MTL - Child Bride’s Peaches and Plums Are All Over the WorldChapter 725 The daily life of the sweet dead

Li Baolu was stupid for three years. Once she woke up, her home was gone. Both her grandfather and parents died in a shipwreck. In order to survive, her grandmother gave her as a child bride. She was already mentally prepared to face the loess and turn her back to the sky, but what if she was held in the palm of her hand when she arrived at someone’s house?The new book “Rich Second Generation Cultivation Daily” has been opened, so stay tuned.Please rest assured. The completed works include “The Reborn Lady is Farming”, “The Farmer’s Little Landlord”, “Portable Space: A Good Relationship with Jade” and “Finally Returning to the Farm”.Reader group: 307547705, the stepping stone is the name of any protagonist under Yuzhu’s name, book friends are welcome to join the group chat to pass the time, no, it is a friendly exchange - Description from MTLNovel