MTL - I’m Really Not An NPCChapter 945

After waking up, Su Mu found himself in a Three Kingdoms game beyond reality, and became a low-level farmer NPC who was recruited by the player’s village.The Three Kingdoms were in troubled times, and the wars were endless.The safety of the farmer NPC cannot be guaranteed in the slightest.Fortunately, with a unique talent, Su Mu, who was adopted by Bai Fumei players//raised, can change jobs infinitely!Turn 1 [militia], turn 2 [archers], turn 3 [spearmen], turn 4 [heavy armor sword], turn 5 [black cavalry], turn 6 [generals], turn 7…Unlimited career transfers, unlimited enhancements!When the game and reality are connected and the supernatural comes, Su Mu has already become a mythical general who can beat the world, unifying the game and reality, and creating his own supreme fairy garden! - Description from MTLNovel