MTL - After the World of Conan is Full of Bad LuckChapter 120

Question: What is life like as a superhuman?Amamiya Qianxue: There must be a wormhole halfway through eating an apple. When walking on the road, objects often fall from high altitudes. When encountering a thief, the victim is always himself, and people who are familiar with him will be haunted by bad luck. would be late for takeout and be harassed by scam calls all day. (smile · jpg)Her super power is [absolute doom], and her life is a complete disaster.Until one day, the neighbor next door, who was also a superpower, really couldn’t stand her growing mushrooms at home, and finally, together with her brother, kicked her to another world.A certain brother-in-law: “If you want to solve the problem, the first step is to step out of the house. Please work hard and live in another world!”In this way, Qianxue had to cheer up and start her journey to another world.But wait, why are there three ID cards here, can’t you only use one at a time? Don’t you even have an ID card that doesn’t change your appearance? ?ID card 1: college students who have just entered the police academy after graduationID Card 2: A spy sent by a black-clothed organization to the policeID card 3: The rookie police officer who has just fled…Is there something strange mixed in? ?【Small Theater 1】Qianxue, who has changed her vest, and her former classmate, who is wearing a vest, meet at a winery.Amamiya Chiyuki (smiles): No, that man who said he was determined to protect this country, how did he become a member of a criminal organization?Bourbon (smiling): Matsuda, why did you become GIN’s sister even if you cheated by the white moonlight?【Small Theater 2】One day, Officer Mumu brought a new police officer.Before he finished his self-introduction, the curly-haired police officer who was lazy all day volunteered to be the newcomer’s guide.Everyone looked surprised, Officer Matsuda has changed?But then they saw it with their own eyes,Amamiya Qianxue was pressed against the corridor by a certain curly hair, her back was against a hard wall, and the two looked at each other in an ambiguous scene.Everyone: It was love at first sight!Curly Hair: No, it’s a long-awaited reunion.【Notice】:1.cp Matsuda, 1v1, kick the police academy bento, HE! ! !2. There is a case-solving and reasoning plot (original case), and the heroine has a high IQ, but the author is not good, so she can only try her best to be logical.3. Due to the development of the plot, the gin wine in this article must be offline. I apologize to the little cute soil who likes gin wine. If you don’t like it, don’t enter.4. The heroine’s bad luck physique will improve, and she will not be unlucky all the time! ! !5. The police academy is a half-year program! ! ! Don’t ask why it hasn’t been four years, Japan doesn’t have a four-year police academy.6. Chapters 49 to 65 of this article are two-line narratives, 49, 51, 53, 55, 57, 59, 61, 63, 65 are narrative lines connected by the plot, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62 and 64 are the narrative lines that connect the plots. The plot of the even-numbered chapters happens first, and the plot of the odd-numbered chapters comes after.7. There are no vicious female supporting roles and vice cps! ! !8. The female protagonist’s physical fitness was not very good at the beginning, and the average person’s level, because the ordinary physical strength of squatting at home for three years and running 800 meters for 5 minutes, the physical fitness and force value will be increased in the later stage.Content tags: Comprehensive comics Special liking travel through time and space ConanSearch keywords: Protagonist: Amemiya Chiyuki ┃ Supporting role: Matsuda ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel