reading Tips】1. Xie Gu is not a good person in the traditional sense. He is ruthless, ruthless, and unreasonable.2. The original protagonist is not necessarily innocent but not innocent. If you doubt what you did wrong, please read a few more chapters before scolding3. The protagonist only loves money, and the sexual orientation of the villain he possesses is uncertain4. Although I want to write a slap in the face, this article has been crooked into a sand sculpture. There are elements of power and tricks, but there will inevitably be small bugs. If I can correct it and explain it, I will reply when I see it. If I can’t, I will apologize. Inclusive5. My dream is to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, but I have a lot to say about my writing skills, and I hope I can be gentle when scolding6. After completing the task, go away (pull X ruthless), but it is not a death escape, and did not return the body to the original villainKowtow to the readersContent tags: System Quick Pass ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Xie Gu ┃ Supporting role: Pre-received “Don’t Call Me Cub [Interstellar]” ┃ Others: Sand SculptureOne sentence introduction: He is the man who wants to be the richest manConception: The world is turbid and messy, only with your own sword can you cut out your own light - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Entertaining Into Bitterness DramaChapter 97 freedom ends

A bittersweet drama: As long as the heroine forgives her kindly and kindly, pays without regrets, and gives up again and again until the bad guys who bully her are old and unable to act, she will get a happy ending.When Mercury is dressed as the heroine of each bitterness drama…forbearance? Pooh.Terrible heroine, change her life online.Content tags: Time travel, face slap, fast wear, cool textSearch keywords: protagonist: mercury ┃ supporting role: many ┃ others: fast wear, cool text - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Female Official In the East PalaceChapter 246 extra three

Rong Xin once traveled and planned for ten years, and finally became the big maid of Miss Di Xin’s trust.Who knew that the marriage was granted in the palace, and the young lady turned into a queen, or the queen of the young KangxiRong Xin, who was about to breathe a sigh of relief:…Ma Liu made a new career plan and vowed to be the only female official Fengyi beside the queen!Since then, the scenery has been in and out, and all directions are pleasing, but also indifferent.Not wanting that in just nine years, the queen died at an early age, and Rong Xin’s eyes fell on the newly born second son Yinren…After N years, even the prince will respect her: “Mother Rong.”Rong Xin: How many times have I reminded it, it’s Aunt Rong, not Mammy Rong (* ̄︿ ̄)[PS: There is no CP in this article, and it is half overhead. 】Content tags: Qing Chuan Soul Transformation Gong Dou Female StrongSearch keywords: protagonist: ┃ supporting role: ┃ other:One sentence introduction: No CP: The first female official of the Qing PalaceIntention: live, go out and not be a dog - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Those Years of Dressing As An AnimalChapter 216

The perennial 996 social animal Chen Xing’s biggest dream in this life is to make enough money one day and be able to go home and relax for a lifetimeOne day, he died suddenly in front of the computer after being overworked to work hard to earn money.Fortunately, Chen Xing passed throughHowever, instead of being an adult, he was dressed as a variety of animals① Dressed as a national treasure giant panda, holding the basin of milk handed to the paws by the human parents, Chen Xing, the social animal, burst into tears. By selling cuteness, he can eat and wait to die. It is all about the state’s pension. This is what he dreams of. day!② Dressed as a single little milk cat, Chen Xing hugged the shit-shoveling official’s golden thighs with his cuteness, and became a big Internet celebrity Brothers, buy canned food and cat bars!③This time, Chen Xingchuan has become an enemy in a previous life, a dog, or an Erha who can only tear down his home.④Little sea otters who like to rub incense before going to bed⑤I have a little squirrel with a big tail⑥The walking emoji of the Tibetan fox⑦The life of the village tyrant goose⑧ FerretNo cp, pure animals do not change people, do not directly substitute into realityContent tags: system fast wear cool text cute petSearch keywords: Protagonist: Chen Xing ┃ Supporting role: No cp pre-received “Being a Dad in the Animal World [QuickCross]”, “Non-Humans Must Contribute to Society [QuickChuang]” ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Break Up with the Green Tea Heroine FirstChapter 165 extra three

Yan Su, the actor with the most green hats in history, was thrown into another world by a chandelier after rejecting his green tea girlfriend.Just when he was going to show his strength in the new world, he found that he still had N green hats.Yan Su: ? Am I not the male lead?No Words to Say System x Thousands of People and Thousands of Faces The Demon King Protagonist→Professional Demolition of Fish PondsWorld One: After the Rebirth of the Doomsday HeroineI turned against her six remaining gangster boyfriends (Completed)World 2: The Road to the Queen of Little White FlowersThe heroine no longer has to worry about someone forcibly giving her resources (Completed)World 3: When the magic nun wants to whitewashI wash the black for the heroine (completed)World 4: School bully also wants to go to QingbeiCover the vest, don’t drop it (completed)World 5: Through the wonderful life of the heroineAfter breaking up the engagement, the male protagonists want to put her back (completed)World Six: The Open Life of a Metaphysical Little Celestial MasterThank you, I am hanging, I ran away by myself (Completed)Edible Guidelines:1. The male protagonist is handsome, A and playful, no CP, no emotional drama, there is a problem with the female protagonist in this article, the reason for the setting is not explained, and the three views of the female protagonist do not represent the three views of the author2. All the worlds in this article are empty, and the party retreats.3. The author, glass heart, is a primary school student, freeing himself, rejecting human attacks and steel bars, and abandoning the text without notice, you can press the return button.4. I beg you, collect the author or comment on it, qaq can punch in the card and sprinkle flowers, give the author a little motivation!This article is also known as#There are always female protagonists who have three wrong views# #How to counter the enemy boss#Content tags: Heaven’s Chosen System Quick Pass Through BooksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Yan Su ┃ Supporting role: Pre-received text: After wearing it back, the villain’s school grass took a fancy to [Chuangshu] ┃ Others:One sentence introduction: What is the use of me wanting this male protagonist?Concept: Everyone is their own absolute protagonist - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Salted Fish Handed Over the Binding SystemChapter 114 Extra 3: Family (Daily and Ending)

☆The background of the era is overhead ☆In the twelve continents of the Silver Tail Star, eight hundred years after the apocalypse reconstruction, the level of technology has finally returned to the pre-disaster level.Ruan Yu binds a top-flow system.System: You have to become the top stream!Ruan Yu: I refuse.#818 Ruan Yu, the new actress, who is behind her, and why her aggressive resources have continued to fight against black people on the Internet since her debut. The control of public opinion is too powerful! #Ruan Yu: Thank you, I can answer.There is no background, just standing on the whole continent.No way, a drama can get ten points, an S+ TV drama heroine can get 10,000 points, and a billion-dollar movie star can get 1 million points.And points can buy products of other time and space, laser weapon high-yield crops rare earth resources have everything.The black fans are dying, the trend of public opinion is positive, and new branch lines can be launched from time to time. Not long ago, they settled and exchanged 100,000 pieces of cultivation liquid for desert to oasis.what is this?This is for nothing!#Salted fish just want salted fish to lie down##But I can stand up for the country##After the system was handed over to the country, I became popular##My brain is not good, but what we do not lack is genius##Behind me stands the best of the whole country##I turned the system into a plane store##Lack of high-end reagents, I will give you money after I finish this scene#Ruan Yu: I am an ordinary person, but my country is not ordinary—–Demining:1. No logic, all made up, future overhead, full overhead2. The heroine does not follow the line of being a scholar, she is an ordinary person and has no talent for scientific research3. No cp, the heroine is salty fish but has a face, and she does not hold backContent tags: Interstellar system Future overhead ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Ruan Yu ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: You can always trust Ruan YuOne-sentence introduction: The system said it cried, movedConcept: Although an individual is small, thousands of people are great, gathering sand into a tower, complementing each other and bringing out the best in each other. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After Becoming a Taoist~ Disaster. Five Elements

The Chinese medicine major who stayed up all night to cultivate immortals fell to the ground, and then woke up to the beginning of the Tang Dynasty!It turns out that this is not the Tang Dynasty in a history textbook, nor the mythical Tang Dynasty in Journey to the West.However, an unexpected trip to the rat country opened up the mystery of the cultivation path.Li Dandao, who was inspired to become a member of the immortal spectrum of the Tang Dynasty, started a journey to become a Taoist doctor.Inherit a small pharmacy at the beginning! Being immortal is not a dream.What? Your name is Lu Yan? What? Are you Zhong Liquan?How can the Eight Immortals of Shangdong be without me, Li Dan?Beijing famous prostitute Bai Peony! Ghost-devouring scholar Zhong Kui.Qinglian Sword Immortal Li Taibai!Merry Tang characters! How can it be without me?Here comes the wine! Sword come! Poetry!The 1.5 million-word novel “Beixuanmen” has been completed. Welcome to subscribe. If you like this book, you can join the group: 1033419729, 554255447, you can ask questions in the group. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Year of HerbsChapter 642 New beginning
Gender BenderMartial Arts

The heroine has no cp———————————Yi Linglong, no one has seen her face, no one knows her gender, but there are rumors in the rivers and lakes that this is a man who looks like a good woman.His martial arts are strong, cold as frost, and a dagger seems to be able to kill all living beings in the world.He kills one person in ten steps and does not stay for thousands of miles, but he has a maverick that is different from other Jianghu people.His story can be said for three days and three nights. As a unique existence among assassins, he has become a legend. …“I told you about the deeds of my male god, did you hear it?”“I heard, I heard. Is there anything else? I’m going to collect sauerkraut.” Hua Rongyue waved her hand and turned away.“Hey? Why is it not like you? Is it interesting, cooperate with me anyway, what is my male god doing now? You can figure it out, let me figure it out.”Hua Rongyue, “…”——If my calculation is correct, your male god estimates that 80%, maybe, is now accumulating sauerkraut in a small medical hall…Content tags: Jianghu grievances, disguise, misunderstandings, women disguised as menSearch keywords: Protagonist: Hua Rongyue (Yi Linglong) ┃ Supporting role: People in the Jianghu ┃ Others: Hua Rongyue, Yi LinglongOne-sentence introduction: rushing through the rivers and lakes~ - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Call Me God of WarChapter 479 Extra two

Say what you want three times:This article has no CP!This is a brainstorming essay.When another space node in the primitive rainforest world overlaps with our living space node, a passage between the two worlds is opened.Plants from another world spread in just a few days and the city fell.Before long, herbivorous, scavenger, and large carnivores appeared.Content tags: fantasy space fantasy magic sci-fi powerSearch keywords: Protagonists: Mo Qingqing, Wu Mengmeng (Wu Nan), Liu Ziche, Feng Qingran - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - No. 8 PawnshopChapter 116
FantasyMartial ArtsWuxia

Legend has it that there is a place called “No. 8 Pawnshop” in the fourth dimension of space, where you can pawn gold and silver jewelry, land deeds, property deeds, even your limbs, internal organs, or luck, intelligence, reason, happiness, happiness, Love, even expensive souls, to fulfill all your desires.Pawnshop No. 8, there is only code entry, no redemption.That’s the road of no return.Those who go there, when they come back, will become without hands, feet, liver, stomach, and heart, and even lose the mutation of their souls.​​One day, they will become less human because of the pawn.In the pawnshop No. 8, smiles are fake, sincerity is fake, pity is fake, everything is only a means of deception and seduction.This article has no CPBecause of the problems of adding V to the list, the first story needs to be greatly changed. Therefore, the author apologizes for the trouble caused to readers, and has already started a separate chapter.Content tags: Travel through time and space, infinite flow, martial arts, Hong Kong and Taiwan dramasSearch keywords: Protagonist: Ye Li ┃ Supporting roles: Ye Zhilan, Hei Ying, Lao Bai, Ye Chenyang, Shen Yue ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - A Good Protagonist Bends When He SaysChapter 115 system + follow-up

System: “Host, let’s brush the protagonist’s favorability!”System: “Host, stop! Stop for a while! You’re walking crooked! That’s not the case!”Yu Shisan: “As long as it’s goodwill, it’s fine.”System: “But the protagonist… you’ve all been bent by you!!!”Yu Shisan comes with a halo of pretense, and his favorability level rises. The style of painting is flat and cool, each world is short, and the sixth or seventh chapters are over.There are all kinds of plots in the campus ghost palace fightps:1. The female protagonist brushes the favorability of the protagonist in the original world, love, family and friendship are all favorability degrees2. Do not like x Some worlds are okay, some are not well written, if you see a world you don’t like, just look at another one.I was very talkative when I wrote this… This is the first pit… The style of writing two years agoHigh school student level…considerate…Thank you all for your support and encouragement! Love you guys! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Cultivation of Immortals Begins with Drilling Wood To Make Fire~ Completion Testimonials and New Book Projects

The dojo is located in Yunzhong Mountain, and there are halls and fields.Sitting under the ginkgo tree in leisure time, looking at the dust and clouds in the distance,Hoe the ground and listen to the sound of springs, forge swords by the fire,Food and clothing are up to oneself and God,I don’t know the end of the cold year;When the robbery comes, you have to go to the lower reaches of the mountain to watch the bitterness and sweetness of the world.It’s hard to keep injustice in your eyes, and you don’t like to show it in front of others.The gourd of wine at the waist is deep, and the light of the sword behind the back is cold,Not for fame, not for money,Be a free spirit.—————Group: 578391484 - Description from MTLNovel