MTL - Peerless Divine EmperorChapter 1342 Reincarnation Dragon Emperor

Everyone knew that in the Dragon Region Continent, there were nine martial arts emperors that were the most famous. And Great Emperor Rebirth, who was in charge of reincarnation, was the most powerful out of the nine Great Emperor of the Martial Way.In his previous life, the seven great emperors had joined forces to kill Jing Yunxiao. Between life and death, he entered his fifth reincarnation. Jing Yunxiao had thought that the last reincarnation would allow him to reach the Sovereign Realm and dominate the world. He never thought that his soul would enter the body of a disciple from a clan in Hundred Warring State. This youth called Jing Yunxiao, was fifteen years old this year, but his cultivation had been stagnant for five years. The change that happened ten years ago not only made Jing Yunxiao lose his parents, it also severely injured his grandfather. In the end, he was chased out of Palace of Wargod and landed in this remote Red Leaf Town.However, since the heavens allowed Jing Yunxiao to live another life, then Jing Yunxiao would protect this family this time. He must find those people who betrayed him and seek justice.☆About the Author☆Bing Qiang is an excellent novelist who specializes in creating fantasy novels. He has three novels, including Peerless Divine Emperor, God Proud of Martial Arts and Martial Respected World. - Description from Babelnovel