MTL - I Heard That I Am a Scumbag, God of War AlphaChapter 72 Reach for the stars

1.Zhuang Yan had just split into an Omega when he was taken away by a counterfeit for four years.The counterfeit was a dog in his previous life, and he would bite everyone he saw, causing a lot of trouble. In the end, he let go, and returned his body and the mess of chicken feathers all over the floor to Zhuang Yan——An old mother who was heartbroken by my son’s rebellionAn indifferent brother who swore he would never talk to his brother with char siu againschool at stakeplastic fake boyfriend with evil intentionsAnd just returned from the frontier, gloomy and vicious, self-made from the mud and blood, the strongest Alpha fiancé who can scare all interstellar children to tears, Chen E.Zhuang Yan: …That counterfeit who seized the house just finished wearing a Schrödinger’s green hat for others.2.Alphas all have half-beast forms, and Chen E is a swan. He is disabled, and most of the right wing is made of metal skeleton and felt that Chen E would break off the engagement with Zhuang Yan sooner or later.Two years ago, Zhuang Yan said foolishly that this Alpha, Chen E, no matter how high he climbed, he was nothing more than a cripple.Later, a photo circulated in the home of the heavily guarded major general:The fair and beautiful Omega lay in Chen E’s arms, kissing his injured wings obediently and sweetly.【Beautiful and Miserable x Good and Sweet】A little sweet article about loveContent tags: sweet article future overheadSearch keywords: Protagonists: Zhuang Yan, Chen EOne-sentence introduction: Alpha is fierce but his wings are fluffyConception: Facing difficulties, life shines; not afraid of dangers, the right path is smooth. - Description from MTLNovel