MTL - Accidentally Married Miss EmpressChapter 82 (The 10,000-word update is the first

Gong Yu, a three-good student who entered the unknown world for no reason, became a sick and poor little Highness who disguised herself as a man.In line with the principle of hard work and progress, I work hard to be a two-headed grass and survive in a mixed court.However, she accidentally picked up the handkerchief of the future queen and sister, and returned it with the good character of picking up gold.The result was a series of such rumors.Since the love is compatible, the two are in love, and they are secretly in love, why not choose another day to get married?Gong Yu herself expressed panic, but the queen sister actually acquiesced.Content label: A special liking for fate encounters through time and space sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: “Gong Yu”, “Dai Ruyan” ┃ Supporting role: “A lot” ┃ Others: “A lot” - Description from MTLNovel