MTL - Poor Familyv3 Chapter 1053 Ye Mie Shiwei [The Finale]

For Shi Liu, a dual-line powerhouse who was born in the last days, nothing is more important than living a good life. Therefore, when she was struck by lightning and went to the ancient border and became Li Wuya, the daughter of a poor military family, she adapted well and was very happy. Soon she went to the countryside and became an ancient woman.To live, you have to pursue something.Clothes: silk and satin, jewellery, not too much.Food: Some bird’s nest shark’s fin, sea cucumber and abalone every day, it’s not too much.Living: pavilions, pavilions, verandahs, secluded bamboo forests, singing birds and fragrant flowers, the home is a scenic spot, not too much.Xing: Xiangche BMW is indispensable, not too much.Money is endless, work is not needed, husband and children are hot on the bed, this day…perfect!Life is not easy, you must love yourself well, Shi Liu is determined to experience everything that she has never experienced or enjoyed in the last days.Unfortunately, reality slapped her hard.The border is bitterly cold, and there have been years of wars. Not to mention delicacies, it is not easy to have a full meal, and life is often threatened.Come on, roll up your sleeves and fight!Shi Liu adheres to one sentence: as long as you don’t block my way, hello, me, hello, everyone, otherwise! ! ! !If you want to have a stable position, you have to be arrogant, and you need to be happy in life, so be a superficial and happy layman. - Description from novelbuddy