The Mech Touch (Web Novel)Chapter 5868 Water Wave

The Age of Mechs has arrived! Unfortunately, Ves Larkinson lacked thegenetic aptitude to become a famed mech pilot. Fighting against hisfate, he studied mech design in order to express his love for mechs in adifferent way and make his father proud.

Humanity's Greatest Mecha Warrior SystemChapter 1258 Giving Interviews

Max always wanted a more exciting life, and after being reincarnated into the far future and a Galaxy in constant war, his wish was granted.Discovered to have a high compatibility with his new world's Technological System, he was drafted as a child into training to become one of their elite Mecha Pilots, the heroes of the Kingdom who face down even the mightiest of threats from inside giant Mecha, wielding the mightiest of weapons known to mankind.All he has to do is prove himself worthy. ……………………………………………………………Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .

MTL - Wife is Not DivorcedChapter 107 her dragon 3

After dressing up as a notorious scumbag, in order to avoid her tragic ending, Tang Li bravely went to see her engagement partner.Looking at the elegant and beautiful Director Chu, she felt that she had made a profit.Chu Chisi sat on the sofa, most of his body was sunk in the darkness, his slender hand was on his forehead, and he smiled lazily and carelessly.“Three chapters of the marriage contract, I won’t love you,” she said, “and you don’t even want to get love from me.”Tang Li rejoiced: “It’s okay, just have food to eat.”Life after marriage was dull and boring, until one day the delivery boy was stopped at the door by the housekeeper. Tang Li was so angry that he “run away from home” and went to the fried chicken shop. When he came back, he found that things had changed——The expensive red wine shattered all over the place, and more than a dozen screens monitored different areas of the house. Chu Chisi’s eyes were red, and his voice was hoarse: “Why do you want to leave?”Tang Li was stunned: “What?”Chu Chisi came staggeringly, holding her fingertips, gloomy madness surging in her eyes, and her voice was trembling.“……Please.”She said, “Don’t go.”#A bloody case caused by fried chicken##What should I do if my wife finds something wrong after getting married##Is it too late to divorce now#————【Setting Information】1: Atypical ABO, foreshadowing is privately set into a mountain, Alpha has no organs2: Fantasy future works, the story is set in an alternate world, not modern3: 1v1 professional enthusiasts, absolute HE, both of them are unique to each otherContent tags: strong science fiction soft spot sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Tang Li, Chu Chisi ┃Supporting role: The system that crashes every day ┃Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Spirit WalkerChapter 324 very high art

From ancient times to the present, it is rumored that there is a spiritual realm in the world.Regarding the theory of the spiritual realm, celebrities and scholars in the past dynasties have different opinions. The poem records:“From Qi to Tang, Zishan?“The spiritual realm is indescribable, and it is difficult to ask for forgiveness for ghost workers.” - Description from MTLNovel