MTL - Male God Is Always TargetedChapter 1595 The most beautiful thing in the world is that one plus one equals three (the finale)
Shounen AiYaoi

Luo Ling, an expert in the art of disguise, was bound to a System and was eager to begin his task.As a result, before even successfully completing a mission, he got married!At a 36 degree angle, Luo Ling sorrowfully looked up into space: “Tong’er, tell me, do I still have a chance to free myself?”System: “… Your man is behind you.”Luo Ling: “!!!”The person who arrived, gathered Luo Ling in his arms, hugging him from behind as he said in a bewitchingly dangerous tone: “Based on your thoughts, it seems that I have not given you enough love. So let’s proceed in exploring ways to continue a new life.” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Turn on the Love SystemChapter 190 Extra 2
AdventureDramaRomanceShounen Ai

Tao is willing to take the peach blossom system to go to different worlds to complete the task, and the most important task is to fall in love. And every love, must be very sweet and very pet, only to complete the task.In short, after he opened, every world must show love. White Lotus: I feel the deep malice from the world. If I say that I am the protagonist, why did I finally become cannon fodder? Slag Man: It’s too fast to face, like a tornado. If God gives me another chance to come back, please let me love him for 10,000 years. Onlookers: God, take the two shows and love, we are going to be killed by dog ​​food! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - The Correct Way of Face-Slapping in TransmigrationChapter 184 Fanwai (End)

Even though Gu Yunxi was created from the accumulation of the resentment of souls, there was not a bit of ruthlessness nor cruelty in his nature, only a desire to cultivate. Just as he achieved his human form, he was sent to reincarnate. Under the control of Heaven, he experienced life after life of suffering, dying a terrible death every single time. After thousands of reincarnations, thousands of terrible deaths, he finally accumulated enough power to escape from the Laws of Heaven. He swore to get revenge on this blind Heaven’s Law that’s unable to differentiate good from evil.So what if it’s the Heavens? He will stir up the rights and wrong, the good and evil!You want me to accept this life and die, but I just won’t! I want to live, to rebel against the heavens, to reverse this joke of a destiny! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - After Rebirth, I Became the Scum Gong’s Uncle’s Destined OmegaChapter 93 end
DramaFantasyRomanceShounen Ai

In his past life, the beta Su Liang dared to seduce Lu Zhizhao, the future of the Lu family, and eloped.In the end, after burning down all his boats with no hesitation, Su Liang realized that he was nothing but a big joke.Su Liang gave up everything, and died silently on the day after Lu Zhizhao’s marriage to someone else.Reliving a life, the courageous fool of that year finally learned to accept his fate.This time, Su Liang honestly accepted that he was an unfavoured and mediocre beta, feeling that this bland and undemanding life was quite good.After all, the way of the salted fish is the best way.But after just a few peaceful days, he was sent into the forbidden area, in the depths of the noble’s compound.Lu Taipan – who used to be a big boss, is now a big boss, who will always be the kind of sinister and ruthless big boss who would make everyone tremble with fear when he comes out.However, it was this top-level alpha who single-handedly supported the Lu Family, but suffered from pheromone disorder.And, the place where he rested, was a forbidden place in the eyes of everyone.No matter how many things Su Liang thought about, he didn’t expect Lu Taipan to embrace him in the frenzy of his pheromone disorder.Then, he bit the back of his neck with a single bite.“Your pheromones…. smells good.”The devil-like man, like a beast, scented the pheromones on his body, and muttered greedily.Su Liang was horrified to discover that Lu Taipan and him became more and more intimate. He, who was supposed to be a beta, somehow began to develop unusual pheromone glands.From a beta, he was now an omega.Moreover, he was an omega who matched perfectly with Lu Taipan. - Description from Novelupdates

Quickly Wear the Face of the DevilChapter 187: (END)

A top hacker was chosen by the Lord God to be reborn into countless worlds, always as an expendable villain. With no free will, every world became a dead end. Every one of his lives ended tragically. Finally, after wresting control of the Villain System, this ace hacker decided to enact revenge. Even if his very bones were rotten, he’d choose to occupy the very heights of morality, if only on the surface. Thus, he would change his fate as an abused slag.

MTL - Heroic Death SystemChapter 275 Newborn [End]

“I curse you to never die in peace!”Thus, Shang Ke started a never-ending (forced) cycle of constantly throwing away his miserable life.He would always show himself as a martyr while letting others cry over his death.It was because of a woman’s curse that Shang Ke was hit by a car and turned into a human vegetable. This led to him becoming bound by an unlucky system in which he was cursed to die. The most unfortunate part was that he never cheated on anyone’s feelings. The reason for why he was cursed by a woman was because of a guy named Qi Chen. Qi Chen was a ladies man, and he would always use Shang Ke as an excuse to break up with any woman that he was with. As a result, Shang Ke was always blamed for the breakups. Since then, the main character could only be forced to cross into different worlds. He would thus experience for himself, the hero’s “thrill”. - Description from Novelupdates

Accidental MarkChapter 95: Extra: Real World
ComedyRomanceSlice Of LifeYaoi

Pei Shaoze unintentionally heard about a novel called Accidental Mark. Once he woke up, he found he had transmigrated into the alpha scumbag in the book, Pei Shaoze. The omega protagonist of the novel, Cheng Xia happened to have his pheromones out of control. The original scumbag not only took the opportunity to mark the protagonist but also killed the protagonist’s parents and ruined his reputation. The protagonist was completely blackened and returned five years later to stab the scumbag to death.Pei Shaoze, “……” What type of melodramatic plot was this? Why not invest well in movies and TV shows when he was the boss? His brain was used to bully the protagonist. No wonder why he would be stabbed to death.Therefore, he thoughtfully sent Cheng Xia home and helped select a school drama for Cheng Xia. “This drama is suitable for Cheng Xia and has the potential to be popular.”It turned out to be really popular. Cheng Xia said, “Thank you, President Pei!”“Cheng Xia should expand his shows and challenge himself.”Cheng Xia whose fans soared to the tens of millions. “Thank you so much, President Pei!”“Do you want to try this drama? I think you are talented enough to handle this difficult role.”At the awards ceremony, Cheng Xia said, “The person I want to thank most is President Pei!”On Pei Shaoze’s birthday, all the stars of the company came to congratulate him. After the party, Cheng Xia personally sent Pei Shaoze home. The young man’s cheeks were slightly red and his eyes were shining as he stared at Pei Shaoze. “President Pei, in fact, I know your feelings toward me and I like you very much.”Pei Shaoze, “……?”Later, it was found that Pei Shaoze was a producer in every one of Cheng Xia’s shows.The fans said, “This alpha is pretty good. Xia Xia, hurry and chase him!”Cheng Xia answered, “I’ve caught him :)”—Give you the most tolerant love and help you spread your wings to fly high.

MTL - Quickly Wear the Face of the DevilChapter 176 176

A top hacker was chosen by the Lord God to be reborn into countless worlds, always as an expendable villain.With no free will, every world became a dead end. Every one of his lives ended tragically.Finally, after wresting control of the Villain System, this ace hacker decided to enact revenge. Even if his very bones were rotten, he’d choose to occupy the very heights of morality, if only on the surface.Thus, he would change his fate as an abused slag. - Description from novelupdates

MTL - I Like Your PheromonesChapter 76 Extra
ComedyRomanceSchool LifeYaoi

As a good-looking Beta with a good family background, Duan Jiayan has lived a smooth sailing life for more than ten years, until he met Lu XingCi in high school.Lu XingCi’s family situation is better than his, he is taller than him and plays basketball better than him. Needless to say, his grades are a whole tier above Duan JiaYan’s. Even his friends can’t help but occasionally praise Lu XingCi.Most importantly, every girl that Duan JiaYan has set his sights on, all admitted that they have liked Lu XingCi for a few years already.Since then, Duan Jiayan has never thought well of Lu XingCi, till the day he received his new medical report. He is a late-blooming Omega, and because he became an Omega this late, it came with dire consequences. Now Alphas will feel the need to beat up other people whenever they come near Duan JiaYan. He himself is now allergic to every Alpha’s pheromone, except Lu XingCi’s.*One night during a self-study session, Duan Jiayan became extremely uncomfortable and ended up asking Lu XingCi to bite him and leave a temporary mark.After finishing the bite, Lu Xing asked: “We Alphas have very bad tempers, now that I’ve bitten you, are there any rewards?”“Why don’t you…” Duan Jiayan tentatively asked: “Be a little more generous?”“Sure,” the other party kneeled slightly and tilted down his head, exposing his white neck: “Then you’ve to also bite back. Once you do, I won’t make a fuss anymore.”Duan Jiayan: “…” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Villain Alpha is PregnantChapter 89 extra two
DramaFantasyRomanceSlice Of Life

Si Huaixi got bored while playing with zombies in the end times and picked up a novel.The title of the novel is “Interstellar Heartthrob.” Si Huaixi thought it was a science fiction novel set in a peaceful era. But he had no idea it was about a strange ABO world. The men in it would actually have children?!The protagonist is a male Omega who can have children !!!Even more, the protagonist relied on hooking up with various rich and powerful Alphas, finally dominating the interstellar entertainment world.Si Huaixi wanted to drop the book when he read it, and then he fell !!!As a result, he became the cannon fodder, a gloomy 18th-line ‘Beta’ starlet, whom the protagonist hated, since his photos were popular on the Internet grabbing the protagonist’s limelight.How can the cannon fodder who offends the protagonist have a good life?It wasn’t long until the original owner was drugged and sent to the bed of an investor who enjoyed making short videos. Si Huaixi did not escape the drugging plot after crossing. But, he met a handsome Alpha by chance.When he woke up the next day. Si Huaixi was surprised to find that the Alpha who spent the night with him was Pei Zhaozhou, the villain in the book!!! Strangely, the book’s villain, Pei Zhaozhou, was not furious. He pinched his eyebrows, smoked a cigarette, and let Si Huaixi go.He thought the matter would end. But, Pei Zhaozhou suddenly came to the door one day and gave him the medical examination report. “I’m pregnant, and I need the company and comfort of the child’s father because of pheromone disorders,” he said, while slightly narrowing his eyes. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - General, You’ve Lost Your Inhibitor!Chapter 135

Through an accidental transmigration, Gu Huan became the youngest Alpha general in the novel. He is handsome, aloof and powerful, admired by thousands of people.Even if he was a villain, this was a proper, awe-inspiring character design.Gu Huan was so happy!Looking at the needle holes in his arms, the haggard eyes, and the home that had been dismantled into an open-air convertible.He suspects that he is actually an addict.Doctor: No, you are just a very ordinary Omega who used inhibitors during the fever period.Gu Huan: …you are kidding me.Doctor: An Omega of your age who has not been marked is very likely to be leashed.Gu Huan: …I believe this.To survive. Kaolin (senior) Flower (single dog) can only apply for marriage online.Marriage Self-Description: Older, hot-tempered, not guaranteed to not to beat someone in heat, not guaranteed to not to beat someone to death.In the end, someone actually came to this painful marriage request, and it was the prince who wanted to eradicate him, the villain, in the original text.——The so-called wolf dog, when it hates you, it is a wolf, when it likes you, it is a dog. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - The Villain Runs WildChapter 295 full text

Lin Sui transmigrated into the cannon fodder of a cultivation text, a cannon fodder with a human cauldron constitution, destined to be a servant. Lin Sui, unwilling to resign himself to it, seduced the Son of Heaven, but when the cut out his Dao bone and transferred it to himself, the Heavenly Law struck him down.That Dao bone in his body became the System that restrained him, issuing the order: You must retrieve all of his soul, serve him as your master in every world, and spare no effort for him until your dying day!Lin Su was all smiles as he agreed, but all his life, the thing he loathed most was others telling him what to do.Therefore…In the first world, he was an arrogant and domineering, rich and powerful Young Master, while the other person was a pitiful and humble illegitimate child.He humiliated him by saying he was only fit to carry his shoes, and spoke words of love next to his ear when the noise of the crowd boiled over.System: You motherxxxxxx [beep——]Lin Sui, innocently: Aren’t I serving him as my master?In the second world, he was a newly-promoted top talent in the entertainment industry, while the other person was a former Best Actor who went silent after an accident.He ridiculed and suppressed him, saying deserved to make a comeback even if he was past his prime, and kissed the scars on his body at night, leaving resources behind to gracefully leave afterwards.System: [beep——]Lin Sui, spreading his hands: Am I still not sparing enough effort?In the third world, he was an S-rank Alpha, while the other person was a mentally-damaged former SSS-rank Alpha.He looked down on him, saying that useless people also deserved to get back on the battlefield, and when no one was around he said ‘since you can’t smell pheromones, then I will be your omega’, and almost lost his life giving himself to the other person.System: …..Lin Sui, smiling: Is my dying day enough?Even though, in the end, he was tucked away in a golden house by the wealthy upstart, captured by the triple gold Best Actor, and completely embraced by the Imperial Marshal, he was still happy.System, weeping bitter tears: Big brother, I’m begging you, I won’t tell you what to do any more! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Dressed As the Scum a In the Campus LiteratureChapter 204 Fanwai 14 (with cubs on variety show)

Copy 1: Mo Yuxin has become a scumbag in a college campus text.Yuan Shi’s family is poor, but she has always been set up as a poor scholar when she was in college. Many omegas have a good impression of Yuan Shi, and Yuan Shi will not refuse. During this period, she fell in love with the most wealthy family in the fish pond. The good heroine Su Yubing coaxed Su Yubing to have a child with herself.But Su Yubing’s parents did not agree with their relationship. Su Yubing cut off contact with the family for the original body. The original body wanted to eat soft rice but had no source of income, so he immediately kicked the heroine and asked the heroine to kill the child. , and threw himself into the arms of other Omegas in the fish pond.Later, the female protagonist raised her daughter alone, during which she met the male protagonist Xu Zefeng. Together, the two exposed the hypocritical mask of the original body, so that the original body, who climbed to a high position by eating soft rice, was ruined.Mo Yuxin didn’t want to be a scumbag.So, she started her own business and earned her first pot of gold; when the cub was sick, she was busy running before and after; when Su Yubing was blocked by the gangsters in the bar, she stepped forward.. .Until Su Yubing got rid of the unfavorable plot in the original book, and the cub was almost a year old, Mo Yuxin finally breathed a sigh of relief, she finally changed the unfavorable plot in the original book, Su Yubing can also be with hers The male protagonist of destiny is together, but why is my heart a little sour?Copy 2: Su Yubing learned from a friend that Mo Yuxin was leaving Xining City, and anxiously went back to the small house where they lived to find Mo Yuxin, and saw that Mo Yuxin had packed her luggage.Mo Yu explained with some guilty conscience: “I’m going to leave here and earn more money for the baby’s milk powder.”Su Yubing’s eyes were red, and her voice trembled when she spoke: “Mo Yuxin, don’t you want me and the baby again?”Note: 1. Artist Weibo: Qi Jiuzi2. If there is no prototype, don’t make up your mind at will.3. The author is weird, and if I scold me, I will be dumb.4. If you don’t like it, please don’t tell me if you give up the article.5. Thank you for the little cuties who accompanied us all the way, and work hard!Content tags: Inspirational life Sweet text Wearing books ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Mo Yuxin, Su Yubing ┃ Supporting role: “Fall in love with your ex after breaking up” ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Who Doesn’t Like a Sweet Little Alpha?Chapter 104 ,end

Su Yuzhou reincarnated into the ABO world after his death and became a top-level alpha. Influenced by the conceptions of his previous life, he never thought that a susceptible period would have any effect on him – after all, as an upright young man, how could he be enticed by pheromones to push down a weak Omega?Then, he became the one who was pushed down _(:з”∠)_Atypical ABO story, Omega Gong X Alpha Shou. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Reborn As a SystemChapter 100 finally
ActionMatureRomanceShounen Ai

Space, System, Treasure, Spirit Tools … other protagonists all have golden fingers, Shi Qing: this young grandpa [Xiao Ye] is a golden finger.It’s just that …he is now a golden finger and even more importantly bound to a host?And so this host, has a backstory resulting a bloody darkened heart and soul, truly a psychopath!A psychopath I can endure, but I also have to work together with the psychopath through different worlds, can I endure?Ancient times, modern times, apocalypse, futuristic….Traveling throughout the worlds, Shi Qing thinks the host isn’t as bad as he imagined? Strange. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - This Omega is Fierce and WildChapter 128 Doomsday Extra Story (6)

Transmigrating from the Apocalypse to a technologically developed, peaceful world, Qiu Yu’s killing skills cultivated through hundreds of life-and-death situations suddenly lost their use, and even his body turned into a weak, squeamish…Qiu Yu’s world views shattered into pieces: What the heck is an Omega?!Qiu Yu, who knows nothing but fighting, eventually decided to become an anchor for a full-dive game—not only could he use his battle techniques to make a living, but he also didn’t have to brave leaving the house and meeting people—it was the perfect job.However, in his first-ever broadcast, he shot an arrow straight through the heart of the e-sport circle’s verified no.1 god of war.Mu Feibai touched the place above his heart, the corner of his mouth hooking up: Interesting… Come play professionally.Qiu Yu rejected him: social anxiety, not going, see ya.…And then he was sold off by his live-streaming platform to play for a professional team.Qiu Yu: This was different from my plan!Mu Feibai: You shot an arrow straight into my heart… baby, you still want to run? - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male LeadChapter 96
DramaHistoricalShounen AiTragedy

After successfully completing the tasks of the B-Class World, Lu Yue finally succeeded in entering the A-Class world.What? The blackening value of the males in the A-class world is above 80!!Lu Yue: What are you afraid of? Calm down!This is a story of a drama king and a black-bellied male.First World: Mafia’s Pet LoverSecond World: Revenge of the Reborn BoyfriendThird World: Emperor is a Ladies’ Man… - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - I Rely on Wilderness Survival Live Broadcast to Become Popular Across the StarsChapter 310 Hoarding money to raise cubs Day 310

Lu Liran, the former deputy captain of the first federal mobile team, disappeared in a great war, and his life and death are unknown.Seriously injured in the war, lingering on his last breath and penniless, Lu Liran was luckily bound by the survival system.Under the tasks issued by the system——The Giant at thirty degrees below zero, conquer the Arlok Glacier;In the No Man’s land under the black wind and sand, travel deep into the oasis in the hinterland of Salba Desert;The Island in the Sky under the blue sky, the challenge of surviving on an uninhabited island;The Blue Hole in the Endless Abyss, exploring deep sea wrecks and lost ancient cities.The Muddy Lands, the Forest of White Bones, gathering specialties of the Haunted Swamp;The Lord of Fire, the giant dragon lurking on the ground……Therefore, in the Desolate Star that hates the federal army the most, a man with a disfigured face and mysterious identity quietly appeared in the top ten dangerous uninhabited regions of Desolate Star. In exchange for rich bounty rewards by hunting rare and exotic beasts that ordinary people can’t hunt, and the live broadcast of wilderness survival, he also started rapidly sweeping the entire planet.“Ah, the anchor looks so scary, no one dares to marry such an Alpha no matter how powerful he is!”“??? Brother Lu, I can! Marry me! The sense of security is at max level, like!”“The anchor is really a god. This is the first time I’ve seen someone at the top of this year’s list of Desolate Star’s Most Attractive Alpha + Least Wanted to Marry Alpha at the same time…”During a live broadcast, a heavy rain washed away the scar on Lu Liran’s face.The whole live room is boiling!!!“Marry me, marry me! Brother, marry me!”After the live broadcast was closed, another man, so handsome that people subconsciously held their breath, appeared. He surrounded Lu Liran’s body and whispered: “You’ve been missing for so many years with my cub, when are you going to give me a name?”Lu Liran: “…”Yes, this is still an old-fashioned story of O pretending to be A and running away with joy.…His Excellency, the First Commander of the Federal Army, disappeared suddenly in the peaceful post-war era. Until one day, everyone noticed that he appeared in a live broadcast room, happily pretending to be a s*upid human-shaped pendant, and unscrupulously pestering a male anchor with a terrifying face.“Official announcement, this is the commander’s wife.” His Excellency, the Commander-in-Chief of the Federation, said so.The live broadcast room is boiling again!!! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - ABO CadetsChapter 144 Fanwai Mausoleum Brothers -08
ComedyMechaRomanceSchool Life

On the desolate barren planet of Rennes, an Asian teenager named Lin Yuan receives an admission notice for the Empire’s best military academy San Romia. So begins his life changing military school career.Lin Yuan: Wow! This school’s really great! Everyone even has a separate bedroom! But…why does my next door roommate always knock on my door? And all day long he keeps bothering me, God! So annoying!Lin Yuan: I’m a Beta, my biggest wish is to meet a nice Beta girl, get married, have children and live in peace! Wait a minute… Why does my body suddenly feel strange? Why does this medicine look like drugs to prevent Omega from entering estrus?Trembling in his roommate’s arms Lin Yuan blushes and tries to push off his chest: “Wait…wait a minute…I’ve always thought of you as a friend. Don’t do this…..ah….”At that moment, Lin yuan seems to feel that the universe has malicious plans for him. The world is collapsing, who will tell him why the script is so wrong? - Description from Novelupdates

Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn DiaryChapter 85: (End) - Thunderbolt, Lightning, Zhou Li (2)

When he was categorised as an Omega at the age of 13, Rong Yi made a tiny little wish. In the future, he wanted to fall in love with a tall, handsome and elegant Alpha whom he could share a romantic love with, then build a blissful family with him and give birth to many cute babies together. A few years later, he grew into a tall, handsome and elegant Omega and was passionately pursued by countless admirers of the same gender, while all Alphas backed away from him in face of his superiority. This was not the life he wanted.

MTL - The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersChapter 105 End of the text

All the people in the Tarot Empire know that the third young master of Le family is the most domineering, arrogant and beautiful Omega in the Empire. I don’t know how many alphas want him, but they dare not marry him. Now, under the order of the Imperial Marriage Center, this overlord flower will marry General Xu Yao, who is known as the ruthless Hell’s King of the Empire.Tsk! It’s going to be fun!So after X days of marriage…Xu Yao: Butler, my wife hasn’t bullied you these days?Butler: No, Madam is very kind, but he seems to think that you are a bit rude, he asked me to give you this paper.It’s written:~ Little Red Flower Agreement ~Don’t swear a day, reward one little red flower.Keep reading every night, reward two little red flowers.Do good deeds, reward three little red flowers.Get three hundred little red flowers, you can pa pa pa!Xu Yao: Pei!!! You think Lao Zi is a dog in heat and wants to do it with you?!After a month…Xu Yao: Hurry! I still need three more, whose family is bankrupt this time? I’ll send a charity money, hurry! ! !Cheerful, kind and virtuous wife vs Black belly and pampering husband, 1vs1, HE - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Lovers Always on the CounterattackChapter 213

My lover has always been a little pitiful, but he will eventually turn into a big BOSS;My lover has always been in love with me at first sight, but I also think he is very pleasing to the eye.My lover has always been jealous, but I didn’t know what he’s jealous of. It is really troubling.My lover has always had two faces; the face he shows others and the one he shows me which are completely different. It’s very confusing…Bai Duan: This is my life. ╮(╯▽╰)╭ - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - How To Die As Heavy As Mount TaiChapter 194 Finale volume

When a person dies, they either die light as a feather (aka unimportant) or heavy as Mt. Tai (aka very important).Their nature is certainly not ordinary. So when these kind of people do not die as extraordinary people, their hearts will have some lingering wishes.Souls with lingerings wishes in their hearts, just one bowl of soup from Meng Po isn’t enough to let them forget past events. Souls that aren’t pure enough can’t go through reincarnation.Therefore, they need –Hello, this the underworld’s department of purifying souls, serial number 666 Lu Heng (MC) is at your disposal. Our service obejctive is: fulfilling your wish to die importantly, additionally, never being OOC!Lu Heng: Left the name in the annals, this evaluations grade will be for sure S+!Section Chief: Lu Heng, why did you break apart the CP again!! I am deducting your salary! Deducting, deducting, deducting!!!!Lu Heng: Leader, this is really not my fault!!! QAQMysterious Person: *rubs Lu Heng’s head* - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - I Love FarmingChapter 109 Revisiting the Outside World 2
AdventureComedySci-fiShounen Ai

When Cui Qichao’s ancient emperor blood awakened, he began to suppress the emperor’s instincts in various worlds…by crazily farming.Yandi Shennong’s blood, quality farming guaranteed.Cui Qichao: I love farming, farming makes me happy! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - My O Got Pregnant After Dressing Like a ScumChapter 177 main text

Liang Shi penetrated into a Lily ABO text.In the original text, the original body was a stupid and poisonous cannon fodder slag A. When the heroine Xu Qingzhu’s family business was facing bankruptcy, she tried her best to marry someone. The glands finally caused the lifelong disability of the heroine’s body.Since then, Xu Qingzhu quickly divorced her, struggling to support the family business, and finally the phoenix was born.The original cannon fodder was revealed that she was not Miss Alpha of the Liang family. The real heir to the Liang family was actually someone else. The original body had countless enemies. In the end, she went begging on the street and was interrupted by Xu Qingzhu’s admirers. , The glands were also dug up and fed to dogs.Liang Shi:  …For a while, I didn’t know who to sympathize with first.Liang Shi, who had just crossed over, was completely stunned. The room was filled with strong Omega pheromones, and the strong smell of strawberry Baoli sweet wine made Liang Shi unable to control it.Is Xu Qingzhu’s estrus coming?Before she could get close, Xu Qingzhu’s voice was hoarse and looked at her with hatred and unwillingness: “Don’t come here!”Thinking of the original body’s end, Liang Shiqiang pretended to be calm: “I’ll tell you a secret, in fact, I’m incompetent in pheromone marking, I can’t.”Xu Qingzhu: “…?”Liang Shi’s purpose is very clear, divorce Xu Qingzhu, take the initiative to stay away from the Liang family, pick up his old business, earnestly make money by filming, and become a well-deserved top player in the entertainment industry.Isn’t it sweet to make money?However, not long after, the broker asked her to meet the investor “Dad”.In the president’s office, Liang Shi bit his head and asked, “Is President Xu thinking about divorcing me?”Xu Qingzhu: “I have it, it’s yours.”Liang Shi: “…?”Looking at Xu Qingzhu’s slightly bulging belly, Liang Shi fell into contemplation.How many scenes does it take to raise the president and the cubs?1V1//ABO has a private setting//If you don’t like it, you can click the forkFemale A has no organs// Female O will get pregnantWenfeng slow heat // anti-theft 80%, 72hDo not accept writing guidance, respect her freedom of writing, thank you.Content tags: childbirth entertainment circle sweet text through booksSearch keywords: Protagonists: Liang Shi, Xu Qingzhu ┃ Supporting roles: Zhao Xuning, Shen Hui ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - UndeadChapter 90 Chapter 90

“When the Lord Jesus comes for the second time, those who died in Christ’s name will be raised from the grave first.”– “1 Thessalonians 4:16”In 2019, an outbreak of zombie virus quickly swept the world within months.Communications were interrupted, water and electricity support ceased, chemical plant leaked, nuclear power plant exploded, the world was reduced to be like hell on earth; without God, it became an era of legends and saviors, with the fire of survival instinct rekindled within mortals.Resident Evil zombie-theme in ABO setting. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - The Perfect DestinyChapter 157 room

When he first crossed over, Chen Liguo did not want to accept it.But he quickly discovered, after he crossed, he found that all the men he met had perfect figures and eight-packs. Furthermore, these men liked him.As a gay man, Chen Liguo was so excited he shed tears of joy.However, the world obviously wouldn’t have such good things.Because, just as he was drooling and about to pounce, a system appeared and told him: Buddy, sorry to let you down, but you can’t be with these people.Chen Liguo: What if I insist?System: Hehe……Chen Liguo: You trash system! Destroying my youth! Ruining my s*x life! - Description from novelupdates

MTL - Wear It Until Crazy Beauty Scum a Loses ControlChapter 105 Chen Jiang CP

Copy one:“Even if the limit is changed, I will take his company.”This was the last sentence Luan Yenan said before going through the book.As a strong woman in charge of the world’s top 500 investment companies, she did not expect that the final outcome would be a sudden death and a book after three consecutive days of sleepless nights.The character that he wears is still a crazy scumbag who first abused the heroine and then had his glands cut off by the black heroine.Crazy batch? Coincidentally, so am I.Scum A? Excuse me, my mother doesn’t make an appointment.As for the heroine, do you mean this little girl who is begging for mercy with tears under my control now?Black and white? interesting.It’s better for me to cultivate it myself, but I want to see how she cuts the glands.Text two:Zuo Baixuan, who finally differentiated into an Omega, was sold by her adoptive parents to a crazy scumbag, thinking that she would live a dark day from now on.Unexpectedly, on the first day of marriage, when I was being held down tightly, just because I said “I want to graduate smoothly, I don’t want to have children so early”, the scum A, who was almost out of control, put away the pheromones and calmed down.Afterwards, the ignorant and incompetent scum A seemed to have changed his personality and became a visiting professor at the school.One day, Luan Yenan’s pheromones were disordered and his life was dying on the hospital bed: “I’ll give you back your freedom, let’s get a divorce.”Zuo Baixuan chuckled, grabbed Luan Yenan’s hands, and brought them closer together: “I have successfully graduated.”“so what?”“I want to have a baby with you.”Let’s see who is crazy.===Private settings are like mountains, don’t spray me (hold your head) A has no second set of organs, other settings are also subject to the text.Content tags: A soft spot for a match made in heaven Sweet text Wearing a bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Luan Yenan, Zuo Baixuan ┃ Supporting roles: Jiang Lingdan, Chen Huanyu ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - My Family’s Omega Has Just Grown UpChapter 64 Fanwai three young children and Dazhuo parallel time and space

The 18-year-old Tong Yan has gotten married. The marriage partner looks mature and handsome, but also serious and stubborn. After living together, he felt that the other man was just seriously raising a child. At least before they got together, Tong Yan never thought he was capable of speaking such words as “I can’t sleep because I miss you so much”.A fuming Tong Yan after pregnancy: Don’t tease me (╥╯ ^ ╰╥)A Zhuo Xiang Ming asking for a good morning kiss while fixing his tie: People who constantly feel they’re being teased say they’re afraid to speak - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Forced To Fall In Love with the Villain AAChapter 129

Wen Ye, the lead dancer idol of a well-known boy group in Huaguo, he loves to be provocative by nature and often flaunts his eight-pack abs on stage.However, his private identity is the young master of a certain ancient martial arts family who is gifted in martial arts and caused headaches for the elders of the family.One day, he accidentally entered an Abo novel that would be 404, and became a cannon fodder Alpha in the original book.The original owner summoned him at the cost of his soul, and he was put on the shackles to protect the other’s parents and prevent the collapse of the empire.Facing the black-bellied villain of the original book who fell to the ground in a flash, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of the Empire, the young master silently swallowed the blood he wanted to vomit.too weak! Could it be that the villain in the original book relies on IQ instead of force?no! Must practice more!While practicing the opponent to death, he teased the opponent desperately.The young master, who follows the policy of equal exposure to rain and dew, watched the Alpha with long legs and hips in the military academy start a happy vacation life.Unexpectedly, one day, the aftermath of the secondary differentiation of His Highness the Crown Prince broke out. Facing His Highness the Crown Prince with hungry wolf eyes and ghostly demeanor, the young master who was pinned against the wall had only one sentence in his mind:After a long time, I really have to pay it back…small theater:1. Xu Shen saw Wen Ye’s flirtatiousness on the first day, and His Royal Highness crushed the cup in his hand.Xu Shen saw Wen Ye being provocative the next day, and His Highness the Crown Prince pinched the edge of the table.On the third day, Wen Ye was about to start flirting, but was directly carried away by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince who couldn’t bear it.2. Wen Ye: Your Majesty, stop biting my neck! It cannot be marked permanently!His Royal Highness (with a toothy grin): Knot and bite a few more times, so everyone will understand who you belong to.Wen Ye: Knot?His Royal Highness: Oh, so you don’t understand? Come, I will teach you slowly.Bystander: We now suspect that you are driving illegally!————1. Black-bellied rabid king Alpha attack X love. tease.2. Wife abuse is fun for a while, chasing wife crematorium!3. Update every day at 18:00 pm, daily. Will ask for leave if something happens.4. Weibo: It’s not Houttuynia cordata, the cover person is on Weibo.Content tags: strong interstellar wear bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Wen Ye, Xu Shen┃Supporting role: ┃Others:One-sentence introduction: In the end, “consciousness” was suppressed by the villainConception: AA love in the interstellar world - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Omega Can’t Pretend to Be a Beta After Accidentally Witnessing the Major General’s Susceptible PeriodChapter 98 I don't think it's enough (end of text)

The top alpha, Major General Ji Cheying, disguises himself as a down-on-his-luck beta in order to carry out a secret mission. One day, when he goes out to take out the garbage, while wearing a pair of torn socks, he comes across the poor nephew of his landlord, Xie Quan, a good-looking beta who was staying in the dirty and terrible basement.The two look at each other, each feeling a little sorry for the other.No one expected that one of these two miserable people was the prestigious Major General Ji and the other was the most powerful mecha engineer in the Empire. And to Ji Cheying’s further surprise, this beautiful beta confessed his passionate love for him!He was torn again and again under the prudent choice to refuse the other, after all, this is a mission, not the time to talk about love.When the mission was over and it was time to talk about love, it was Xie Quan’s turn to become baffled, “Who do you think likes you? Who confessed? I didn’t, I’m not, don’t talk nonsense.”Ji Cheying: ???!It was only then that Xie Quan unexpectedly realized that the Imperial Major General seemed to have mistakenly thought that he was in love with him.A few months later, Major General Ji, who had entered his susceptible period, was violent and fierce, not able to be approached by strangers. However, his eyes were red and he was tugging at Xie Quan, his voice hoarse, “You little liar, cheating on my feelings and not taking responsibility.”Xie Quan sighed, lifted his hair, and tore off the invisible gland patch, finally revealing the omega gland at the back of his neck, “Bite it. I’ll give you a bite.”Ji Cheying gritted his teeth, “You’re a f*cking omega?”True love has nothing to do with identity and gender. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - After Crossing, I Marked the EmpressChapter 225 Extra 2: Mom is shy

After passing through, Shen Han not only became a top alpha in the abo world, but also awakened the fire element ability. Ji Zai, who came from the earth, was terrified in place, there seemed to be something wrong with the back of his neck, and his sense of smell was so sharp that it made people nervous!Fortunately, in this wilderness area, there is a lost lady, hold on tight, don’t panic, if we don’t understand, just ask!Gu Junwan, the top omega, the empress of the Free Federation, was designed by her sister to hunt down and kill the forest in distress, but in this case, she met a stupid A..Gu: If you take one step further, I will kill you!Shen (with a toothy smile): I really have no ill intentions. What kind of bad thoughts can serious people have when they meet by chance?Gu Junwan sensed the pheromone shrouded by the other party, her face was crimson, her delicate body trembled slightly, and her body’s instinctive desire made her unable to resist the other party’s approach at all.Looking at Gu Junwan with glittering eyes and soft body, Shen Han’s whole body was surging with blood and blood, and his fangs were gradually showing, like a half-starved wolf in the wilderness.……Gu O: Go to hell!Shen A: I am not! I do not have! You listen to me explain!After that, Shen Han escorted Gu Junwan all the way out of the jungle, returned to the imperial capital, and regained power.The two join hands to create a bright world!The sultry and self-conscious loyal dog alpha X The cool, arrogant and decisive female king omegaA brand new start, I hope you all like this story.PS: Female A has no pendant.There is a scarf: Xianting draws a penContent tags: A match made in heaven, sweet text, cool textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shen Han, Gu Junwan ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Dressed Like the Scum In the Ancient Bloody Text AChapter 90

Shen Xian died suddenly due to an accident, and traveled to an ancient abo abuse text, becoming a scumbag who was so angry in the book that his father had a stroke, his mother swallowed medicine, and his wife divorced. The eighth aunt had to take a detour when she saw Shen Xian.In the original book, Shen Xian entangled Lin Qinghan in every possible way, asking Lin Qinghan for money from time to time, and the hero Lu Jianbai in the original book was a doctor in the same department as Lin Qinghan. Shen Xian who blackmailed and asked for money was sent to prison.Shen Xian held his forehead and thought: She is not suitable for this peerless scum!Fortunately, she still has a system to follow her, so Shen Xian tore up the plot of the original book:A friendly conversation with the daughter will be rewarded with 50 yuan;Take father to go downstairs for a walk and reward 100 yuan;100 yuan reward for going to kindergarten to pick up daughter after school;With some money obtained from doing missions, Shen Xian returned to his previous career and opened a small venture capital company, but within a short period of time, the company made its mark in Linhai City, while his ex-wife Lin Qinghan and her daughter kept changing. My thoughts on Shen Xian…thesmall theater:Shen Tian licked the strawberry candy and complained: Mom, Mom, there are several beautiful ladies in Mommy’s office today.Lin Qinghan raised his eyebrows and looked at Shen Xian: Really?Shen Xian (nervously) explained: Hey, my daughter-in-law, I was wrong, they are just partners.Lin Qinghan’s lips twitched into a smile: “Let’s settle the accounts when we go back tonight.”Shen Xian: woo woo woo~ I’m afraidNote: 1. There is no prototype, so don’t make up your mind.2. The author is so weird, if you scold me, I will just groan.3. If you don’t like it, please don’t tell me if you abandon the article.4. Thanks to the little cuties who accompanied me all the way, keep chirping!Content tags: rebirth face slap sweet text wear bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shen Xian, Lin Qinghan ┃ Supporting role: “Falling in love with an ex after breaking up” ┃ Others: abo, gl, ChuanshuOne-sentence introduction: After transmigrating into a scumbag, she reformed her daily life of chasing a wife. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Young Man, You Are Too Young, Too SimpleChapter 112

“Young man, your chastity was lost.”“Σ ( ° △ °|||)!!”Give up your virginity to save the world! Our motto is–” “I didn’t think it would be bent, la la la la la!” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - They are Chasing Me!Chapter 171 end of campus

Su An was thrown into a world of quick transmigration by his suitor, who attempts to approach him with a different identity.Hidden dangers can not be prevented, but fortunately, with sweet words and beauty, Su An has won the love of the big bosses from each world.An indifferent painter suffering from mental illness, a flirtatious bandit young master from a wealthy family, a demon monk with powerful martial arts skills…To Su An’s surprise: Every big boss is poking my appetite!The big bosses who got hooked up: …They all gave a meaningful smile. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Dressed As An Omega Who Was Divorced By Seven AlphasChapter 72
Shounen Ai

He Huan transmigrated into an omega who had been divorced seven times.He Huan: Someone got divorced because of lack of body fragrance?As an acacia tree spirit, I have all the pheromones you want.Then, all the Alphas who repented of the marriage before all knelt down and begged for reunion.A certain chaebol: “Honey, give me one more chance, and I can get rid of all my lovers.”A certain nobleman: “As long as you marry me, you can share my title, are you tempted?”A certain general: “Which planet do you like, I will take it down for you.”…He Huan was so annoyed by being stalked that he randomly pulled a man on the street as a shield.“New fiancé, let’s find out.”Everyone knelt: “Your Majesty, Your Highness the Prince…”He Huan: …It seems that you have offended a big shot, why don’t you call off the engagement again?PS:1, 1vs1, HE2. Sand glyphs, there is no logic, don’t use your brain, if you are serious, you will lose.3. There are many private settings, don’t care about these details, just to make the crispy duck more delicious.Content tags: childbirth wealthy family sweet article cool articleSearch keywords: Protagonist: He Huan, Fitz ┃ Supporting role: Team Rocket traveling through the galaxy ┃ Others: Team Rocket traveling through the galaxy - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Wife is Not DivorcedChapter 107 her dragon 3

After dressing up as a notorious scumbag, in order to avoid her tragic ending, Tang Li bravely went to see her engagement partner.Looking at the elegant and beautiful Director Chu, she felt that she had made a profit.Chu Chisi sat on the sofa, most of his body was sunk in the darkness, his slender hand was on his forehead, and he smiled lazily and carelessly.“Three chapters of the marriage contract, I won’t love you,” she said, “and you don’t even want to get love from me.”Tang Li rejoiced: “It’s okay, just have food to eat.”Life after marriage was dull and boring, until one day the delivery boy was stopped at the door by the housekeeper. Tang Li was so angry that he “run away from home” and went to the fried chicken shop. When he came back, he found that things had changed——The expensive red wine shattered all over the place, and more than a dozen screens monitored different areas of the house. Chu Chisi’s eyes were red, and his voice was hoarse: “Why do you want to leave?”Tang Li was stunned: “What?”Chu Chisi came staggeringly, holding her fingertips, gloomy madness surging in her eyes, and her voice was trembling.“……Please.”She said, “Don’t go.”#A bloody case caused by fried chicken##What should I do if my wife finds something wrong after getting married##Is it too late to divorce now#————【Setting Information】1: Atypical ABO, foreshadowing is privately set into a mountain, Alpha has no organs2: Fantasy future works, the story is set in an alternate world, not modern3: 1v1 professional enthusiasts, absolute HE, both of them are unique to each otherContent tags: strong science fiction soft spot sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Tang Li, Chu Chisi ┃Supporting role: The system that crashes every day ┃Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Runaway GuideChapter 88 The so-called love
RomanceSchool LifeSci-fiYaoi

After being reborn in a sci-fi ABO world, Xi Wei became the newly born son of the Imperial King. He thought, as the emperor’s son he could live a carefree and imposing life, but unexpectedly the First Prince is actually an omega? What the hell is an Omega?There was an alpha who was born on the same day as the First Prince Xi Wei, the two children grew up together. When Xi Wei looked at the blonde child next door, he always felt that the boy was not pleasing to the eye, so as a child Xi Wei bullied him.Until many years later …Looking at the man standing in front of him who was one head taller than him, Xi Wei was dumbfounded.–He tried to get out of the way, but eventually still fell into his childhood sweetheart’s clutches. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn DiaryChapter 71 end

When he was categorised as an Omega at the age of 13, Rong Yi made a tiny little wish. In the future, he wanted to fall in love with a tall, handsome and elegant Alpha whom he could share a romantic love with, then build a blissful family with him and give birth to many cute babies together.A few years later, he grew into a tall, handsome and elegant Omega and was passionately pursued by countless admirers of the same gender, while all Alphas backed away from him in face of his superiority.This was not the life he wanted. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 205 Extra (5)

In this period where countless supporting lead actors always attempt to counterattack, turn over a new leaf or simply refuse to take up the role, his purpose of existing is to fill the role of a good supporting male lead and uphold his duty to the best of his ability. To add the needed lustre to storylines and this world. Only, it’s a pity that someone who is not afraid of god-like enemies will be afraid of pig-like teammates.Bitterly, he realises that for some unfathomable reason, he is being bothered time and again by a bastard who refuses to follow the script… In order to walk the path of a good supporting male lead, he engages in a battle of wits and courage with that person. Loving each other and killing each other, one ultimately cannot escape fate’s teasing– why is it so difficult wanting to be a responsible and diligent supporting male lead?! QAQ - Description from novelupdates

MTL - Slag Shou Cultivating ManualChapter 129 He Jizheng · Endless Chase
RomanceShounen AiYaoi

He Lang died by his own hands for the sake of his imperial younger brother’s ambition, whom he loved. He was offered to be reborn in exchange for giving up his past romantic feelings. Reborn without the burden of his romantic feelings, he brings with him a manual to new worlds. He wholeheartedly followed the instructions of the manual to complete the tasks, not knowing that the originally slag gong was blackening…He pleaded to his affectionate Emperor brother to release him, he pleaded to the paranoid prisoner next door, but until the end he remained baffled.In the end, he discovered that the full name of the manual was – “Slag Shou Cultivating Manual”Σ (っ ° ° °;) っ! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins Without Lifting a FingerChapter 27 extra
FantasyRomanceSci-fiShounen Ai

In his previous life, An Ji seemed to have the word “unlucky” written on his forehead.He was born into nobility, but ended up living on the streets for ten years. He found a beta boyfriend, but the scumbag tricked him into cutting out his glands. He dedicated his life to the omega cause, but ended up dying without an intact corpse.It wasn’t until later that he found out that everyone described people like him as “beautiful, strong, and tragic.” The difference was that the beautiful, strong, and tragic characters in stories all have happy endings, but he only got death.An Ji: “WTF.”Then he is reborn.In this second life, An Ji expresses that he will only be beautiful and strong. As for tragic? f*ck that shit!But can someone tell him why his previously polite fiancé suddenly changed personalities?Star history states that Emperor Rongwu had a brutal nature and outstanding ability. He ruled with an iron fist and created a prosperous world that lasted for hundreds of years after the war.Everyone thought that he was too focused on his career to spare any attention for love. Very few people knew that he was always thinking about his fiancée, the true love that he let get away because of his ridiculous notions of kindness.The great, unmarried emperor ended his long and lonely life after choosing a successor for the throne.When he opens his eyes again, Li Rong has returned to his youth.The young puppy Li Rong believes that if you love someone, you must give that person freedom.The old dog Li Rong says that is all nonsense. If you love someone, you must possess that person at all costs.Much later on, An Ji rubs his sore waist and thinks that his new life is still tragic to some extent.The young puppy and the old dog come in turns. Even the strongest omega wouldn’t be able to stand it… ORZ - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Don’t Wait for Your Boyfriend in the CrematoriumChapter 115 Honeymoon x2

When crossing over to multiple books, Ren Shuhan found that every protagonist Shou was waiting for him to start chasing them in the crematorium.“Don’t waste your time waiting,” He advised sincerely, “There are more 0s than 1s, so I’m not going to chase someone that is not interested.”The protagonist Shou (sneering): Oh, there will be a day where you’ll lick the ground I walk on.After waiting and waiting…Ren Shuhan: “This is the wedding invitation for my childhood friend and I’s wedding.”On the wedding night, Ren Shuhan removed the veil: “Baby, I’ve come to marry you.”“Don’t you know that life is nothing but a play where you are the male lead and I am just a supporting character?”“I know, but I don’t care.”He was smiling, but Jiang Qingyue wept. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Totally Marked by an Alpha Who’s Not My BoyfriendChapter 26 35 [End]

Due to an accident, Chu Ling, an Omega, was forcibly marked by a strange Alpha named Han Gu. The government stipulates that the marked Alpha and Omega must be married. The two were forced to live together on the premise of marriage, and Chu Ling had to break up with his ex-boyfriend.After cohabitation, both parties are affected by the mark, are particularly sensitive to each other’s pheromones, and are also extremely thirsty for each other’s bodies. From the beginning of the two people’s rejection and resistance to instinct, to understanding each other, and finally falling in love with each other. Willing to let the other person into his heart.“If I give you another chance, will you choose him or me?”“I choose you.” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - My Omega Superior Has a Tailv2 Chapter 93 Extra 2. Meow Meow + Women's Clothing (Part 2)

Ping Mo has been transferred from the Special Forces to the Alliance University, and the whole university is in an uproar. The new instructor, Ping Mo, is said to be a top alpha, with a lean waist, long legs, a nice ass, and a great sense of humor.The little sweet omegas get weak at the sight of him.Pei Yutu disdains: What’s so good about this f*cking little white guy?Later, Pei Yutu discovers Ping Mo’s little secret; He is an omega, a rare Therian omega!Big Pei pressed the man into the toilet stall, his teeth gently crushed his glands, looked at the flushed drill sergeant, squeezed the tail behind him, and laughed, “Damn! You’re so good everywhere!” - Description from Novelupdates

Born to Be Rebellious [Quick Transmigration]Chapter 208: Pandora

Ge Xiu is a nefarious star criminal. After being arrested, according to the Interstellar Supreme Law, he will face two choices: either serve a sentence of 1156 years in black prison or enter countless virtual worlds and become a miserable person who is tortured and abused all his life. How much he suffers is how much his sentence can be reduced. Ge Xiu chose the second one without hesitation.So… The trial surveillance system stared dumbfounded at the Former•Interstellar Most•Wanted•Criminal•Currently•Weak•Poor Ge Xiu in the virtual world, punching the empire, kicking the Federation, overthrowing oppression and building a new world. Then he turned his head to the camera and cried: “I’ve had a miserable life, really.”“…” The surveillance system that was about to explode of anger: “Like hell I’d believe you!” Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

MTL - After This Battle, Go Home and Get MarriedChapter 51 End of text

In the era of interstellar warfare, every melee mech will be paired with a long-range sniper mech to cover the battle.The sniper mecha master Yan Xueshan (beta) and the melee mecha master Arthur (alpha) are just such a pair. The two have been together for six years.The upcoming Armageddon is a near-death battle.the day before.Yan Xueshan: “Remember to write a suicide note in advance.”Arthur said frustratedly: “I have only one regret. If I die this time, I will be a virgin until I die.”Yan Xueshan snorted coldly: “…no promise.”Arthur asked pitifully, “Master, can you fulfill my dying wish??”Yan Xueshan: “?”How absurd.But Yan Xueshan thought about it, this is his comrade-in-arms, whose life and death intersect, chastity counts as a p- OK, I agreed! !However, after the Armageddon, none of them died.Not only did they become war heroes, Arthur also turned into a federal prince.Arthur took out the marriage application, just one signature, and said honestly and faithfully: “Master, didn’t you say that you will go back to get married and retire after this battle? You help me fulfill my wish, and I will help you fulfill my wish too!”Yan Xueshan: … something seems to be wrong?Content tags:Search keywords: Protagonist: Yan Xueshan, Arthur ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Fallen Merman~ Cougar and Bugs (all branches completed)

I had to take him home and raise him. There was no bathtub or a large basin at home, so I had to put him in the washing machine for the time being.It was an hour later before I remembered it again, by which he had been washed extremely clean. - Description from Novelupdates