MTL - Wagging Your Tail In the Arms of President IcebergChapter 114 The protagonist's story 2

Soft cute crying bag nine-tailed fox princess x cold heart and hot heartAttack and favor each other 1v1, the past wears today’s cookies–Mingying, the little princess of the Nine-Tailed Clan, was chased and killed when she ran away from home and crossed into a forbidden area by mistake. When she opened her eyes, she was surrounded by a completely unfamiliar scene.When Mingying fled in a hurry, tired and hungry, a woman grabbed the back of her neck with a sullen face and took her away.Knowing that she was picked up by a demon slayer, Mingying is trying to escape every day.However, every time he escaped, he was caught by the other side by the back of his neck.Mingying: Even if I lie on the street and be a wild fox, I don’t want to live with this bad woman!LaterMingying: Why don’t the bad women come and touch my tail? QAQ–Fu Anyu caught a fox demon who was running around and disrupting order on the street.The fox demon became a mystery, and there was no such demon, so Fu Anyu kept her in his home for the purpose of surveillance.The fox demon is simple and squeamish, and always has no intention of tearing down the house and causing trouble. Fu Anyu had to investigate her origins and teach her how to live.Who would have known that the fox demon, who had to run away from time to time, was sticking to her day by day.#I just want to monitor the fox demon but raised a wife#–The cover is set for the protagonist, thanks to the artist guiluContent tags: A special liking, ancient and modern, urban strange news, cute petSearch keywords: Protagonist: Ming Ying, Fu Anyu ┃ Supporting roles: Chen Yanxuan, Du Yunxin, Hu Xiuli, Li Lingmao, He Che, Su JinyuOne sentence introduction: The president only pets me rua me~Purpose: Even if the identities are different, we must understand each other and live together. - Description from MTLNovel