MTL - Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacksv3 Chapter 4394 All truth

Ning Shu had dropped dead. But in a burst of good fortune she became a task-taker in charge of counterattacking for pitiful cannon fodder. Thus, Ning Shu, in one world after another, took all kinds of life roles, encountered all kinds of ‘you’re heartless, you’re ruthless, you’re making trouble for no reason’ people. She encountered all sorts of white lotus flowers, green tea b***hes, scheming b***hes, by the batch.Does any true beauty still exist in the world!? bellowed Ning Shu angrily. You annoying trash! I’m just here to counterattack, please don’t get in the way of me completing my task. Transmigration main character, reincarnation main character. There’s only a lazy task-taker, no undestroyable main character halo. Ning Shu had no choice but to painfully gather moral integrity in each of the worlds.Group Number: 579396123. Will once again reiterate, only talents with over 2000 followers can enter. If you do not have followers, do not join for the time being in order to avoid being hurt when you get rejected. When joining the group, attach a screenshot of your followers. Little darlings are welcomed to join. - Description from novelupdates

MTL - Boss Level Face-Slapping Specialist [Quick Transmigration]Chapter 590 Strong counterattack by weak chickens (end of full text)

Xu Zifan climbed to the top circle from the slums, and eventually became a boss level figure, who knew that once he crossed, he became a male cannon fodder!However, it doesn’t matter, he still wants to be the Big Boss, and whoever doesn’t have eyes will be turned into a slag in seconds!An idol was destroyed by a reborn woman? Start a company to cherish you!The real daughter of a rich family despises the childhood sweetheart? It doesn’t matter. I’ll have more fun with the fake daughter~A slag father gave his property to the half-brother? Give at will… How does bankruptcy feel, President?Should strive in every life to be the Big Boss! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - 100 Ways to Get the Male God~ 。

The devilishly charming Villain’s lips curled up and said: “Kiss me, hug me, hold me.”The cold icy beauty’s eyelashes lowered slightly: “You said you would marry me, you can’t take it back.”The yandere youngster’s eyes were deep and dark, raising his eyebrows and laughing softly: “Other than my side, where do you still want to go?”…… Yu Chu felt helpless and could only ask help from the Main God: “My Lord, your soul shards are always flirting with me, but I don’t want to be flirted with, what would you say I should do about it– Huh? Yeah, I really don’t want to be flirted with.”“Hey, wait wait….. Don’t be angry, hey, don’t feel wronged either, holy crap, don’t act cute and spoiled, okay okay, I will let you flirt, I will let you flirt alright!” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Quick Transmigration Counterattack: Mysterious Boss, Don’t TeaseChapter 3411 Night out (the finale)

The system asked: “What happened to the slag man?”Bei Yu Tang answered: “Destroyed.”The system asked again: “What happened to the boss?”Bei Yu Tang immediately ran away!Whether abuse of slag male or white lotus, she, Bei Yu Tang is very skilled.But regarding abusing the boss, forget it!Big BOSS’s fighting power is too strong, for small shrimp like her, it is still the best policy.She did not want to destroy the boss, but was destroyed by the boss.BOSS lord: “Wife, who do you want to destroy, let your husband do it.”Bei Yu Tang excitedly replied: “System monarch.”System: (face filled with tears and dead … …)[Story of pampering, 1v1, Straightforward story, Easy and humorous] - Description from 69shu translation

MTL - Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never StoppingChapter 4199 Light Ferry Circuit, Jiu Sheng Nian Jun An (End of Full Text)
ComedyRomanceSchool Life

Luo Qing Chen is a wandering spirit that died thirty thousand years ago, roaming the Chaos SpaceIn order to not turn into dust, she is bound by an ice cold system to travel through time and space to complete missions.Girls that pretend to be weak?  Slap them without explaining.A silly cannon fodder?  Helping them amass treasures.Meeting a real male god?  All of them will pamper.System: Dear masters, what do I do if my host even dares bully the heavens?  Waiting for an answer, it’s urgent!A certain male god: Change systems.System: ヽ〔?Д?〕丿 - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Quick Transmigration: Seducing the Wolf BossChapter 1020 Only me, love your paranoid soul (final ending)

In order to chase down and kill her own murderer, Xia Yichu reached an agreement with the 233 system, and she will travel through the world to complete the task, and The 233 system helped her return to the original world.However, Xia Yichu often encountered a broken BOSS while he was on his way to do the task. He did n’t agree with each other on the wall, the bed, the various patterns, and kept talking.System: Please use one word to describe the other person’s impression in your heart.Xia Yichu: Competent.Shen Jiaye: Mine. - Description from 69shu

MTL - Plane Master Copy~ New book set sail

Traveling through the world of movies, TV series, cartoons and novels, you can freely copy the blood, skills, knowledge, and even memories of others … - Description from Uukanshu

MTL - All Aspects Are Kneeling and Begging the Villain Heroine To Be a PersonChapter 3574 I heard that she is timid and fearful of society (41)

[Female strong, 1v1, sweet text, male protagonist paid for the phone bill]She was the big villain who made the raiders of all planes feel the fear, tearing up all the systems in a fit of rage.Because it was too boring to be trapped in a small world, Qianyan grabbed a system and started a new mission.The first plane: The queen worked hard to help the emperor to conquer the country, but was framed and sent to the cold palace and died of illness.The original owner’s wish is that the children will live in peace, and Qianyan will directly abuse the scum and become the empress!The second plane: The original owner’s wish is to protect the elder brother and prevent him from being disabled.Qianyan: Is he not healthy? The original owner, are you satisfied?The original owner: Satisfied… (really not forced at all)The third plane…Qianyan found that there was an acquaintance following her in almost every plane, and she wanted to be with her at every turn.But she just wants to do tasks and careers, and doesn’t want to fall in love! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering LoveChapter 5393 Female anchor's Xiuxian Internet Red Road 228

The obsessed Big Brother, the loyal God, the yandere Vampire, the cold Honor’s Student… When a grand variety of Prince Charmings arrive continuously, what should a person feel like? Luo Liyan held her poor aching waist, raised her head to the skies and sighed, give them to whoever wants them!“What, want to run after seducing me?” That man with strong possessiveness approached little by little, trapping her in a corner. “Little Yan, what type do you like? I can always satisfy you, as long as you stay at my side!” Looking at that man who seemed more devilish the more he smiled, Luo Liyan trembled as she hugged herself. Cries… So terrifying. Who the hell forcefully gave and took like this guy? - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Quick Transmigration: Male Lead, You’re Overpowered?Chapter 1133 Sweet written in the end [full text]

A long time later, Ah Zhao and her younger generations started chatting about her own story.“At first, I was selected by the system to become the man’s plug-in to help him reach the pinnacle of life.”“-Then what happened afterward?”Ah Zhao lit a cigarette and her expression had great changes:“-Later, I became the wife of the Male God.” - Description from novelupdates

MTL - Quick Transmigration Second Female Lead is also Black on the InsideChapter 2239 Come back (end of text)

Death started her on the road of book transmigration. Transmigrating into different supporting females, snatching opportunities and men from the different worlds’ female leads’ hands. Hey, Female Lead, you can have the male lead, the supporting male is the one I want. Walking on this endless road, Xia Qiu did not expect that during these countless book transmigrations, the one she saved has always been the same person. He’s from outer space, trapped in the stream of time, with only a robot for company. Meeting her, falling for her…… However the sweetness isn’t easy. With a Boss as her man, Xia Qiu has a lot of worries. The Boss wants to bring me along as he destroys the earth, what should I do? #waiting online, quite urgent# - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Male God Is Always TargetedChapter 1595 The most beautiful thing in the world is that one plus one equals three (the finale)
Shounen AiYaoi

Luo Ling, an expert in the art of disguise, was bound to a System and was eager to begin his task.As a result, before even successfully completing a mission, he got married!At a 36 degree angle, Luo Ling sorrowfully looked up into space: “Tong’er, tell me, do I still have a chance to free myself?”System: “… Your man is behind you.”Luo Ling: “!!!”The person who arrived, gathered Luo Ling in his arms, hugging him from behind as he said in a bewitchingly dangerous tone: “Based on your thoughts, it seems that I have not given you enough love. So let’s proceed in exploring ways to continue a new life.” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Super Male God System [Fast Wear]Chapter 442 newborn
ActionComedyDramaSchool Life

Xiao Qingrong had no mother and no father. With his own ability, he climbed to the peak of life, then encountered a system who could shuttle him across time and space. “Do you want to become a male god?”He turned into a 17-year old, weak chicken with two years left in prison, Xiao Qingrong coldly interrogated the system. The system, playing dead, threw a powerful pill.#In short, this Male God always threatens his Super Male God System#Related Novel: - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious!Chapter 1369 Reborn eight zero small wife [23]

Before she met the system, Bai Yu always thought that she was a girl who was incomparably innocent who can’t understand.After encountering the system, she dragged the sour and tired body day and night, greeting the system and the man for a thousand lives and 10,000 times.– The final conclusion is that the body is fragile, and it need to be cherished.This is a story of being crushed by one male after another. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - The Heroine, She Has a Prosperous Beauty~ The new book "Quick Clothes is a real boss" is released~~

【Celebrity】【1V1】Cold Su!Taking on a heavy responsibility to become the so-called master of time and space… Forced to enter the mission world to fix loopholes, and look for those “mysterious outsiders” in various time and space!Hidden reborn girl? Greedy transmigration girl? The jealous daughter of destiny?NO! NO! NO!These are a piece of cake! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Big Brother’s Little Ancestor is So Sweet~ Closing remarks

[Full text is free, the new book has been published, please support] Healing Cookies, Shuangjie 1v1Shiyou was bound by the rescue villain system, and asked her to go to the world of books, save the beautiful and powerful villains, lead him on the right path, and avoid the fate of blackening and being cannon fodder.When we first met—System: The host must be a cute little sweet.Shiyou’s head is full of black lines: No… I’m not, don’t talk nonsense.Later-System: Compared with the villain, the host is more like a blackened object.Shiyou: Should you tell the stupid system that it tied the wrong person.When Shiyou was about to unbind, the man trapped her tightly in his arms and begged in a low voice: You must dare to leave, believe it or not, I will die for you…Shiyou: QAQ, they all say that he is the villain, and it is terrible to be blackened. In fact, he is very good at coaxing. As long as I smile, he is willing to give me his life.#Meet you, the broken me finally becomes complete#Remark:1. Sweet pet text, Sususu! So cool! Strong women and men are also strong and love each other.2. Ying Zhan vs Shiyou, the male protagonist is the same person, and each world will pass his life until the male protagonist dies. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Day I Played with Ronaldo~ The starting point of the new book "Kai Tian Ji"!

Chinese fringe international Licado became the alien Ronaldo’s half-brother in 2002.This is a nearly omnipotent Ronaldo who has not been plagued by injuries.As a huge fan of Ronaldo, Licado is his biggest supporter?And when he himself picked up the Golden Globe for the first time said, “He [Ronaldo] didn’t lose to me, he wouldn’t lose to anyone,” . He just lost to time … ”Without a system, without a golden finger, rebirth is his greatest luck. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Rubik’s Cube Heavensv8 Chapter 17 guilt

“Magic is magnificent.”“Magic is mysterious.”“Magic is a miracle.”“Magic is also…violent!”“The splendor that bursts out in an instant; the mystery is in the endless unknown; the miracle saves too much despair; the violence is…”Teammate: “Don’t be crooked! The enemy is almost rushing up! Attack!”“Oh, alright!”The protagonist hurriedly took a deep breath of ‘hiss, fur’, and then concentrated on his breath.next moment!“Waaaagh——”teammate:”……”Related worlds: HP, Big Pineapple, WOW, One Man, Magic Comic Series, Magic Movie Series, DC, Marvel, etc. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Scum Male’s Whitewashing Manualv2 Chapter 306 end

Mission: Transmigrate world by world into a scoundrel’s body; clean up the original’s life.Wei Mingyan is a liar, through and through. But he doesn’t see himself as such. His motto? “If one deceives others for a lifetime, then all lies would become the truth.” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Sweet Finale to a Lifetime of Quick TransmigrationsChapter 97 Extraordinary

After Su Nuo had died, she discovered that she had lived in a novel world where the female supporting character had overtaken her role as the female lead.The female supporting character, who had transmigrated into Su Nuo’s world, was pretty and outstanding. She had easily replaced the good-for-nothing dodder of a female lead.Then, Su Nuo went through a series of quick transmigrations —The flirtatious concubine of a troubled nation, the cannon fodder in a prestigious family, a young girl who joined the military for her father…Su Nuo transmigrated back to her original world after completing ten quick transmigration assignments.Outside the patient room, the fiance that she had grown up with mocked her coldly, “I don’t care if you try to commit suicide for me 100 times. I will never be interested in you.”This was the day after she had attempted to commit suicide for Chen Weng. It was a warm and sunny day in spring, and she was 19 years old.***Su Nuo was a well-pampered, sweet pushover. Chen Wang hadn’t liked her since she was a child.However…He later discovered that his pampered and tender fiancee had turned into a female despot.#Where men who had bullied the women that loved them come to die##You might enjoy a momentary satisfaction bullying a woman that loves you, but you’ll be chasing yourself straight into the crematorium in the next scene##Chen Wang is not the male lead##A love interest that isn’t an expressionless iceberg##Loving birth family and adopted parents# - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden FingersChapter 148 Big Bang 4
AdventureComedySchool LifeSupernatural

What is a Protagonist?After transmigrating, the wind will blow and the water will rise! After rebirth, begin the slaughter in all four directions!Bring a system to win at life!  Carry a dimension to soar above the masses!Enter a red packet group and walk to the peak!… …How could a life without a cheat be called a Protagonist?However——Behind every successful Protagonist lies innumerable cannon fodder, they are unresigned to be the Protagonist’s stepping stone, they want to be the main characters of their own lives, it doesn’t have to be dazzling but it must be a unique and unmatched life.Wen Qing’s job is to complete the wishes of these cannon fodder, settle their obsessions, and allow them to successfully reincarnate.  Regarding the reward for completing the missions ——she can snatch the Protagonist’s golden finger. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Discussing The Correct Posture To Enjoy Dog FoodChapter 318 Xuan Xuan × Tian Zhen's Fanwai (Part 2)

Gou Liang travels through worlds in order to complete a mysterious and arduous mission…16 worlds in total: School Campus: Strawberry Flavored Scholar Gong √ Entertainment circle: Lemon Flavored Film Emperor Gong √ Ancient Time: Honey Tangerine Flavored Shadow Guard Gong √ WuXia: Melon Flavored Senior Brother √ Beastmen: Pineapple flavored Beastmen Gong √ Ghost Spirits: Snow Pear Flavored Dead Gong √ Ancient Time: Gr*pe Flavored Regent Gong √ Apocalypse: Banana Flavored Boss Gong √ Interstellar: Pomegranate Flavored Sentinel Gong √ Modern: Citrus Flavored Aristocrat Gong √ Mecha: Sweet Jujube flavored Lunar New Year Gong √ Ancient Time: Durian Flavored Battle God Gong √ Magic: Watermelon Flavored Blacken Gong √ Cultivation: Cherry Flavored Disciple Gong √ Fantasy: Blueberry Flavored Demon King Gong √ Celestial World: Bayberry flavored Senior Immortal Gong √ - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - I am a Big VillainChapter 355 His heart has white moonlight 15
ActionAdventureRomanceSchool Life

The scum’s or villain’s long road of transformation was tentatively set to the world:The abandonment of the educated youth’s wife (Completed)The hidden marriage of the scum film emperor (Completed)The best brother in the world (Completed)The Phoenix male who destroy the bridge after crossing the river (Completed)The treasonous general (Completed)I’m an honest man (Completed)To become the top scorer in the School of Agriculture (Completed)The soft rice man’s self-cultivation (Completed)The whole world is reborn (Completed)I want to survive on a desert island (Completed)The stallion male who has seized the opportunity (Completed)The perverted self-salvation (Completed)The spring of the loafer (Completed)The misplaced life (Completed)The miser career (Completed)The ghost is out of feeling (Completed)The Queen’s favorite husband (Completed)The vicious girl with her godfather (Completed)I want to be a good person (Completed)I does not tear up the family (Completed)The perverted common plant (Completed)The Mary Sue’s men (Completed)Every time I was reborn, someone wants to kill me (Completed)The old people’s counterattack path (Completed)The global evolution (Completed)When I became a net red (Completed)For you, good person (Completed)His heart had white moonlight (Completed) - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Fast Crossing Strategy Villain Male GodChapter 564 ending

Forced to bind the cannon fodder system by the Lord God, Mu Yunge was abused to the point of doubting her life, and she vowed that one day she would counterattack the Lord God and avenge him!But after her anti-control system returned to the old world, whenever her acting skills exploded and she was about to torture the hero and heroine to death, there was always a strong villain Boss, who frantically expressed her love to her!The villain, I’m just a cannon fodder, okay? Please let go!In this regard, the villain said domineeringly: You have only two choices, be my daughter-in-law, or let me be your husband! Other than that, you have no choice! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Quick Transmigration, the Male Lead is Not Easy to TopChapter 355 end

In a world where everyone has a system, Liang Yu, who had lost his previous system, finally received a second one. This time, he was playing the second male lead instead of a cannon fodder.He has one mission.Bend the male lead.Liang Yu: I can do this task just fine. But Lord God, please don’t drop the novel again. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Quick Transmigration: Rescuing Supporting Male Leads PlanChapter 267 Extra

In the novels, all kinds supporting male leads are not only handsome but also talented. However, the existence of the female lead’s halo makes them lose their lives and properties!In order to change this situation, male supporting role rescue plan officially starts.Gu Jinmi was inadvertently selected by the system. However, for her own happy future, she will work hard.(There’s another novel with the same name but different author. The story is different too.) - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - I’m the Hero, His Brother, Wear It QuicklyChapter 361 Extra one

Yuan Jia died early, and only after meeting the system did he know that his younger brother was the male lead, and he was the male lead’s cannon fodder brother.Even if he is more talented than the male protagonist, how can he be more powerful than the male protagonist as a supporting role?So he suffered a plot kill.His business empire will be inherited by the male protagonist’s younger brother…The connections he made will be inherited by the male protagonist’s younger brother…The marriage date he set was inherited by the male protagonist’s younger brother…And he is just the older brother who died young in the memory of the male protagonist. Take it out and remember it when you need it, and forget it when you don’t need it.​​Yuan Jia’s goal is to work hard to live longer than the male protagonist’s younger brother.As long as he doesn’t die, the male protagonist will always be just a younger brother.World 01: [There is no eldest son of Houfu who died of illness] √World 02: [There is no giant president who died in an air crash] √World 03: [Nongmen Tianjiao who did not fall into the water] √World 04: [Founding Emperor who was not robbed and killed] √World 05: [There is no school god who died in a car accident] √World 06: [Prince who was not deposed and poisoned] √World 07: [There is no brother who accidentally fell off a cliff and died] √World 08: [The true biography that was not plotted by the younger brother] √World 09: [Cousin without plundering ability] √World 10: [A powerful minister who was not framed for treason] √…2. Whether Yuanjia wants to marry and have children depends on the situation.3. There are many kinds of male protagonists and younger brothers, there are dark villain male protagonists, and there are decent male protagonists of Guang Zhengwei…4. Various types of routines, please pay attention.Content Labels: System Fast Passing Through Books ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Yuan Jia ┃ Supporting role: Pre-received new articles “White Eyed Wolf, I Don’t Love You [Quick Cross]”, “I am a gentleman of the male/female host [Quick Cross]” click into the column to see! ┃ Other:One sentence introduction: I am not dead, the male protagonist will always be a younger brother!Purpose: The protagonist must fight for his life with the sky and live a wonderful life. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Analects of Righteous Father’s CollapseChapter 235 Loyalty

Jiang Liu lost his father at the age of three. When he turned five, his mother decided to run away with another man. At the age of fourteen, he sent off the only relative he had, his grandfather, before carrying a small amount of property and stepping into the big dyeing tank called society.He was stingy, selfish and absolutely disgraceful. Except for breaking the law, he accumulated all the bad habits available to the mankind. Yet, such a man, after an unexpected death, was bounded by a silicon-based creature called the righteous father’s system. Since then he started his magnificent career in the world system.World 1: On the ultimate evolution of unquestioning filial piety;World 2: The man who loves to boast;World 3: The search for the second spring for ones own motherWorld 4: Good fatherWorld 5: The self-cultivation of a national husbandWorld 6: AcrobatWorld 7: Divine stickWorld 8: My home has a baby eggWorld 9: The correct way of wearing the green hatWorld 10: Tremble, you scum manWorld 11: An angel who doesn’t like to talkWorld 12: The rebellion plan of a martyrAfter several worlds went by…..Righteous father’s system 001: [Shivering], I wonder if I still have time to change my host. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Good Man Operation GuideChapter 174 Extra

The constant mission is getting redemption.Shuttle though various worlds to become a variety of scum men, do a little whitewashing and become a good man in the eyes of everyone.Redeem those who are miserable, and let them live a happy life. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - After the Boss Retires, He Becomes Obsessed with Raising CubsChapter 312 Rebooted The Way of the Dog 3

Some cubs are not only well-behaved and sensible, but also obedient and promising, but they are not valued or favored.The boss who broke out from the counterattack mission was forced to retire early and happily lived a comfortable life of raising cubs.[Gloomy and withdrawn, a junior high school student who died saving someone who fell into the water – the actor’s father thinks that pampering children should start from an early age][A loveless scholar who divorces his wife—how can a mere slave talk about his wife]【A Rebellious Adopted Son—On Inheritance】[The female supporting role in the story of retiring marriage counterattack—the male lead, you will be able to touch my daughter’s heels in thirty years if you counterattack again][After the daughter and the prince made an engagement, the prince moved on – who said that the royal general would not dare to withdraw the engagement? 】[The playful ex-husband of the heroine of the time-traveling novel—come and work for me. 】[The virtuous fiancée that the scumbag wants to make up for after being reborn→Forget about harming my daughter for the rest of her life, and want to continue rambling after rebirth? 】[The gambler father who only knows that he sucked blood from the actor’s son → what? The biggest investor in the crew is my dad? 】It doesn’t matter if the child is not perfect, Dad will always love you.Read the guide:1. To determine the gender of negative characters based on the setting.2. Involving ancient tactics and so on are all superficial, and various private settings refer to a hodgepodge of history.3. Although the protagonist is a retired tycoon, he behaves mildly, and the role of raising cubs is the majority.Content tags: system fast travel cool text growthSearch keywords: Protagonist: Xie Hui ┃ Supporting role: Cub ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Thirty-ninth RaidersChapter 736 .,

#The thirty-ninth time embarked on the journey of attacking the Lord God#——”The Lord God is like a flower on a high mountain, and it can only be seen from a distance.”The soft, waxy and clean women’s clothing boss gently tugged at the corner of her clothes, “Sister, I can’t sleep without you.”——”The Lord God will always be high in my heart.”The sickly and beautiful prince said softly and lazily, “If you don’t marry me, choose the one you like with these handcuffs and shackles.”——”In short, the heart of the Lord God is pure and flawless!”The fox demon boy slightly curled the corners of his lips, his nine tails curled slightly, and hooked up softly: “I will treat you very well, think about it?”“…………”It’s all small scenes, don’t panic! ⊙﹏⊙∥ - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Quick Transmigration: The Boss’ White Moonlight is ResurrectedChapter 222 Extra 6: Weakness

Wan Tong was bound by the “Corpse Collecting System” and travelled through various small worlds. Her mission is to use the big boss’ white moonlight’s body to resurrect and stop raiders from looting the big boss’ luck.Wan Tong : Didn’t you say that the big boss has no emotional line?System : Who brought the white moonlight back to life →_→Wan Tong : …. sob, sob, every day I try my best to help the boss deal with the raiders, but the boss is thinking about how to attack her!PS :(1) The male lead is the same person, the white moonlight is the original MC, which is mentioned later.(2) Every world is probably sweet loveT/N : white moonlight = first love - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Accidentally Become the Belief of the Whole WorldChapter 192 Extra

In every world, there is no shortage of vicious cannon fodder.They are arrogant, dandy, gloomy, and sick. They are the stepping stones of the protagonists and the sublimation agents of their emotions.And Shi Jingge became such a vicious cannon fodder.In the world of the entertainment industry, he is a playful young master who is playful and playful;In the world of cultivating immortals, he is a ruthless elder brother who kills people and seizes treasures;In the Western fantasy world, he is the holy son of light who abuses spirit beasts;After Shi Jingge passed through, people were surprised to find that it was different from what they had imagined——The young master is obviously innocent and cute, and he protects one talented idol after another!The big brother who is not good at words quietly sent back one piece of spiritual weapon, each one is a treasure!The Holy Son guards the entire continent alone in the dark, and he is covered with bruises every day without saying a word. He should be the faith of the entire continent! theShi Jingge: You may not believe it.Shi Jingge: In the beginning, I just didn’t want to die so badly.But in this world, who is willing to hurt him?He is the light, he is the faith, he is the only one.Read the guide:1. I improved the stalk and modified the copy. The first version of the copy was released in 2019 and revised on November 26, 20202. Su Shuang is silly and sweet, a real thief Su thief Su thief Su, 1V13. Read the article harmoniously, discuss it friendly, don’t tell me if you abandon the article, thank youContent tags: system sweet text quick travel cool textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Shi Jingge, Wen Xusheng ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:One sentence introduction: He is light, he is faith, and he is the only one.Conception: Even if you are in the mud, you must go forward to the bright world, and one day, you will walk with the light - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - My Brother is a Big ShotChapter 138 Immortal world outside

Yan Qing’s sister, who has been sent down to earth, was schemed; designed to be a miserable female character in every life.To save her younger sister, Yan Qing, a retired quick-transmigrator, full class man, once again set foot on the world shuttle journey to hardcore protect his sister and counterattack scumbags.And then … ——The real daughter who was kicked out of the House: sorry, my richest brother came to pick me up.Abandoned White Moonlight stand-in: sorry, my elder brother said you lost your throne.Face-slapped cannon fodder female partner: sorry, the country spoils my brother, my brother spoils me! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - The Supporting Female Character Is Not Behaving AgainChapter 218 sunset sun rise

It was rumored that a woman beat her weak, poor, helpless husband in the middle of the night.It was rumored that a woman gave up working hard to go to school with her bamboo stick.It was rumored that a woman …… was simply not human!Meng Changjin pressed her throbbing temples: “And it is rumored that today’s dinner would be simmer-fried carp!”Fish System: Hey, hey, the host is not behaving again ~ - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Quick Wear: The Host is Dangerous and SultryChapter 1137 Like the beginning and like the end (the finale)

Sheng Jiaoyang, a scumbag full-level disaster, turned on the fast-passing mode after overturning the car, and happily worked in various worlds.As a result, accidentally, they all turned into snake spirits.The playful son on campus, the eldest young master of the wealthy group, the cold and paranoid hero, the playboy of the game world, the noble and cold monarch of a country… These are supposed to be the proud sons of heaven who should have a smooth life, but they all met Misfortune floods Sheng Jiaoyang.Jiao Yang spread his hands helplessly: “Everything, what if your host is too charming?”System: “…Just be happy if you’re happy.” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - So Fragrant [Quick Transmigration]Chapter 136

After Chu Xia transmigrated, the villain forcefully grabbed onto his chin. With a gloomy expression and dark eyes, he coldly said, “Since you really enjoy hiring people to ruin others, why don’t you get a taste of your own medicine today.”Chu Xia glanced at the goons standing behind the villain with eyes filled with a third of ridicule, a third of disgust, and a fourth of disappointment: That’s it? That’s all you got?Gong before: He isn’t worthy of being compared to XXX. / Stay away from me, don’t touch me. / I’m straight, don’t get any ideas…Gong after: So fragrant. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Guide To the HE of the Former Female Supporting RoleChapter 180

Jing Zhao is an employee of the fast travel branch. Her job is to act as the first love girlfriend of the hero in each small world.As an object destined to be cannon fodder, the role she plays is either arrogant and hypocritical, or worships money and greed, which is in stark contrast to the true, kind and beautiful protagonist who will appear next to the male protagonist in the future.The damage that the male protagonist receives from her will be healed by the female protagonist, thus reaching the HE ending of the healing system.However, the Lord God told Jing Zhao that the male protagonist who was abused by her was hurt too deeply, and he no longer believed in love. All the employees of the True Love Group returned home without a cure, and the small world collapsed and destroyed…Jing Zhao was forced to go back to the stove and clean up the mess he left behind.(End) World One: Arrogant and indulgent rich daughter × poor and pure academic god (after seducing the academic god, smash his heart into pieces, and wantonly trample and humiliate him)Before returning to the furnace, Jing Zhao: It’s just a bet, it’s really interesting to see how we learn to fall in love!After returning to the furnace, Jing Zhao: …(End) World 2: Black Lotus Female Doctor×Little Wolf Dog Experimental SubjectBefore returning to the furnace, Jing Zhao: Love? What love is there to talk about in the end of the world? It’s not worth the usefulness of your supernatural ability. Don’t worry, as long as you cooperate obediently, the pain will end soon.After returning to the furnace, Jing Zhao: …(End) World 3: Qingmei, a fine vase × top-ranking actor Zhuma (Vase attacked the showbiz, abandoned the actor for resources)Before returning to the furnace, Jing Zhao: You want me to act in any drama that breaks the Internet, are you still my boyfriend? I do not care! If we can’t get the heroine of “xxx”, we will break up.(End) World Four: Frail and Sick White Lotus × White Cut Hei Tong Husband (ghost) [Ancient](End) World Five: The Most Beautiful Female in the Tribe × Overbearing and Loyal Dog White Tiger(End) The Sixth World: Infatuated Rich Girl × Fake Dude Rich Second Generation(End) The Seventh World: Simple and Cute Mermaid × Human Singer(End) World Eight: Voice-activated sleep aid female anchor × Zhenxiang game master(End) The Ninth World: The Proud Princess×Human Snake Guard [Interstellar](End) World Ten: Grinding Fairy × Innocent Daoist [Fantasy](End) World Eleven: Green Tea Gold Digger × Uprightness Gets Rich(End) World Twelve: Gentle scum, paranoid overlord × blatant evil beautyContent tags: time travel female supporting roleSearch keywords: Protagonist: Jing Zhao ┃ Supporting role: Small World ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Female Queen Quick Time Travel: The Wife is a Husband LoverChapter 943 Lovely woman at the door (23)
ActionFantasyMartial ArtsRomance

(female respect + quick travel + save the hero + one-to-one sweet pet)If Su Qiruo transmigrated into a book, she transmigrated into a Novel of Empresses that she was reading.In the book, women are masters of the outside world, and they are appointed as marquises to pay homage to their prime ministers. This is indeed a cool text in the Shuang text.I wanted to achieve my own career happily and freely, regardless of love affairs.But when the poor little child knelt down in front of her humbly and called out: “My wife…”Su Qiruo still couldn’t hold back and rushed forward.That’s all, it’s good to bring a tow bottle.It’s okay to pet and be happy. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Please Have a Cup of Green TeaChapter 171 Venus Extravaganza (Part 2)

As a senior Green Tea, Bi Ming recently became addicted to watching love variety shows and she found a very interesting phenomenon:As long as the girls are more popular and people can’t find any real black spots, they like to call them “Green Tea”.As long as you don’t like a girl, using “Tea” to describe the other party seems to be able to win back a city and humiliate her maliciously.No matter what the character of the girl is; innocent, lively, gentle, kind, or bright and generous, as long as they use the word “Tea” to label the other party, they can scold her to their heart’s content.“She is also green tea?” Bi Ming watched the sour netizens in the comment area jumping up and down to scold the most beautiful and well behaved girl in the show as ‘Green tea girl,’ and she couldn’t help sneering, “I still have too little knowledge.”Real green tea can make you cry without crying. As a green tea herself, Bi Ming was well versed in the ‘tea art’. Even if she changed men like she changes clothes, whenever she hooked her finger, someone will lick it. Moreover, she could also render the lemon essences who were jealous of her speechless.Just when she sighed, a light sphere calling itself the “Green tea system” appeared.“Congratulations on seeing through the essence and summoning this system.”“As we all know, ‘green tea’ has become the best way to stigmatize attractive girls in today’s society. ”“Some girls, who do not meet the standard of green tea at all, are framed as green tea and have no power to fight back, which greatly reduces the reputation of green tea.”“Ms. Bi Ming, as a senior green tea in this world, would you like to go to other worlds and let some ignorant frogs at the bottom of the well, who have wronged good people, experience the real tea art?”Bi Ming smiled lightly: “It sounds very interesting.” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Almighty DadChapter 157 The troubles of the foolish prince 16

Han Ze’s biggest wish in his life is to have a child. However, in the interstellar era with low fertility value, this wish is very slim, and his life has not been realized at the end of his life.After his death, due to his obsession, he was bound by the almighty dad system, traveling through different planes to be a father to those children who were in urgent need of help.Patriarchal Dad (Completed)Upstart Cheating Dad (Completed)Abuse Dad (Completed)Playful Daddy (Completed)The Last God the Father (Completed)Father and Father (Completed)Sick Daddy (Completed)The troubles of Lord Han (Completed)……Content Labels: Ability System Fast Passing Through BooksSearch keywords: protagonist: Han Ze ┃ supporting role: many ┃ others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Boss Has Been Tricked By the Lord God Again~ last words

Yun Chu was thrown into the small world for training, and he just wanted to fill up his progress and go back to make trades.Unexpectedly, I met a difficult and clingy little devil.The young man hooked his lips softly and stalked him, but the indifferent daughter of Heavenly Dao was indifferent.until–Someone on the edge of blackening leads the big guy into the pit step by step.“You can’t escape~”【Quick Pass/Main Sweet/1v1】#Also known as “The Big Brother Is Actually Not Cold”, “The Love Diary of the Little Lord God”# - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - How To Practice Fast Through the White MoonlightChapter 812 season finale
Gender BenderRomanceSci-fi

Dress up as a man#What is White Moonlight?The white moonlight is like the bright moon in the sky.What I can’t get is always acting as a real. Bai Yueguang. As a real. Bai Yueguang. Wen Xien takes the plot seriously, but every time the plot collapses, I can’t bear to look directly.The scene of a large Shura field.Sports students who are gradually becoming crazy: “Aren’t we best friends? Isn’t it enough to have me?”The step-brother who gradually revealed his true nature: “No one in this world loves you except me.”The opponent who gradually criticized: “They can, why can’t I.”Gradually perverted junior: “I want to tear you apart, I want to be one with you.”Wen Xien “…Tong, your mission goals are so perverted, do you know?”The system sneered: “I forced you out!”This is a story of a small craftsman who turned the mission target into a snake spirit disease. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Humble Spare Tire is Set After the Car Rolls OverChapter 230 End of text

#I just want to be a licking dog in peace##Don’t fucking chase me. I just lick you for the bonus, so you just take advantage of it for nothing? #Chao Ci is a fast wearer with excellent performance, and his task is to lick the dog of the protagonist.No one does this kind of thankless work, but Chao Ci did it well for bonuses and performance.The protagonist treats me as a stand-in, should I be willing to lick him? No problem!The protagonist Long Aotian is just using me but I want to chase him wildly. What does he want from me? No problem!When Chao Ci got the bonus after completing all the tasks, he was pulled back after a few days of being dashing.I heard that every time he was a dog licker, the protagonist turned black, and he was forcibly pulled back… exm? ?[Heartless and heartless, only **Jin is super good-looking and heartwarming, but I don’t know that X is very fond of it, but I don’t admit that the last crematorium is super arrogant and arrogant]①Reincarnated and transcended the calamity X the young son of the mortal world vase family:In the past, Chao Ci treated the gods very well, but the gods didn’t care about the mere mortals. After the calamity was over, he erased the memory of the Chao Ci and went to the god realm. Later, the gods had no time to repent and return to the mortal world, but the court speech whose memory was erased already had other sweethearts.②Dark Liudian’s male main attack X gave money to resource tool people and the big boss received:The father died tragically, and the male protagonist was ordered to inherit the sect. At this time, the distraction period Danny, who is famous in the cultivation world, said in his speech that he could give money and resources to his sect as a shelter, on the condition that the male protagonist will be his Taoist companion for five years, will he do it? The male protagonist grinned: It’s done.After that, Chao Ci took his heart and heart to him, and obeyed his words. At the end of the five-year period, the male protagonist was already in the Mahayana period standing at the top of the cultivation world. He thought that Chao Ci would stay behind, but he simply left.Oh, you just leave when you say go?③The rich second-generation actor who ran away from home attacked the beauty of the US dollar:In the past, Chaoci gave money and resources in exchange for indifference and scandals, but now Chaoci wants to go out, but can only be checked every day [tcl]④Ba total attack X stand-in (not) subjectIn the past, Chao Ci knew that he was a stand-in, but he still worked diligently to be a good stand-in every day and did his due diligence. Now Chao Ci just wanted to break up, and Glass Xinba always wondered if he had changed his mind.……hint:There should be more than these in the world, and the order of the copy does not represent the actual orderThe three views of the characters do not represent the three views of the author, but serve the plotThe author is written by Mo Dewen. The protagonist is a heartthrob Su who has broken his leg. If he doesn’t like it, he can escape.Content tags: special liking, fast wear, wear book, cool textSearch keyword: Protagonist: Chao Ci ┃ Supporting role: Pre-received text: “My wife and I were reborn together” ┃Others:One-sentence introduction: I just want bonuses and performance!Purpose: pay always pays off - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Cannon Fodder His DadChapter 266 end

Wu Qun lost his memory, and every time he woke up, there was a baby next to him. There is nothing wrong with multiple babies, but all kinds of white lotus, green tea and white moonlight also come to join in the fun, which makes him very uncomfortable.He always couldn’t help but want to twist them, step on them, soak them in a bubble, and then make some benefits for the cubs by the way. Then I accidentally earned a peace and happiness for the cubs!Content tags: Travel through time and space, fast through, through the book, counterattackSearch keywords: Protagonist: Wu Qun ┃ Supporting role: Open on November 1st, “Quick-Crossing Male Supporting No Spare Tire” has no CP, please accept ┃ Others: Pre-receive “Quick-Crossing: Unarmed CP” without CP, please pre-receiveOne-sentence introduction: Cannon fodder, his father and his cubConcept: Children need love and patience to water - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - What To Do If The System Forces You To ExerciseChapter 106 Extraordinary
ActionComedyDramaMartial Arts

The frail and sickly Wen Jiexi had always wanted one thing: a healthy body and like a dream come true, one day, she was selected by the system! System: The amazing me shall grant you a strong physique and divine strength! However, you have to maintain your health through monthly missions! If you fail to complete them~well, then you’ll stay as a female King Kong, forever~Wen Jiexi: What?! Will I no longer be able to live my life freely again?!!Mother with an alarmed expression: My frail daughter is actually trying to do the most sit-ups possible?!Father made a strange face: My delicate daughter ran on the treadmill for an hour?!Brother’s expression crumbled: Can anyone tell him how his cute little sister who is as precious as a delicate white flower…was actually able to use one punch to break a sandbag and smash a hole through the wall!!! Through a series of unexpected circumstances, she was pulled into the entertainment industry and became a female martial artist! Female Fan: Our darling Wen is the most awesome! She’s even more handsome than a man!Male Fan: The girls today are so domineering! To be able to throw away all of one’s shame, I want that feeling too!The frozen expression after being hugged by the princess from behind: …..Wen Jiexi held up a hand: No, no, no! It’s not like that! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Fast Wear: on the Correct Posture of CounterattackChapter 291 Believe in Science 17

System: The host, the client just wants the grandmother to be healthy and the younger brother to grow up safely. How did you become the richest man?Xingyun: I’m sorry, I used too much force.System: Host, the client just wants to prove the truth. How did you become the chief scientist?Xingyun: I’m sorry, it just happened.system:……The story of Xingyun, who came from the catastrophe of the end of the world, worked hard in the Time and Space Plane Administration, was promoted and raised her salary, and reached the pinnacle of her life!Also known as “The Years I Worked in the Authority”, “My Host’s Route Is Wrong Today”, “How the Big Brother Made It”Continue to have no male lead, no CP, no strategy!PS: The first task assessment task, the progress is slightly slower, no system appearsThis time the author has a manuscript, welcome to jump into the pit!There are millions of finished articles “Wen Yao of the End Times” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The System Asks to Uninstall: The Male God is PoisonousChapter 2113 You are me, the meaning of birth 09
Gender BenderRomanceSci-fi

[Woman disguised as a man + Shuangqiang super pet] After thousands of tasks, the system is actually poisoned? Clean up the virus, but also bind another system? !The prosperous and prosperous heartthrob system is being launched, and the gender is being transformed. Please prepare the host for the female supporting role!Luo Bai: What if I really want to kill it? 【Smile face】Xiao Mi Mi: My host is so cool and madly dragged to the limit that he really wants to hug his thighs, but he is always disliked and swollen? !Also known as: “The whole world is crazy about me”Or also known as: “How to uninstall the heartthrob system? ! 》Or also known as: “The system asks me to disguise as a man every day to seduce women” - Description from MTLNovel