I Don’t Want to Be Loved (Web Novel)Chapter 228: Epilogue (3) - The end

Rihannan Alessin, a queen rotting in prison.Despaired and without hope, she drank poison and died. But… unbeknownst to her, the deity gave her a second chance at life. She was twelve again. And this time, she would live life differently.Six years later, she chooses to become Arundell’s queen…“If you’re asking me to step down from the marriage proposal, I can’t.”“Marry me and let us divorce after a year.”And this time, the time limit of their marriage would last a year.A husband she knew who was different than before… she tried not to love him again, but each time, her heart kept shaking.

Duke, Please Stop Because it HurtsChapter 199: [END]

Molitia Clemence was born sickly.She forgot to cover herself with a blanket and caught a cold. She woke up next to her husband after 10 days just because of a slight cold.Molitia barely survived between the thin threads of life and death. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that her husband was somehow acting differently than usual…?!***“Have you eaten?” (Husband)“Yes.” (Molitia)“This is the belly of a person who ate?” (Husband)He frowned as he stroked her flat lower abdomen. He held her wrist carefully, as if it would break. His voice rose.“Why is your wrist so thin? Are you even human?” (Husband)“That’s…” (Molitia)“Butler!” (Husband)The butler rushed to his angry voice, fidgeting with his wrists.“Get me food for my wife to eat. Something that will help her stay healthy. Anything is fine.” (Husband)Molitia’s mouth opened at her husband’s words, but no sound came out. ‘I just had a meal…”

My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal IllnessChapter 175

Xie Yang has spent many years in the apocalypse and is tired and worn out. Then he transmigrated into a simple and superficial novel about the entertainment circle.The protagonist of the novel was handsome, smart and reborn. The female protagonist of the novel was beautiful, inspirational and had a golden finger. Some male and female roles were also beautiful and had a deep background. If he casually transmigrated into one of them then he could close his eyes and enjoy himself. However, he didn’t transmigrate into any of them and instead became the hidden husband of the biggest villain in the novel, the male protagonist’s uncle.He was called a husband but it was more similar to a babysitter. This was because the biggest villain in the novel was a terminally ill patient with a terrible personality and a sick brain (really sick). They got married for the sake of happiness.Xie Yang: It doesn’t matter if you are the male lead, the female lead or the villain, whoever dares to stop me from living a comfortable life will die.

The Devil's CageChapter 1854 (END) - Wedding

A virtual underground game that has no protection. Lurking with players who seek power, fortune and survival. Kieran chose to enter this VRMMORPG game without hesitation because he knows this is his only way out from death. Can he escape death in real life or dying via the game?

MTL - I Have MedicineChapter 1085 marry

Gu Zuo: Are you sick?Gongyi Tianheng: You have medicine?Gu Zuo: You’re sick!Gongyi Tianheng: If I say I’m sick, can you cure me?Gu Zuo: If I say I have medicine, would you want it?Gongyi Tianheng: However much you have is how much I want.Gu Zuo: However much you want is how much I have.Gongyi Tianheng: Then bring it all out.Gu Zuo: …Simply speaking, a scaredy-cat shou transmigrated and had to think of a way to survive. He had a golden finger called Medicine Refining System, but unfortunately, he didn’t have the ingredients needed to refine medicine and level up.A great young master to an Empire’s preeminent Clan had a super high IQ, but his talent for cultivation was low. Unfortunately, pill refiners were too hard to develop, and weren’t restricted to his personal service. But he could acquire plenty of ingredients.Two people, one was sick and one had medicine. Therefore, the one who was sick kept the one who had medicine, and everyone was happy. - Description from novelupdates

MTL - Thousand Autumns~ Two Small Fans [Little Fanwai 2]
ActionAdventureMartial ArtsShounen Ai

Yan Wushi had walked a path full of blood and corpses.He did not believe in the good nature of humanity. Even more so, he did not believe that there could be someone with great kindness and sense of justice, who would be so considerate of others without asking anything in return.One day, Shen Qiao, who was the sect leader of Mount Xuandu, the number one Daoist sect under the heavens, was challenged to a duel but somehow fell off the cliff.Yan Wushi happened to pass by down there.Seeing Shen Qiao who was seriously injured to the point of dying, he suddenly came up with a perfect idea…After thousands of autumns, who could stay eternal? - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Transmigrating Into The Male Lead’s Villainess Older SisterChapter 89 Extra 3
ComedySlice Of Life

Siyu transmigrated into a manhua and became the male lead’s half-sister. The sister had a sickly fragile body, one that couldn’t even withstand a gust of wind. It’s a pity that her heart was so vicious. Over and over, she tried to kill the male and female lead. Until finally she was hated by all, deserted by everyone close, cursed by people, and died miserably alone in the rain one night. Now the question was: how could she stay alive in peace as a sickly beautiful lady who always vomits blood for no reason and could drop dead at any time? Fortunately, Siyu soon discovered that she could see another person’s luck. So, as long as other people around her had better luck than hers, she could rely on their blessings to extend her life. As for her….. Siyu looked into the mirror. No matter how she looked at it, the person in the mirror looked like she would die early. It’s not an exaggeration. If you’re talking about bad luck, then everyone else was trash. The wave was stable; no matter how crazy she played, she wouldn’t die! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Until she came across a great god who was feared by everybody—Siyu: “Don’t, don’t come near me QAQ”.Fifth Master Lu smiled gently whilst the beads on his hand were shattered into pieces, “ Run away once more, and I’ll break your leg.” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Faraway Wanderers~ Fan Wai San Bai Yi Jiang Hu
ActionAdventureMartial ArtsRomance

A tale about the former leader of a special organization served under royalty, now leaving his past life behind and unintentionally getting involved with the martial world. - Description from Novelupdates

Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come HereChapter 1286: The Republic of China’s Marshal’s Abandoned Wife (16)

After signing the share transfer of the Bai company, Bai Weiwei who had a congenital heart disease got betrayed by her adopted sister she always loved along with her trusted bodyguard. Shocked, betrayed, and worried for her father made her unwilling to die, and her resentment actually let her bind with a quick transmigration system. Completing the task means that she will be able to increase the number of days she can live, and she will be able to get revenge on her white lotus sister and the unconscionable bastard bodyguard. CEO, Emperor, General… Supreme Immortal? All of them will turn to a love-sick waste who bowed before her skirt. Just… why is this unlucky star of a wooden fiancee trying so hard to chase her? Stop sucking my life force already! Our marriage is only for business! I want to break the engagement! Ye Yuxuan: “I will never let go of you.” ……………………………………………………………Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .

I Don’t Want the Obsession of a Twisted ArchdukeChapter 67

I reincarnated as the wife of the cursed archduke in my own twisted novel.As the author, I have a responsibility to fix this novel.I have lifted the curse, which is the main problem of this story.I thought my job was done. But when I was trying to go back, the archduke asked me, “Did you really think I wouldn’t know that you’re planning on returning to your fiance?”‘My fiance?’What I’m gonna do? He completely misunderstood the situation!All I want is for him to please let me go home!

Marrying the Soft-hearted VillainChapter 238: "Do you want to sleep separately from the wolf?"(3)

Ruan Qiuqiu had transmigrated into a cannon fodder that had the same name as her in the novel, Sweet Pampering in Ancient Times: Demon King Husband, Please Spare MeRight now, there were two paths before her:Option 1: Continue playing the role of the supporting female character. After a few rounds of being faceslapped by the female lead, she would die tragically in the beast tide.Option 2: For the sake of the tribe having enough salt, marry the wolf tribe’s former chief, a fierce wolf demon that was disfigured, crippled, and possibly had personality issues.Ruan Qiuqiu chose the second option without hesitation. She rather go live a peaceful and ambitious-free life than compete with the female lead over some guy.—Due to a mishap, Mr. Big Bad Wolf, who had the blood of fiends in him, had become disfigured, crippled, and blind.He was on the verge of death and his tribe had abandoned him. When he fell to the state of being so hungry that he was gnawing on ice…The young bride, who his tribe had exchanged 300 catties of salt for, carefully walked to his side and covered his ugly damaged body with an animal hide.She softly called him, “Husband?”

MTL - My Husband With Scholar SyndromeChapter 82 Extra five
JoseiRomanceSlice Of Life

Mu Xiaoya lived for twenty-six years before she knew that she had a sudden genetic disease. There was no medicine for it, and there was only death waiting for her.Before she died, many people came to see her, but she was most impressed by Bai Chuan.Bai Chuan was her neighbor, an autistic child with scholar’s syndrome. At that time, his face full of scars was desperate: “I – I studied all your medical records, but I have no way to save you.”Mu Xiaoya was stunned: “You are a doctor?”Bai Chuan: “I am not… …”Mu Xiaoya’s disease was a genetic disease. Unless the gene was changed, there was no possibility of cure. However, Bai Chuan was the only person who tried to cure her after she fell ill.Mu Xiaoya: “Why are you going to cure me?”Bai Chuan: “I want to marry you.”Mu Xiaoya laughed: “If you marry me, you will soon become a widower.”Bai Chuan insisted: “I – I want to marry you.”Bai Chuan, who has cognitive impairments, can’t express his meaning very well, and can only repeat it over and over again.Later, Mu Xiaoya still died. When she woke up, she returned to the summer of her college graduation.Bai Chuan: “I… I want to marry you.”Mu Xiaoya: “Good.”The starlight in the eyes of Bai Chuan was the most beautiful scenery that Mu Xiaoya had ever seen in her life. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Rebirth: Degenerate Slave Abuses Tyrant~ Fanwai 9 Postscript

Son of the Senior Chancellor, Luo Wei, loved the wrong person in his past life. This mistake caused his entire family to be wiped out, and in the end, he was cast down as a pleasure slave, and died in the wilderness during the depths of winter.Somehow, the heavens did not give up on him and gave him a second chance at life. He believed this rebirth was only meant for atonement, and not love. Yet, as he plotted his vengeance, Luo Wei quickly realized that passion would again be his fatal downfall.The once emperor, the lover from his past life, his beloved in this life, and an opposing empire’s monarch who is doomed to love him, who is supposed to be good for whom?And who is supposed to hurt whom? A hero chasing after a dream, an empire of a thousand years, a kingdom stretching across the known lands, all flashing before the eyes like a mirage. Is it worthwhile to trade a hundred years of my loneliness to give you a single lifetime of joy? - Description from Novelupdates

I’ll Be the Male Leads Sister-in-LawChapter 474
ComedyDramaJoseiMartial Arts

Today, I am a substitute for your fiancee. Tomorrow, I’ll become your sister-in-law!

MTL - First Evolutionv16 Chapter 21 5-faced Quintaza

The most unexpected weird destiny,The most intense brain collision,The cruelest battle of life and death,The craziest bizarre fantasy,The most bizarre truth …It’s the first time, and another ten years! - Description from Qidian

MTL - Daily Life After Marriage with a BossChapter 90 extra four

Ling Yi, the young master of the Ling family, lost his sight after a car accident. Ling Yi’s father brought his illegitimate son into the house. Ling Yi was sent to province A for recuperation and became the laughing stock of every family.Half a year later, Ling Yi came back, but his eyes were not healed.However, those who laughed at him couldn’t laugh, because no matter where Ling Yi went, there was a tall and fierce bodyguard around him, and those who laughed at Ling Yi for being blind would be caught by this fierce and cold bodyguard who was 1.92 meters tall. throw out.…..At the banquet, Ling Yi’s hair was stunned as he watched the bodyguard kick Ling Yi’s illegitimate brother to the wall, “Ling Yi, where did you hire such a fierce bodyguard?”Ling Yi was stunned for a moment: “He is not my bodyguard.”Fa Xiao: “?”Ling Yi is very serious: “This is my husband, who got the certificate half a year ago. He hasn’t found a job yet, so he’s taking care of me by my side for the time being.”Faxiao: “You actually like a man of unknown origin who doesn’t have a job? Your dad will break your leg if he finds out.”Ling Yi’s father appeared angrily. After a while, he grabbed Ling Yi’s younger brother who was still vomiting blood and apologized: “President Feng, please hold your hand high.”……Faxiao felt that the man looked familiar, so he took a photo and searched on his mobile phone, then turned to Ling Yi: “Ling Yi, your husband who didn’t find a job seems to be a big man worth hundreds of billions.”The gentle cat is a prosperous beauty and is attacked by a fierce and cold wife bossContent tags: Soft love, marriage, sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonists: Ling Yi, Feng Chu ┃ Supporting roles: Pre-received “Can you get closer?” ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After Marrying the Villain, I Became PopularChapter 91 end

1.Xia Wan wore a book and became a cannon fodder who was cheated by the protagonist in the book.When he arrived, he was in the midst of Slag Gong’s engagement banquet and was frantically humiliated.Xia Wan grabbed the tallest, most handsome, and most aura man in the audience and quietly asked for help. In the silence, it was easy to see the almost top-quality man’s star-shaped eyes and a smile on his lips. He quietly hooked Xia Wan into his arms. inside.Later, Xia Wan learned that the handsome man who held him tightly in his arms was actually his brother, Huo Yu, the biggest villain in the book.–In order to survive, Xia Wan trembled and signed a marriage agreement with Huo Yu.In front of the people, Xia Wan raised her face with a smile, kissed Huo Yu’s lips, and did not hesitate to praise her sweetly.“My husband hurts me the most.”“Husband is great.”“I love my husband.”“…”After the people, Xia Wan quietly slandered.“Mom’s dead cleanliness, not even a single kiss.”“As expected of the eldest young master, it’s cold enough.”——Huo Yu has an indifferent personality, acts ruthlessly, and will do anything to achieve his goals.Until that engagement banquet, the handsome young man was helpless, but unintentionally grabbed his hand that was going to hell.At first, Huo Yu was on a routine basis,“Wan Wan is kind and naive, what evil can he have?”“Wanwan is Xiaoxiannan, what Xiaoxiannan says is right.”“…”“Wanwan is my lover, who dares to touch him?”Later, the routine changed at some point,Huo Yu tightly guarded Xia Wan behind him, as if anyone dared to touch him, he would perish with him.–2.Xia Wan became popular overnight and became the darling of major brands. The popularity was so high that even the top players in the entertainment industry sighed to themselves. A live broadcast even brought millions of goods.Once Oolong, sharp-eyed netizens found a new semi-finished painting by another genius-level popular and cutting-edge artist on the desktop of the summer evening.Netizen: Oh!It turns out that the host I like is actually the same person.Crazy for you, crazy for you, crashing against the wall for you.So cute and so talented, I love you lately!For a while, the words “love you” filled the screen.That night, a certain upstart boss couldn’t bear to add a photo on Weibo.In the photo, the two hands are tightly clasped.On the smaller hand, it is precisely the ring that never leaves the hand in the Xia Wan live broadcast.For a while, the whole network was fried, and Weibo was almost paralyzed.At the same time, the wealthy Xue family finally found the young master who had been lost for 18 years. In the photos released by the media, it was Xia Wan who was hugged tightly by Xue’s husband.Three popular hot searches were posted on Weibo, and the network was completely paralyzed.Crowd: Wow, what surprises do you have that I don’t know about?I also want such a peak life ah ah ah ah ah!You are my light, illuminating the whole dark world behind me.Paranoid belly black beauty strong attack X squeamish cute prosperous beauty food loverContent tags: The rich and powerful family has a soft spot to wear books and counterattackSearch keywords: Protagonist: Xia Wan, Huo Yu ┃ Supporting role: Received the document “After being divorced, I married into a wealthy family to be happy” ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Hold His HandChapter 292 Extravagant vacation

Lu Yanzhou’s best friend Xie Chengze’s soul was broken into fragments and fell into those small worlds. In order to save Xie Chengze, Lan Yanzhou embarked on the journey to collect Xie Chengze’s soul fragments.However, he made a mistake in the process of collecting his soul fragments. He fell in love with Xie Chengze’s soul fragments.Xie Chengze said he cultivated the ruthless dao. He was cold hearted and emotionless but he has always regarded him as a brother. He took advantage of when the other party lost his memories to fall in love with him…The end of the first world, Lu Yanzhou, who was in love with Xie Chengze, was struggling: “When Xie Chengze recovers his memories, will he beat me up?”After the end of the second world, Lu Yanzhou, who had another romantic relationship with Xie Chengze, made up his mind: “There’s absolutely no next time! Xie Chengze probably won’t break off all relationships with me?”The end of the third world, Lu Yanzhou was apprehensive: “I’m here to save him..”The Nth world ended, Lu Yanzhou broke the jar and threw it: “Wait until Xie Chengze recovers, I’ll go after him. There might be a 1% success rate, right?Xie Chengze: “…” I took the initiative so much, are you blind? - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - I Have a SicknessChapter 155 Extra

System, “You have a sickness. Moreover, you’ll have one in every world.”Hao Ritian, “…”System, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”Hao Ritian smiled, “No, there’s no problem. I was just a bit excited.”System, “…”That smile intensified the system’s feeling of ominous foreboding. It has had this premonition since it learned the name of its host. Now it only prays that this is all its imagination!Ps: Protagonist shou 1v1, the gong is always the same person. - Description from Novelupdates

Leveling Up through EatingChapter 302: Siblings Selling Ramyeon

A crunchy and crispy chicken. The stretchy cheese on pizza, and eating ramyeon at 1 in the morning! I only wanted to eat delicious food. So why is my life in danger because of bulimia[1]?!There’s a place where I can fulfill my most cherished dream of eating everything I want!The virtual reality game Athenae!I’m just eating well but isn’t this a bit weird?The true value of food(Acquired +1 Strength)The stat went up.

MTL - The Target Always Thinks That I Like Him!Chapter 168 Real world 17

After the nth time of failing a marriage meeting, Xiang Han got himself a job: good treatment, high salary, free world traveling with food provided, house provided and even a ‘lover provided’?!At first, he thought, apart from having to travel into the body of a scum cannon fodder, a scheming fake white lotus, everything else was okay. It was only later he realized that saving the target was also a problem. His imagination was neverending, even eating a cup of ramen was seen as a way to rouse his ( target’s) interest!Xiang Han: This target is a no-go.Certain Target: Very good, you’ve already managed to rouse my interest.Xiang Han: Go outside and make a left turn to the optometrist, go get your eyes healed! Additionally, this “lover provided” isn’t necessary.A Certain Target: This is certainly necessary! - Description from novelupdates

MTL - The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving SystemChapter 95 Fanwai: Fighting the Adventures of the Air 6 (attached to the post)

“Can’t I properly read stallion novels anymore!”Shen Yuan transmigrated into someone who’d tormented the young male lead almost to death, the scum villain Shen Qingqiu.It must be known, the original Shen Qingqiu ended up being carved alive by his disciple, Luo Binghe, into a human stick, a human stick!Ten thousand “fuck your moms” rampaged through Shen Qingqiu’s heart:“It’s not that I don’t want to cling to the male lead’s thighs, but who made him so fucking black. The type who seeks thousand-fold retribution!”Why have all the female lead’s scenes been forcibly given to him.Why, as a scum villain, does he need to constantly sacrifice himself, blocking knife and gun for the protagonist!Shen Qingqiu: “…I think I can still save him, one more time.”A gong who starts as a loyal dog of a small white flower, and ends up as a blackened, mental case of a maiden X a refined scum villain of a tsukkomi-holic shouThis is actually a dogblood story about a master-disciple pair never doing honest work, fighting monsters, and engaging in romance.It’s also a story where the villain personally witnesses how the male lead transforms from a little sheep of a white lotus into a dark tyrant O(∩_∩)O~ - Description from novelupdates

MTL - The Sick Villain Just Want to LiveChapter 110 extra complete
ComedyRomanceSchool LifeSupernatural

Zhu Tong was born in a wealthy family, but the pampered young master suffered from a serious cleanliness addiction, and there were so many things that even God can’t stand it, so he was given a sickness and even coughed three mouthfuls of blood.The day before his death, he was inexplicably bound to a system.The system told him that he was actually a cannon fodder villain in a danmei novel who humiliated the heartthrob protagonist and suffered the consequences. If he wanted to survive, he had to find the only one in the novel, the white moonlight, who was not attracted to the protagonist and get full favorability from him.In order to find him, Zhu Tong changed schools.The new school was located in a remote small county with eight-person dormitories, a canteen for big pot meals, and only one public toilet in a teaching building.Zhu Tong: In order to survive, he will endure! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - They Regretted it After Their Hearts Turned to AshesChapter 89 Fanwai III Fireworks (Part 2)
DramaPsychologicalShounen AiSlice Of Life

From childhood to adulthood, Luo Zhi didn’t seem to have done anything right.His biological parents didn’t like him. They only saw an excellent eldest brother, a caring sister, and a sensible stepson in their eyes. The sister whom is well-behaved towards everyone else, only treats him as air. The childhood friend that he grew up with would accept his gifts on the surface, only to turn around and throw it to the stray dogs on the roadside.When he debuted as a singer, it was not gifts that he received, but countless of threatening letters scolding him for using his family background to oppress others and threatening him to quit the circle. He started his own film and television company, and spent money to hire an eighteenth-tier star to say “Happy Birthday” to him. When the little star unexpectedly exploded into the top stream, it was regarded as a robbery by fans, and it was picked up and scolded all the way to the hot search. The family accidentally fell overboard, and Luo Zhi was immersed in the bone-chilling ice cold water. He could only watch as his always indifferent eldest brother eagerly stretch out his hand to save his adopted brother.When he was completely engulfed by the darkness, Luo Zhi finally felt that the world was really dull. If there was someone who can love him, let them appear. He wasn’t able to find them anyways.After waking up in the hospital, he leaned back against the bed. He didn’t care current state of health nor did he care about the treatment. He was no longer interested in anything. But this time, everything was different.His parents kept going to top hospitals and begged countless doctors just to save his life. The eldest brother’s eyes were red while he took care of him. His sister cried to the point of fainting by his bedside.With scarlet eyes and fierce methods, he frantically took revenge on the eighteenth-tier star who slandered him at the beginning. He was inexplicably on the hot search once again, but this time the entry became #The whole world is waiting for Luo Zhi to come back#.Later, the whole world did not wait for Luo Zhi.However, someone familiar with the matter revealed that the Ming family, who built an entire maritime business empire and sank a top-level luxury cruise ship worth hundreds of billions of yuan, not only has another young master, but also the youngest captain who sails the world. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Death Progress BarChapter 167 Home (ten)

Shi Jin once read a book. It was supposed to be about satisfying the desire for vengeance.The main character, also named Shi Jin, was the sixth son of his harem-novel-protagonist-like father. All was well—while his father was alive. But after his death, Shi Jin’s five elder half-brothers tormented him, eventually leading to his death. The protagonist was reborn, determined to take revenge, and… the novel was discontinued.That day, Shi Jin almost spat blood and dropped the book into a shredder. The next day, he died in a car accident. Somehow, when he came to, he had transmigrated into a teenager, a youth also called Shi Jin.There was only one problem. His father had just died. His older brothers were about to torment him…Shi Jin: Let’s eliminate my brothers’ hatred, my goal is to keep my life! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Luxurious Life After Swapping Body With Unconscious HusbandChapter 59 end of text
ComedyFantasyGender BenderRomance

In a group pet novel, the sinister and powerful business emperor accidentally became comatose. But no one knew that his consciousness was soberly trapped in his unconscious body.Ning Yi transmigrated from the bitter world full of zombies to become his cannon fodder wife. Because she had to marry for her sister, her mentality was distorted, and she was about to abuse her disabled husband.Then, suddenly the bodies of the two of them swapped.Seeing Ning Yi lying like a dead body instead of him, the man’s voice was full of malice as he asked, “How does it feel?”–Can’t hear, can’t move, can only wait for others to slaughter.Ning Yi, “It’s so quiet, the bed is so soft. Let’s sleep for a while….zzZZ”Gu Cheng, “?”–For Ning Yi, who has been living in the apocalyptic world for three years, her biggest wish is to lie down and sleep peacefully.After learning that she can freely control the interpenetration with the big boss, Ning Yi affectionately said, “I am willing to lie down for you, in exchange for your freedom.”So when the wealthy mother-in-law tested whether she would be impatient to scrub her husband— Ning Yi said, “Husband, come and take care of your body!”When the elder of the Gu family challenges that if she can clean up the property, then that will be her’s— Ning Yi said, “Husband, come and exercise!”Gu Cheng, “…” Very good.Originally, everyone was waiting for Gu Cheng to wake up and kick out Ning Yi. But in the end, they saw that her life was going smoothly, her mother-in-law was like sisters with her, and she had become a wealthy upstart!…At the high-class dinner party, Ning Yi was stopped by young talent to exchange contacts. As soon as she took out her mobile phone, the audience suddenly fell silent.——The man who has fallen in legend is looking as handsome as before and has calmly appeared on the stage.Seeing his wife with others, he immediately jumped over the crowd and stopped behind Ning Yi with his tall body, his dark eyes filled with cold possessiveness, “Why didn’t you call your husband?” - Description from Novelupdates

I Have MedicineChapter 514 - Huang Ji Goes Out to Fight
XianxiaShounen AiAdventureRomance

Gu Zuo: Are you sick?

MTL - Thousands of People Suspected of Rebirth and Became Popular on the InternetChapter 179 Marriage proposal [end of text]
DramaShounen Ai

Lin Qingyan was born without pain, and Master Gu was afraid that his baby would be injured and didn’t know, so he used this reason to check people’s whole body every day.Shuangjie/Sweet petThe cold and well-behaved little beauty is attacked by x indifferent and domineering business tycoons(ps: Shou is born without pain, even if injured)In the last life, Lin Qingyan was deceived by a scumbag, framed by Bai Lianhua, abused and beaten by netizens, and finally died miserably in a broken house.After his rebirth, he decided to stay away from the scumbag and the white lotus, and concentrate on his career, only to find that the man who took care of him before his death in his previous life turned out to be a well-known business tycoon – Gu Fei.The Gu family in Nancheng is a famous and wealthy family. It is rumored that the head of the Gu family, Gu Fei, is cold-hearted and never gets close to people.Until one day he picked up a homeless little poor man on the road and brought him home.The poor little girl was very good and soft, she didn’t resist when she was bullied, she just lowered her eyes and blushed.The child is so good, Master Gu can only pamper him, and he is afraid of falling when he holds it in the palm of his hand.It turned out that all the encounters were premeditated for a long time.Sylvia Lin finally understood who really loved him.small theater:①Yan Yan was born without pain, and Master Gu was afraid that his baby would be injured and didn’t know, so he used this reason to check people’s whole body every day.②Yan Yan was on the show, and there was a part of calling the parents. Yan Yan called Gu Ye, Gu Ye smiled and explained to the show team: I will ask you to take care of my children. By the way, it’s not my father, I am his husband. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Devil’s CageChapter 1850 broken!

A virtual underground game that has no protection. Lurking with players who seek power, fortune and survival. Kieran chose to enter this VRMMORPG game without hesitation because he knows this is his only way out from death. Can he escape death in real life or dying via the game? - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Undying PatientChapter 239 Fanwai: the feelings of silicon-based creatures
DramaShounen AiTragedyYaoi

Su Jinzhi never died despite being ill for a long time. It came to the point in his life where he believed that he would die this time. However, once he opened his eyes, he didn’t expect that he was kidnapped and tied to a Love Life System.The System told him that it was because he did not give up his love for life even though he was ill to that point. As a result, in this lifetime, he would continue to use his sick figure that was not willing to die to save all those who did not love life in this world. He should rouse their passion to live, encourage them to love life, and teach them to be harmonious with society!Su Junzhi: I want to enjoy life first. I will only have the power to save the world after I taste love.System: Host, please listen to me. You cannot fall in love with this person. You will become damned if you fall in love with this person.Su Jinzhi: Isn’t life there to be enjoyed? Why fear death? Shouldn’t becoming a ghost offer you freedom once you die?– During the moments I forgot, you loved me.– However, during the moments that I remember you, I love you. - Description from Novelupdates

After the Disabled God of War Became My ConcubineChapter 123

According to a popular legend, the famous God of War of Great Liang, Huo Wujiu, was once captured by an enemy country. He had his meridians severed and both his legs broken before he was thrown into the prison. In order to humiliate him, that incapable ruler of the country gifted him to his cutsleeve brother as a concubine.General Huo suffered a great deal of humiliation. He laid in wait for three years before he shed his cicada skin and returned to the Great Jing. He treated his crippled legs, and three months later, he led his army to storm the enemy’s capital. He slaughtered the emperor, razed the capital, and finally beheaded that tr*sh of a cutsleeve, displaying his head on the city’s walls for the next three years.Since then, the world has been united.——A certain university’s history lecturer received a graduation thesis depicting the legend of Huo Wujiu, and he wrote a full page of criticism for the student.Then he blinked, and he was transmigrated into the body of that cutsleeve prince. There were lanterns and decorations everywhere. A man came, sending word that the disabled general of the enemy state had already entered the manor in his wedding sedan.As he looked at the General Huo in front of him, taking in his malicious gaze, his tortured state, clad in a red wedding gown, Jiang Suizhou realised that even legends can come true. This legend could even cause him to be beheaded in public in the future, with his head hung on the city walls for three years.Jiang Suizhou’s only option was to take good care of General Huo.In spite of the hidden arrows of the court’s political agendas and the incapable ruler’s endless attempts to humiliate him, he could only bite the bullet and bear the brunt of it; his only wish was that after three years, he could protect his own head. Of course, he didn’t dare to even dream of asking this 3 meters tall “concubine” to serve him. However, before the three years was up, General Huo’s legs recovered on their own. He didn’t just slaughter the incapable ruler and unite the land under the heavens, but he also climbed into his own bed and pinned him down with a heated gaze, stubbornly wanting to establish his status as a concubine.

I Married A Disabled Tyrant After TransmigratingChapter 127
DramaFantasyRomanceSlice Of Life

Mu Wanwan transmigrated into a novel.And became a cannon fodder side character used to counteract the disabled tyrant’s ill fortune.The tyrant is a huge villain. He challenged the leader of the seven tribes alone and had been beaten into a vegetative state.The original character lived in the tyrant’s territory. Her parents, who were greedy for power, randomly made came up with compatible bazi* and sent their daughter into the tyrant’s manor, turning her into a wife to ward off ill luck.Also sent off together with her was a little white flower maidservant, who was the heroine of the story.The original character and the heroine agreed to escape together—but the original character was stabbed to death that very night.And just as they were about to implement their escape plan, she transmigrated overMu Wanwan: “…”What a horrible script!!In order to live, she had to do her best to take care of the disabled, comatose dragon. Three years later, she actually turned the tragic story into a sickeningly sweet love story.Note: *bazi: A Chinese astrological concept that a person’s destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour.

One Hundred Years As An ExtraChapter 186

‘I died and became an extra in a male-dominated fantasy novel. The only problem was, I hadn’t read the novel to the end. One thing I do know is that a terrible future awaits me, and thus, I, now Dalia, have decided to live a safe and prosperous life for the rest of my time here.Since I don’t know what will happen, I will be a bystander observing the main character from the sidelines… I’ll make my own happy ending away from the main plot!’ With that determination, Dalia embraces the role of an extra. And like all extras, she clings to a golden thigh: Kaichen, the powerful wizard who is unwaveringly loyal to the protagonist.For Dalia who wants to have a happy ending, it was imperative to extract herself from the novel’s plot… Yet her calm life is shaken when a flirtatious romance begins to bloom between her and her golden thigh.Will she be able to resist the temptation?

MTL - Young Master Gu’s All-Powerful Sweet WifeChapter 285 Suspect me of cheating?
DramaRomanceSlice Of Life

The unruly madame is playing as if she was a Russian matryoshka! Do you think that under the the vest is her real identity? Apologies, but there is still a vest under that vest. And then a couple more vests under that!Madame! Just how many identities do you have !? - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Wear It Until Crazy Beauty Scum a Loses ControlChapter 105 Chen Jiang CP

Copy one:“Even if the limit is changed, I will take his company.”This was the last sentence Luan Yenan said before going through the book.As a strong woman in charge of the world’s top 500 investment companies, she did not expect that the final outcome would be a sudden death and a book after three consecutive days of sleepless nights.The character that he wears is still a crazy scumbag who first abused the heroine and then had his glands cut off by the black heroine.Crazy batch? Coincidentally, so am I.Scum A? Excuse me, my mother doesn’t make an appointment.As for the heroine, do you mean this little girl who is begging for mercy with tears under my control now?Black and white? interesting.It’s better for me to cultivate it myself, but I want to see how she cuts the glands.Text two:Zuo Baixuan, who finally differentiated into an Omega, was sold by her adoptive parents to a crazy scumbag, thinking that she would live a dark day from now on.Unexpectedly, on the first day of marriage, when I was being held down tightly, just because I said “I want to graduate smoothly, I don’t want to have children so early”, the scum A, who was almost out of control, put away the pheromones and calmed down.Afterwards, the ignorant and incompetent scum A seemed to have changed his personality and became a visiting professor at the school.One day, Luan Yenan’s pheromones were disordered and his life was dying on the hospital bed: “I’ll give you back your freedom, let’s get a divorce.”Zuo Baixuan chuckled, grabbed Luan Yenan’s hands, and brought them closer together: “I have successfully graduated.”“so what?”“I want to have a baby with you.”Let’s see who is crazy.===Private settings are like mountains, don’t spray me (hold your head) A has no second set of organs, other settings are also subject to the text.Content tags: A soft spot for a match made in heaven Sweet text Wearing a bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Luan Yenan, Zuo Baixuan ┃ Supporting roles: Jiang Lingdan, Chen Huanyu ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Everywhere in Jianghu is Wonderful~ Fanwai-Qin Shaoyu & Shen Qianling [Happy Wedding Life]
RomanceShounen AiWuxia

At 22 years of age, Shen Qian Ling won his first Best Male Lead award.Afterwards just as he, holding the award, was moved to tears, a piece of the ceiling fell down loudly, and accurately hit his head without mistake.And afterwards he just…..traveled through time!Qin Shao Yu: If Ling-er is willing, Zhui Ying sect can have the wedding anytime.Shen Qian Ling: To be honest, I am extremely reluctant about this. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - She Doesn’t Want the Face-Blind Husbandv2 Chapter 134

When proposing, Gu Ningxi praised Tao Xinhe for her “perserverence and responsibility”, and on his wedding day, he vowed in public to “be one and only pair for life”.Tao Xinhe believed it, believed it deeply, and devoted herself to being a good, virtuous wife for her faced blind husband.Knowing that Gu Ningxi sees everyone as a tile face, she does not change her clothes or incense, and finally let him rest assured to embrace her;She accompanies Gu Ningxi to the banquet and party, and mentions the names and origins of the guests, so that he can get rid of his arrogant name;She accompanied Gu Ningxi while he misses his mother, endured the cold face of her grandmother, and dealt with the entanglement of her uncle and aunt, so that he would have no worries.Yet nothing compared to that— Gu Ningxi could see Mo Qiqi’s face. In his eyes, only Mo Qiqi was vivid and pleasant, and the faces of the others were blurred.He focused his eyes on Mo Qiqi, coaxed her softly, and allowed her to touch him. For this reason, he deceived and neglected his wife, and he couldn’t recognize Tao Xinhe who had changed her clothes.Tao Xinhe’s heart died, determined to go, she left a letter of divorce. Her father and younger brother treated her like a jewel, she regained her spirits, and when she heard the news of her ex-husband taking Mo Qiqi into the mansion, she only smiled. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - My Darling Sick BeautyChapter 94 development process

He was once Head of the Immortal Sects.Jiang Zheliu resisted the world’s destruction, protecting the people single-handedly. After losing all his spiritual energy, his hair turned white overnight.All that remained was a millennium passed in vain, and a grave disease.He distanced himself from the Cultivation World, went to Zhongnan Mountain to collect herbal medicines and grow flowers, as if to retire.Until….. Those little demons he had once saved, his cherished juniors, even those devils that he had suppressed innumerable times, all came knocking at his door, each more excited than the next gripping his hand:“Qianbei, what type do you like? Can you not be so rigid on your requirements?”Jiang Zheliu: “……???”Wenren Ye is newly appointed Devil Lord of the Devil Realm.He is cold-hearted, devilishly handsome, and when he was younger he suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of a certain Head of the Immortal Sects.Still obsessed with this defeat, Wenren Ye hurried through the night to Zhongnan Mountain, but all he saw was white-haired weak Immortal Sects Leader, with droopy eyes, sick to the bone, with freshly coughed up blood staining his lips.His obsession was still alive, but his heart was also thumping. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Raising Wolvesv2 Chapter 98 Extra 1: Husband's Sweet Daily Life (1)
Shounen AiYaoi

Lu Qingze, a people’s teacher, once transmigrated into a book and became an unfortunate imperial teacher.Surrounded by wolves, either defect to the prime minister who has power over the government, or cultivate the young emperor into a generation of emperors through the ages.Out of professional habit, Lu Qingze chose the latter.No one is in awe of Lu Qingze, the emperor’s teacher who raised the young emperor with one hand. He has countless supporters of the imperial teacher. It is rumored that Lu Qingze has an ugly face, so he always wears a silver mask, lives in a secluded place, and rarely shows himself in front of others.Only the young emperor knew what kind of pure and beautiful face lay beneath that mask.After solving the trouble, Lu Qingze realized with hindsight that he raised the little cub to be a large wolf , and now the common enemy is gone, the little emperor started to move the people around him, and the next person who wants to fall to the ground is He; and now that the rabbits are dead, the dogs must be cooked! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Qingge~ Accept
FantasyRomanceShounen Ai

Lin Qingge’s body was pathetically weak, so weak that just taking a few steps would make him gasp for breath. His own family treated him like he didn’t exist. His birth mother died when he was young and his father promptly remarried and knocked his stepmom up. His father didn’t like him, his stepmom looked askance at him and his step siblings coveted his position. Who told him to be the lawful eldest with inheritance rights?When Lin Qingge was eighteen he came out of the closet, creating a huge rift between him and his family. It was all for that guy, Liu Yang. He’d whispered sweet nothings in his ear, saying things like he’d protect him and bs like that. Lin Qingge’s old man blew his top when he found out and promptly disowned him. That didn’t matter to Lin Qingge, he had Liu Yang afterall. He fully believed in that guys words and goodwill.If only he wasn’t so stupid…Ultimately Liu Yang was like a vampire sucking his wealth dry, leaving a husk behind. After pushing Liu Yang to a high position, Lin Qingge finally collapsed in his apartment. It was a sad sorry sight. Closing his eyes, he knew this was the end of him. Who knew he would wake up instead in a different time and a different place?Eh? What’s this? Well fine! This time I’m gonna hug that brother’s thigh real tight and never let go! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - I [Imperial] Am This Type of ManChapter 213 Conquer the General of the Town (13)

System: Want to live? Want to recover from illness? Want to change Da Zhou’s fate? You only need 998 points to redeem a package guaranteed to cure all diseases and strengthen the body! You don’t need 2400 points, also don’t need 1200 points only 998 points. You won’t suffer losses or be fooled! Welcome to the system of the king of the dead…..Ji Jinrong: This name does not sound very auspiciousSystem: Don’t pay attention to these details /(ToT)/ ~~Ji Jinrong killed all his brothers. At the age of thirteen, he dragged his sick body to the throne and worked conscientiously as a puppet emperor in the hands of the courtiers and eunuchs. Everyone says that the great general Wei Tingjun has wild ambitions, and is intentionally revolting however, Ji Jinrong felt that Wei Tingjun was not staring at the throne but at him, who was sat on the throne!Ji Jinrong carefully tempted: “If I die you can be the emperor.”Wei Tingjun: “You dare die, I’ll have everyone buried with you!”Ji Jinrong: “…..”See, it wasn’t his misconception.So even if it was to just tie the head of the wolf, he (JYR) won’t die easily.Ji Jinrong: It’s getting cold, its time to ruin the country. I (imperial) have to go back and look for (tie) the great general! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Blessed by GodChapter 79 last episode

This is probably the story of a modern man who became the Seventh son of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty. This is probably the story of how the Seventh brother Yinyou worked hard and fell in love by the way. So there is no doubt that this article is ambiguous, and it is easy to guess who the couple is. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Close to YouChapter 124
DramaRomanceSchool LifeYaoi

Luo Lin Yuan was born delicate, with a big temper, a hard character, and a good face.Yu Han is straight, good-tempered, and soft, and only sleeps three hours a day.Yu Han didn’t want Luo Lin Yuan near him.But Luo Lin Yuan wanted to be around him.This is an innocent, sweet campus story in which Little Princess Luo went to great lengths to make friends.Abstinent, Poor Gong x Obsessed with Cleanliness Little Princess Shou. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - After Being Forced to Marry the Evil Star GeneralChapter 91 end

Zhao Yelan was born as a criminal s*ave and was rescued by the Third Prince. After years of painstaking efforts to put him on the throne, Zhao Yelan became a sycophantic minister whom everyone detested, but he was actually given a marriage by that person to general Yan Mingting, the lone star of Tiansha.The general caused the death of his father, his mother, his wife, and his dog. Everyone hoped that the general would kill Zhao Yelan as soon as possible.On the wedding night, Zhao Yelan, who was dressed in red, took out a dagger, his eyes sharp: “What do you want?”Yan Mingting held his hand tightly, and borrowed his dagger to carve a large character on the head of the bed – – Early.“You’re weak and frail, get up early every day and practice horse stance with me!”“?”The common people thought this marriage was truly wonderful!They heard that this big minister was beaten every day. He had to repair the roof tiles when the house leaked and also work in the kitchen. He served his husband and was very obedient, and from then on, he didn’t dare condemn people.Hey, the general was truly mighty!Zhao Yelan sat lazily by the bed, playing with the dagger, and raised the ends of his eyes slightly: “Where did these rumors come from?”“From my dog’s mouth.” Yan Mingting, who was in horse stance, patted his thigh. “Madam, please take the seat of honor. You don’t have to get up early tomorrow.” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Open the Simple Mode After Wearing the BookChapter 96 extra five

Once transmigrated into a cannon fodder villain with the same name as himself, Wu You said that he had a headache.The original protagonist did everything in his power. Not only did he offend the protagonist, but he also offended Zhao Qingzi, the biggest villain in the book.The villain, Zhao Qingzi, has disabled legs, is obedient and gentle in front of people, kills people without blinking, and has a gloomy and crazy personality.After the original owner stabbed her with a sword, she said on the surface that there was nothing to blame, and secretly sent someone to stab the original owner into a sieve and throw the corpse into the wilderness.Wu You looked at his hand holding the sword, and then at Zhao Qingzi, the beautiful villain who was stabbed by him.When his mind was blank, the voice of the male protagonist questioning him why he did this came, and Wu You suddenly had a flash of inspiration.Then he looked at Zhao Qingzi with a distraught expression on his face: “Qingzi, why do you always run to others! I love you! Look at me!”Male protagonist: ? ? ?Zhao Qingzi: ! ! !Wu You always thought that this time-travel was a super-difficult survival dungeon. It was not until the end that she realized that the difficulty of this dungeon had been adjusted to be easy from the very beginning.From the moment she uttered that absurd love, this girl who longed for light gave her sincerity.Zhao Qingzi said, “I don’t like this world, but I’m happy with you, Ayou.”Wu You held her hand and smiled sincerely: “Little fool, then I have to pester you every day, lest you still think about those sad things.”In the end, the lie became the truth, and the two finally got married.Optimistic and strong, through the book attack × ruthless double-sided villainContent tags: Qiangqiang sweet text through the bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Wu You, Zhao Qingzi ┃ Supporting role: Column Tianwen “She’s Even Prettier than Me” for a collection, thank you! ┃ Other:IntroductionPurpose: Be confident in yourself at all times - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Rescuing the Supporting CharacterChapter 223 The reality is seven: about children

The ending of fairy tales is usually a happy ending of the hero and heroine. As for the supporting characters, who will care about their happiness? Having such a bad thought one day, they suddenly turn dark. They want to revolt, and they don’t want to be the main couple’s stepping stone for their ‘True love’ again. Oh my god! What’s about the plot? What kind of story will it play out with a character like this? Can it still run smoothly? The hero and the heroine are going to be crippled by the supporting character!!!!! Well, there’s actually a project to save the plot from it. By nipping the bud of all evil thoughts from them, and let the hero and heroine live together in happiness. The named of this project is ‘To save the supporting character’. All executors must dutifully do their work, and as for the mean to achieve it? Oh! That’s not worth mentioning~No matter whether it is a white cat or black cat, if that cat can catch a mouse then it is a good cat. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - PeerlessChapter 191 Fanwaisi (completion)
ActionAdventureHistoricalMartial Arts

In the third year of the Kaihuang era, as the Great Sui began to unfold between the fall of the Northern Dynasties and the rise of the glorious Tang Dynasty, Emperor Yang Jian created the House of Blades – an intelligence agency for strategies and conspiracies – in preparation to unify the world.On a snowy night, a convoy of tribute from the Kingdom of Khotan was raided. Not one soul survived the attack. Feng Xiao, Second Commandant of the House of Blades, was ordered by the Emperor to investigate the matter in person.On the distant border, a storm brewed as major forces gathered from all sides in Liugong Town. The strong rubbed shoulders with the strong; the skilled crossed paths with the skilled.Here, the ever-successful Second Commandant Feng ran into a wall for the first time – all because of a feeble Taoist priest with ailing health.Some things would never be known if no fights were ever picked. Only through their skirmishes did Feng Xiao realise that this sick bastard seemed to have way more aliases and personas than he himself ever did. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Ascending, Do Not Disturb~ 158. Extra: Happiness
FantasyJoseiRomanceSlice Of Life

You think too much, cultivation is not like this…When Kong Hou steps on the path to cultivation, she learns that all xianxia stories are full of lies.A relaxed cultivation story.Kong Hou: a traditional musical instrument like a harp. The female protagonist’s name. - Description from novelupdates